July 22, 2011

How long?

*Gets out of the cave*

It’s been a while. Let me do the much needed clichés but let me do them quickly: I’m sorry readers I disappeared, I’m sorry Noelle I gave no warning. I hope I am forgiven. I took a big break from stardoll because school was more important. When summer is over I may not be here.

*Cleans dust out of shoulders*

At least I hope you readers notice my English is better and enjoy my work much more than you did. *Jesus* so much as changed this blog is full of amazing and very skilled writers which I hopefully will know better. You’ll see some Brunelicious posts from me.




  1. Hope you have some rgeat posts in store for us :) For the remainder of the summer at the least.

  2. Cant wait Bruno.

    oh and d Jack is a loser and jealous :D

  3. Wonderful to hear, Bruno! I'm longing for your posts.

  4. Looking forward to reading your posts, nice to hear from you :)

  5. Great to have you back, Bruno! Looking forward to your posts!


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?