July 31, 2011

Feature: Posh Magazine

Today's feature, Posh Magazine, owned by Chace Clark(Chace.clark)

Posh Magazine is new to the Stardoll Magazine scene. Yet by the looks of the debut issue, one wouldn't know. In fact, you might think that this dazzling magazine has been around for a while. That being due to the fact that the graphics are quite wonderful and Chace's attention to detail on wardrobe is annoyingly impressive.

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The lovely Rihanna(alexcendraburke) strikes a very sexy pose on the cover of Posh's first issue. Wearing an immaculate bikini created by none other than Chace himself.  This was quite possibly my favorite look of the magazine, simply because of all the details that are embellished on the bikini. In fact I zoomed in on the cover in hopes of discovering just how Chace managed to add so much detail without causing the image to look sloppy. Kudos to Chace.

As I scan through the rest of the magazine I notice that Chace's attention to detail doesn't stop at the cover. It carries on throughout the entire magazine. This left me wowed and impressed. Of all the new magazines I have seen, I have never noticed other designers putting that much detail to their looks. And while some may think it doesn't matter, and they can simply get away with a plain outfit, you're wrong. Stardoll Magazine readers long for graphics that are sometimes far beyond a designer's capabilities. And I think that Chace hit the nail right on the head with wardrobe.

Moving right along, the articles are fun, colorful and hands on. From an article full of color to braids galore, Chace did a great job of keeping the audience interested. I learned quite a few things from his how-to on braiding and he even showed us all how to properly wear bright colors without looking like a walking replica of a rainbow. Though for the next issue, I am hoping for even more articles!

In conclusion, Chace has really set the bar high for new magazines. And reaching the level of success Posh has gained through its first issue isn't going to be easy for newcomers. I can honestly say I am ecstatic about the next issue. Keep up the good work, Chace!

To check out Posh, click the link below.

What did you think of Posh's first issue?


  1. Jessica [I don't have a blogger account]Sunday, July 31, 2011 4:47:00 AM

    Err... How will I put this...

    Well, for starters, the graphics were pretty good in my opinion, although many of the model's bodies were totally disproportionate. I felt as though the owner was trying too hard to match up to the likes of Style Magazine, because it seemed kind of like a rip off of it anyway. The articles were okay, but I'm not going to lie, I skipped through a few of them. They were kind of boring, I must say. I have absolutely no idea who the covergirl is, but I suppose that can be a good thing and a bad thing. The owner of this magazine needs a new shading technique, and should use a guide for proportions, like a scale marked out with numbers.

    The magazine was cute, but tried way too hard, and the result wasn't that good. I give it a 4/10.

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  3. 4/10?
    I think it deserves better than that.
    Just my opinion.

  4. I personally believe Chace did an amazing job. First, considering he made the entire magazine himself. I own a magazine and I know how it is to do it alone. He deserves credit for that. Also, while his shading technique may not be perfect, it's far better than most techniques I've seen from the first issue of a magazine. His articles do need some work, which is why he's hiring writers. Lastly, the clothing he made for his models were fantastic! I've never seen that type of detail in a first issue.

    And if his magazine had been around for ages, I would understand the 4/10 rating, because the more issues you make, the more you should grow. However, this is his first issue. And for a first issue, it's wonderful. And with time he'll get better and better.

  5. i love the graphics in the magazine. awesome job. * clicks follow button*

  6. The graphics were amazing! And I agree with Aislin, Chace's attention to detail is superb. Well done!!

  7. @Jessica I know it is your opinion but this is one of the best stardoll magazines I have seen in a long time, I don't know if your new here but just to let you know in dollywood we respect other people's hard work and talent also I don't think you should compare it to any other magazine since it was unique, I have never seen poses like that or clothes like that in any other stardoll magazine.

  8. Jessica [I don't have a blogger account]Sunday, July 31, 2011 11:48:00 AM

    @Jennifer - I've been on Stardoll since 2006. I'll admit, maybe I was a little harsh, but I'm not going to change my opinion. The only magazine I've ever stumbled across that had a spark of originality was Fierce Magazine, even though the name was totally predictable.

  9. @Jessica I still think you are being not a little but really harsh, you have to think about the graphics, they were very detailed and chace did everything by himself which is incredible since the results were better than magazines with more members in their staff. I do know its your opinion but at least think about the details and give him a better rating

  10. Most of the people look only at the graphics, they don't look at the quality of the post. So, if you're gonna make quality of the post high, you must make readers look at the post: with great graphic. Braids were trend in early 2009.

  11. Literally, this being the first ever issue of Posh, I'm stunned by perfection. This issue is way greater than many magazines which has produced many issues & that can call themselves experienced!

  12. Loved it! And thanks so much Chace for the feature in it, I'm so honored!


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