July 08, 2011

Indéfinissable Model Hunt!

Hello! Most likely you have seen this brand around or the ad for it had spammed your guestbook yesturday.

Well I am here to just back up the fashion brand positively. Ciara(Ciaraleanne) & our very own Maggie(Findurlove) have been working on Indéfinissable on and off for a while. And I have up close and seen previews and examples of it from time to time and I would have to admit, its like nothing we've seen here on Stardoll! Hence why I ask you, the readers to support these two line that they have been working really hard on and just simply either follow the blog, or better yet, apply as a model!

They are looking models for their 1st line already, so you should apply, they are looking for fresh and elegant faces!

I can promise you, the line will amaze you.

If you would like to follow their blog or apply as a model, please go to this link --> HERE!

Love, Dei

EDIT: Here is another modeling opportunity I found out about today, the brand name Paradox by Hrly!

Lovely graphic! It is a gif, which is mostly means it is better viewed when clicked on to enlarge it!

All you can to do is write your Stardoll name in the comments here!


  1. I'll check it out as well. I'd love to be a model, but I'm never chosen.

  2. Love them!!!

    I'm sorry to say that in this post... but does anyone know where is Noelle????

  3. I applied earlier. It would be cool if you could post more modeling opporitunities. (If possible.)

  4. @RulerofRoses - I might actually, I am for people being able to have better chances at modeling on Stardoll, I for one am tired of the whole same ol' same ol' faces.

    So the more you apply the more I am sure people get opportunities other than the same people. :)


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