July 08, 2011

For Or Against: Young Adult/Teen Drinking

Hey! I decided to start a little bit here and there called 'For or Against'!

Basically, its sort of debate-like post to see what you the readers think about topics I bring to talk about.

I will start by explaining about the topic and its popularity, then list a few of its pros and cons. And then at the end, give my own personal responses to the matter.

- - -

Drinking is obviously what we call the consumption of beverages into yourself through the month. But the drinking I am referring to is the intake of alcoholic beverages.

Many people in our world today consume alcohol either occasionally, weekly, daily, or hourly. Its most popular on holidays, like New Years, St. Patrick's Day, or other various holidays where adults (or young adults) like to party it up with beer and wine. And high intakes of alcohol happen in bars, nightclubs, college or high school parties, etc.

In most European countries, drinking can start as young as 4 with maybe just drinking some wine with their dinner. And in certain counties drinking ages either start at 16, 18, 20, and 21 in America. Usually if you are legal in most countries, you may drink.

But the downfall to the age is that younger people usually get or have the option to drink legal or illegally.

The reason there are age limits is because they say that the brain doesn't finish developing until the person reaches a certain age, usually 20/21. And that minor or young adults will and can kill their brain cells by alcohol consumption. And drinking can lead to a shortened life or other health concerns for teens.

While most think only adults should drink, usually drinking starts before the person is legal and allowed to drink, which can lead to them gaining an addiction. Alcohol IS in fact a drug, a legal drug, but just like cigarettes, it can cause various health issues like liver cancer.
Though people find alcohol as a relaxing treat, it also affects the brain and can cause emotional swings and sometimes 'show what the person really is'. Some people become sad, others aggressive, and others crawl into a dopey persona.

Though in most religions, alcohol is either forbidden or not really permitted on a daily basis, our society sees alcohol as one of the glamour drugs. That makes it so that people think it is cool to be a drinker and such.

But it can also cause people to cause harm to themselves and others. Some people may get into a car accident because of a careless driver who was drinking while others may pass out and may even become a victim of rape.

My personal answer is that I am against it, not because of age, but because of maturity, I believe you should take a test to decide are you smart enough to be a drinker rather than just reach an age, but I know people would hate that. Though all of my friends drink (we are all like 17-20) but I know they are mature enough to handle themselves.

Here are a few replies from people I asked about this:

Findurlove - I am against teenager drinking because as you may or may not have known alcohol consumption and primarily abuse of alcohol consumption brings upon many diseases, most of which are fatal.  These really young teenager's wont live up their normal age due to drinking - may differ according to how much each consumes - and so they die at a pretty young age. Having our next generation practically give up on their lives for drinks that have more negatives then it does positives. 

Lets consider the positives, it prevents strokes and heart failure, but if it prevents one thing - by which we can prevent in other precautions - and rises the issue of other deadly diseases then why block out the negatives? Plus, to get the positives, you need to drink moderately, and that is never the issue, we primarily see drunk teenagers whom do it for fun and not for health.

Queen-of-mean. - I'm against drinking 'cuz of my religion. God forbidden alcohol for reasons.. and alcohol can be very dangerous for the future. Even though I'm Muslim and don't drink but there is a lot of my family members that still drink 

Ciaraleanne - I'm against it because I think it has a bad influence on younger people. They can get themselves into situations such as being taken advantage of and becoming pregnant. I just don't believe people who haven't reached the full level of maturity should be allowed to consume it. Then again, I am against even adults drinking it because of the damage it can do.

- - - 

So I ask you, do you believe we should allow in our society for 18 and up year olds to be able to consume alcohol? 

Are you for or against teen drinking?

Tell me in the comments below and why!
Love, Dei


  1. I'm an Irish // Japanese girl, and in both of these countries, underage drinking is pretty big. In Japan, some kids are allowed to drink this alcoholic beverage called Sake, because, apparently, it's meant to be light. I'm not sure what you meant about Ireland though? When you said - "In Ireland, if you reach the bar, you are able to drink.". Do you mean if you go to a pub they just serve you alcohol? If so, that's totally untrue and a little stereotypical. We have strict laws about underage drinking over here, but people still do it all the time. The sad thing is, they just don't seem to care and do it because it's "cool".

    I went to a party recently and my 14 year old friend was serving beer to everyone, and at least 40% of the people there were drunk. It's just a shame that society has taken a turn like this.

  2. I will remove the flop at once Chihiro ^^

    But yeah! I agree, I only think most people drink because its seem as cool or fun.

  3. Thanks! :D

    It's true as well, my friend said that drinking is no big deal and it makes him seem more sophisticated, I was like, "Dude, you're intoxicating your body with a beverage similar to poison, how is that sophisticated?"

  4. I don't drink even I am old enough, I just don't want to bring myself to situation where I don't know what I may do, when I can't control myself.

  5. As you said... I live in France, and I drink sometimes... Then I don't think that anyone in stardoll can say that I am mad... Cause people in stardoll don't know me enough!
    But, my grand parents live in Bourgogne which is a region with a lot wine, because of the culture. I don't think I am stupid... Last time I drink was... more than 3 weeks ago. I don't find it ''cool'' or ''fun''. I drink with my family, because we have good food... so we need to have good drinks. That's all.
    But I guess in America, it's different... I do really think that this topic is different in France and America. So it's quite interesting to see what you guys think, and what people from other countries (such as me and the girl above) can say about that. :)
    Good post, Dei! :)

  6. I am completely against under age drinking. High school students are constantly getting in fatal car crashes everyday. Recently, an innocent teacher from my school district & his wife who had a one year old baby, died in a crash because of a teenager driving under the influence. There were also several students in my computer class last year who smoked & drank during school hours in the restrooms and wouldn't come back till the end of class. My best friend once had a Vodka mixed drink at lunch, because she claimed it helped her on her math test, which she still failed on. It just shows you that that alcohol doesn't do any good on minors. Most of them do it because they think it makes them look cool and that teenagers on TV get drunk all the time so they think it's okay to drink.

  7. @LadyGagaMcQueen - Yeah, I do think it depends on ones culture. Some are sophisticated while some are prude and gross when they drink!

  8. I am against under-age alcohol use it is so wrong I mean in the U.K it is okay if someone aged 15 has a drink under the supervision of a sober adult if not you get arrested I have seen this happen before. It is okay if there is an adult there and if you are 15 but if not then shame on you, many people have lost their lives due to the incorrect use of alcohol I hate hearing stories about young people losing lives due to alcohol it makes me feel sick this questions go through my head, Do their parents care ? Where are they ? I have to admit I have had a little sip of alcohol named Bacardi Breezer which has not that many units of alcohol in but I actually thought it tasted disgusting, I also hate seeing when I go into Liverpool and Manchester and other big cities is Teenagers with alcohol begging for money it knocks me sick I actually think they are being cheeky asking for money when they have spent all their money on alcohol and other alcoholic beverages.

  9. I am against underage drinking. I live in Portugal and I believe that in order to buy alcoholic drinks there you have to be over 18 years of age.

    Even though it's illegal to sell to minors, there are some cafés that do it eitherway in my country. The same goes for cigarrettes.

    Most of the times, though, they get older people to buy it for them. Some people think that by drinking you're immediately cooler and you have more fun. Not me.

    I have no problem with drinking when you're of age and reached a certain level of maturity as long as you drink moderately. Which many times doesn't happen and leads to car accidents, abuse (sexual, physical AND verbal) and diseases.


  10. I would like to state that I am against it. It's not even legal for me to drink at my age, but I am still against it either way.
    Concerning this topic, I firstly think that people at schools and colleges are either not educated enough about alcohol and the great dangers of it, or they are just ignorant to these fatal dangers. I also think that age is just a number and it doesn't define how mature you are and how much you know about the affect the alcohol might have on you. I would love if people actually drank alcohol if they knew how to be responsible with it, but sadly that's not the case now-a-days. People drink it for fun and sometimes forget all the consequences just like you listed in your post.
    Perfect post Dei, I love the real important matters you bring up in your post about things that can actually influence our lives. :)

  11. Ever heard the saying "All things should be enjoyed in moderation"? I think it applies to alcohol. There's a limit but no-one listens to it. Sure, a glass a day or something along those lines I personally don't have a problem with. But it's when people overload and it damages the way they view things etc. It's a drug, and people need to realise it is as harmful as some of the illegal ones.

    Personally, I never drink it [largely because of my religion] and I don't think I'd want to. I've heard some weird stories about what some of the girls who are p*ssed have done, and...well, let's say I'm proud to be a non-alcoholic. I know why people drink it, but I think I'm going to stay on the no side. Maybe it's because of the way I've been bought up...

    And it is possible to have a decent party/recipe/meal without the need of alcohol.

  12. A boy in my class had a camp out, but at it lots of people got drunk. We are all aged 13-14 and I am relieved I wasn't able to go, I hate the taste of alcohol and wouldn't feel right drinking it.

    I am not saying it is wrong, if you have say two sips of champagne on new year, but properly drinking isn't right. What is wrong with a coke if you are thirsty? I probably won't drink much when I am older and like Milena I wouldn't like to feel I wasn't in control.

    Nothing about drinking appeals to me and drinking underage has no justification, it isn't needed.

  13. Against, why kill your liver at such a young age? At least live a little before you damage it.

  14. I am an American girl, of Irish descent, so you know the Irish way of life, haha. I have similar beliefs to you, about how age does not matter rather maturity, and the ability to know how much you can drink based of age, heigh, and weight. I believe that people well into their twenties may be less responsible with drinking than a teenager. Like the old saying goes, age is but a number. I believe that the laws cause alot more "hooplah" about drinking than necessary. I think that their should be some exceptions to the laws of under age drinking such as a teenager may have wine when supervised by a parent or gaurdian.

  15. Im against underage drinking. I don't see the exciting thing about drinking. It's really not that thrilling. My sister just turned 21 and now she feels like she HAS to have alcohol whenever possible. It's pretty sad. I don't think I'll ever drink much alcohol when I'm older, it doesn't appeal to me. I'm just fine with a nice cold Coke or something.

  16. I'm neither for or against; there are points to both side of this debate on one hand
    alcohol should no be consumed at ridiculously young ages as these people will be more likely to have an addiction. I believe maturity should also be considered when alcohol is sold considering immaturity isn't only found in teens and children but is found in a person of any age in actual fact there are some teenagers way more responsible then a minority of adults not to mention they could drink in a more moderate way then some adults.

  17. I think that only adults should drink alcohol, but moderate. One beer/glass of wine a night, so they will not overdo and relax a bit. Kids should not drink so they won't turn bad when they will be older and because it's illegal. And besides, we don't want to turn in Lindsay Lohan or I don't know what other "failed" child star.

  18. I don't drink, because of my relegion, but, to be honest, it depends on the country, and the law of course.

  19. @Kaami1990 - Sure it depends on the laws, BUT that doesn't stop people from consuming alcohol at any age.

  20. I'm against drinking too much when you are a child.I mean drinking Votka,Ouzo(a greek drink) and these kind of stuff,but not wine and beer. I believe and that's why my parents believe ,that people should taste every kind of drink,because when you grow up you won't be too curious to learn how it tastes. You'll know about it and you will be able to control yourself and know what's bad and what's good. I drink sometimes a little bit wine (which is VERY popular in Greece) and beer ,but not much,just like the weidth of my little finger (with my parents OF COURSE!)I don't find it something bad and I know that it is definetely harmful for our health to drink too much.

    A month ago I heared this: It was a 16-year-old girl in Creta and she went to a bar with an 18 and a 21-year-old boy. She drunk too much and the boys I don't know how to say it in English mmm....(they did it with her ?(sorry:\)After a while she had an (?alchoholic shock?) and the boys brought her to the hospital. The doctors didn't know that she had drunk too much ,so she died.This is really tragic and nowadays everyone should be informed especially teenagers and kids.

    Bravo it is a very nC topic.=D Keep working like this!!


  21. @Dei:
    Thank You(: But the only reason I posted the comment was because of the post you made, so I guess it makes more sense if I thanked you for the posting first xD

    So thanks for posting :P Can't wait to see more of these "For Or Against" topics...the first one's already got me interested!


  22. Drinking in awesome.
    Being paraletic is a great feeling!

    Too bad about the hangover urgh!

  23. I'm thirteen (and a proud Athiest) and it scares me to see the girls in my year and above drinking at parties and wandering around the streets at as late as one o'clock in the morning. I've never had more than a sip of alcohol in my life (and it tasted like crap, for the record). I don't get why girls my age bother; they probably think they look cool and mature when behind their back's everyone's laughing and making comments. In case you can't tell already, I'm against teenage drinking. Heck, even my fifteen-and-a-half year old brother doesn't drink! It's silly at our age. :/

  24. To be honest I'm for it. In my house alcohol is very relaxed, and if I could have a glass of wine or beer if I wanted. But at parties I avoid drinking. The reason I'm for it is that as a teenager I know my mind is developed enough to make rational decisions. In the uk nearly children are taught about alcohol, so we all have the information to make this decision. If somebody decides not to drink, or to drink on occasions then they won't have problems. If someone decides to binge drink and go to parties get drunk, and grope every person of the opposite sex then they've decided to ignore the dangers. So if alcohol damages their health it's their own fault.

    Making this decision about drinking builds maturity. And being told that you can drink but it's not recommended is less enticing than being forbidden to drink until you're 18. In the uk though it's legal to have alcohol at 5 at home with parents for a meal, but you can't buy alcohol or drink without supervision until your 18.

  25. Attitudes towards underage drinking tend to change according to culture - probably because the ages change.
    Here in the UK, it's legal to drink in a pub garden, in the presence of an adult from the age of 5 years old. Little fun fact for you.

    As a 17 year old who has seen her fair share of empty shotglasses, I'm for teen drinking. Not the binging-every-night-cant-remember-your-own-name kind of drinking, but theres nothing wrong with wine with a meal, or getting a little crunk at parties.
    The younger alcohol is introduced, the less of a deal it is when you're finally legally allowed to drink. Absolutely forbidding alcohol until the day you turn 18 (or 21, in USA) just means that the person is more likely to get off their tits, just because they can.

    Im typing this with s hangover, beeteedubz.

  26. I don't agree with queen-of-mean. The LORD our God is the true God and here she is talking about her being a muslim. Believing in idols is one of the seven sins.

  27. Umm... I'm also a practicing Christian and I believe in not worshiping idols but I think the point isn't really religion.

  28. Actually, God is the same as Allah, which is God in the Muslim religion.

    So he is not an idol. :P

  29. The Christian here on stardoll are a sad mess, they dont know anything.

  30. Don't jump to conclusions. You might end up dead. >.< superstarforreal... more like butthead for real

  31. Just to point out that most major religions intertwine with each other.
    E.g. Mohammad is mentioned in the Bible, and Jesus appears as a prophet in the Koran.

  32. SHUT UP! All of you are making muslims look bad. Not all of them are such airheads.

  33. I'm 15, I've been drunk before a couple of times. I drink, but not to get drunk, just because I like the taste.
    I'm not religious, don't really have concerns about my health (what's the odd drink every now and then going to hurt?) and I believe it's fine to drink. As long as you have the maturity to deal with the concequences, it should be fine.

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