July 29, 2011

Another Bites The Dust?

UGH! Why the hell did I wake up at 8 o'clock in the morning?! :(

But anyway.. just now before I started writing this post, I found out that one of our own, making it the 3rd writer here at MDM, is 'leaving' Stardoll. Which is our lovely Kylie(missricopenguin).

Here is Kylie's going away message she left on her very own blog 'Editorialized' which for now is without a owner until she gives it to someone. But this is what she had to say.


There's an odd sense of finality about writing your last post on a blog. I suppose it makes sense though, doesn't it?

I'm leaving Stardoll, I think I mentally decided this yesterday during English. It's been on my mind for a while, and I thought maybe Editorialized's Next Top Model or this blog would keep me here longer. It didn't.

I love dressing up, I love fashion and photography and I love being creative on this site. But to be honest I just feel like an idiot being here. And yeah, I've had some good times, but I'm a fifteen year old girl who spends her time and money on a website originally intended for 10 year olds. I can't believe that I used to care about being popular on this website. I can't believe I actually wanted to be famous on Stardoll.

As of right now, I will no longer be an active member in this community. I'm moving on and I don't want to look back.

As for this blog and the Next Top Model competition, I do want these to continue! To Lia, Linus and Maggie (or maybe even someone else), if you want to take over this blog and/or the comp tell me and I'll pass over ownership to you. :)

I had some good times, but Stardoll is boring and idiotic and I have better things to do.

I love all my friends so much, you know who you are: Maggie, Electra, Lia, Linus, Paulina, Nicole, Zoe, Vasia, Maria, Eva, Ruthie, Aba, Mary, Eva, Ashton, Noelle, Coco, Mary Kate, Ashley, and anyone else, love you so much <3 You're part of the reason I was actually here so long.

I'll log in every once and a while, but you can always find me on tumblr.

Personally, I am a BIT saddened by it, its not fun one Stardoll when someone interesting and as lovely as she is decides to kick the bucket(on Stardoll). But whatever, the way the message was laced it made me think she would come back since she said she MIGHT visit, so its not the overly dramtic exit where she deleted her account and such. But still, its obvious that she is one of the others who just deem this website 'stupid.'

But also on her leave, she is now the 4th Stardoll member in our Dollywood world to leave just this month (Lolita[Miss_LolitaF], Emily[Pirata1111], and Reece[mizzmileycyrus9]*), and the second MDM writer, like stated before, to abandon ship! Crazy..

Which makes me think, is it a new trend to dump Stardoll? I mean really, I know A LOT of people who are willing to leave if they deem Stardoll 'the biggest shit of time', and that only due to friends, the fashion, or even just the blogging, that thats the only reason they stay. And I am also one of those people.

I mean really, like Kylie said, I love dressing up my little dollie too, its fun! But the superficial part of it IS kinda insane. I mean really, now to think of it..

  • Lolita left because of not enough fun, a.k.a. no drama or gossip.
  • Emily left because of how it made her vain.
  • Reece* left because he was tired of being bullied and because he didn't want to be talked about again.
  • And now Kylie is leaving because of how she thinks its vain or immature how the Dollywood lifestyle is.
Well on that note, all I will say is adios! Have a good life Kylie!

Love, Dei

P.S. Queen - Another One Bites The Dust


  1. Blair's leaving as well :(

  2. Jessica [I don&#39;t have a blogger account]Friday, July 29, 2011 10:44:00 PM

    I'm going to be a total bitch here and say that I find it slightly annoying that everyone makes such a fuss out of leaving a freaking dress up dolly website. Like, you wouldn't go around making a huge speech if you wanted to delete your e-mail account, would you? If you're not planning on going onto a website anymore, then don't. It's as simple as that. It's a little narcissistic too if I say so myself, I mean, to think that your boredom of a website is big news kind of is.

    I'm sure she probably had friends on here, but dude, it's all online, why does it even matter? You can always keep in touch through Skype or Facebook, etc. It's not like a website aimed at 10 year olds is the best place to keep in touch.

    Sorry for the monologue but I just wanted to get it off my chest, I guess.

  3. It's really weird to hear of all these
    people leaving, since I'm new to dollywood
    I don't really know of the or care. Ever
    since Jenna left, there has been a regular
    stream of "elites" leaving, but the fact is,
    we only KNOW of these people leaving
    cause their famous. Along with them,
    dozens of nobodies are also deserting SD,
    I'll tell you what it is; it's the circle of life.
    They need to leave, cause their getting older, busier, wiser and more mature. They are making space for the new generation of glammorati. Its a cycle. And I'll tell you another thing, some elites on stardoll don't know when to quit. And I'm telling you: Right Now.
    If you know you spend and spent way to much time on sd, and you find it boring and childish. Quit.
    Go enjoy life, do the things you couldnt do cause youve been dressing dollies. Be smart and see the light like all the others did, rest assured, there are millions of girls waiting to step into ypur shoes and take over.

  4. people quit. let them deal with it themselves. I agree with Jessica.

  5. @Jessica, I am not offended at all, I actually agree. I mean its like I care if I consider that person as friend.

    But in the long run its all over a website.

    But I am the type of person who thinks you can have great internet friends without being connected by a game. But I also think most of those friends will eventually fade from life but hey.

    Its all good :)

    I am very happy you expressed yourself.

  6. And tapstar321, three writers from here :( The news keeps getting better eh :(

    I will miss them, even though I don't know Kylie well, I always read her blog and really liked it's ideas and opinions.

  7. (since I read the article and listened to Another Bites The Dust I immediately thought of another song by Queen so I'm just gonna say) "The Show Must Go On"


  8. Jessica's right. Some people spend too much time on stardoll there are other things to do. Just delete your account quietly or like me, log in occassionally for few minutes or take a break like so many do. Quietly.

  9. I totally agree with Jessica and This is your conscience......

    I am a very old lady who has had tons of fun, met great, GREAT people and when/if I leave, nobody will notice.

    To me, writing these "I'm outta here" posts are just more DRAMA. Having these folks leave does leave a vacuum, I guess, so it's time for the next generation to grab the reins.

  10. Most ppl that leave don't make a huge exit speech. They just start logging on less and less often and eventually they stop logging in at all

  11. If you check some archive posts of some popular blogs (one year or two years ago), you'll find out that most of (if not all) the writers & commenters have changed. A lot of people leave or take breaks quietly. It's normal, it becomes a problem when you spend or depend on stardoll too much leaving out other activities.

  12. Some who have been members since 2006/2007 sign in occassionally or they leave & come back. You could tell from their starpoints.

  13. Well I have a great "real" life AND I like to be on stardoll :P You just have to look that your "real" friends don't fade away

  14. I agree with Jessica.

    I find those speeches a bit to cheesy for me. Like it's your business whether your going to log on and off. You don't need to announce it to the world. If you notice most famous people on Stardoll make these

  15. all behind of stardoll I have a life I have 16 years but also spent some time on stardoll besides I have so much fun that I love fashion,I have a social life, friends, parties etc..
    not to do a storm as they say "after the storm comes the calm" one thing is a stupid game of girls 10 years and another is having the courage to have an anti-social life

    just try to express my opinion with all respect :)

  16. I agree with Jessica. She basically expressed everything i wanted to say lol.

  17. I know I might step on some people's toes here aswell, but I agree with everyone else. The whole long speeches are not needed, irritated,and when you think about it, most of the time the person is being selfish. If you want to leave, go ahead. Leave. Tell some of your friends that you want to keep in touch with how they can contact you but the whole long speech is stupid.

    Some people might be different but think really about why a person would have such a long speech. Now I am not pointing any fingers and I am not saying anyone is doing this intentionaly but usually when someone makes a huge long goodbye mesage they know all these people that they never even knew will come and comment and say, "No don't leave!" or "Why are you leaving? You have so many people that love you and will miss you!". Again, I am not pointing fingers or pin-pointing any one person but this has been going on a lot lately.

    Also, if you are leaving because you feel you are too old for the site (again, not pin pointing this at anyone. I have just heard that a lot in the past) then fine. I really love Stardoll and yeah, sometimes I feel a little foolish as I get older that I still come on, but if you still love to come on here then come on and show you are older and mature. Or, don't come on so long that it consumes so much time. Get a life, do something with freinds, whatever, then when you want to, come on. That's your problem, not anyone else's. I mean look, there are plently of other people on here that are as old as you if not older but they don't feel foolish because they come on and enjoy themselves from time to time but they don't obsess.

    Again, I have said it many times before but I will say it again, I was not talking about anyone in particular. Many people have been leaving Stardoll lately and these long speeches follow. There is always a different reason for it. It gets tiring after a while. I am not tryin to be mean, I just wanted to get my thought out there. Hope it makes someone think.

  18. @Jessica

    Agreed! Why make such a big deal over a dolly website. Sure, you make great friends and it can be a 2nd home to people but honestly, most people don't give a shit about the speech so why bother?

  19. With everything that's happened in the past,she probably felt her success was at its peak.
    When your at the top of your game, you want to make an "Exit-Stage Left",instead of the end of your "Virtual Career"
    That's where I'll be when I end this life. But it's still apart of me. I still enjoy every part of Stardoll!(besides the Money...)

  20. I think that people are taking stardoll too seriously!!! Well, SD is supposed to be fun, I am here for years, I am 25 and I have never wanted to make myself popular! It is just FUN, so I do not really understand all these "godbye, I am leaving SD" announcements! but, good luck

  21. Exactly, stardoll is also about fun not just your age. There are adults who play games & have guilty pleasures or hobbies & if you get tired of it, you do something else. We shouldn't take life too seriously. Most of the people I noticed who make dramatic exits are those who thrive on popularity. A lot of people on stardoll just like the fashion & not the social aspect of it where you make friends & they don't spend too much time on stardoll, it becomes a problem when you do.

  22. What is the average life span of a stardoll user? I think 1-2 years. This could be a future blog topic because I noticed within a specific time users have either deleted or abadoned their accounts & this was when shop items were cheap & you could have more rooms, so this is not a non-ss thing, it's just interest. I guess that's why the initial royalty club was to thank & encourage older users for staying.

  23. ^ I first joined Liisa's Paperdolls in 2003, and then I made the account I have now in 2007, so I've been on Stardoll even before it was Paperdoll Heaven XD Even I can't believe it's kept my attention this long...

  24. i so agree with you anonymous,
    Stardoll is a place for fun,
    Some of you guys like take it to seriously


    Im SICK! And I mean SICK (I wish i could make that bigger) OF THIS WHOLE DOLLYWOOD JUNK! Its pathetic and stupid! Why do there have to be blogs and magazines about a VIRTUAL DRESSUP SITE? You people are trying to become popular on a virtual website. In real life, no one could pick and elites out of a crowd. On stardoll? Well, anyone could say "Oh her? She's an elite." She's one of those dollywood clique members! All elites are part of a clique! A CLIQUE ON A VIRTUAL DOLLY WEBSITE FOR 8-11 year olds. Half of you are already in college and beyond. Thats just sad that some of you are 20whatever and playing on a dolly website! 3 words for ya: GET. A. LIFE. You are all focusing way too much on youre virtual lives and not on your real lives. And then, some people pull publicity stunts and "leave" because theyre focusing too much on Stardoll and not real life. Here's an idea: GET OFF OF STARDOLL! Its not rocket science!

    Dollywood is just a stupid and pathetic clique. Its for 18 and above year olds who cant find friends in real life. So they invade Stardoll and ruin it for girls of the right age with nudity magazines, gossip, and pathetic blogs. MDM, PSG, US, ISD, Theyre all RIDICULOUS! Sheer fame schemes.

    Stardoll: Fame, fashion, and friends. Not "Stardoll: fame, nudity, rumors, lies, dollywood, and a twenty year old who needs a job AND A LIFE!

    Hate me. Make a big deal out of me. News flash: I DO NOT CARE! Maybe I'll become famous and waste my time when I'm older kissing up to other elites and typing nonsense onto a blog.

  26. @Jessica

    I actually don't agree with you as much as the other people commenting do. Firstly, I think you've only been on this website a couple of years so you don't know how things work around here... Some people have been here for years and leaving a website that you've been on for time on end is quite a change. 'Elites' do those speeches because if they don't, a lot of gossip blogs will get on their case on 'why did they leave without saying something' & make crazy and untrue assumptions; so that is why a 'speech' is quite important.

    Overall, it's good that you can state your opinion in a sensible manner, but it would be better if someone more 'experienced' on this website would set it straight.


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