July 22, 2011

Goodbye, And My Real 'Medoll Memoir'.

I'm taking my leave from the stardoll world. It's been coming for a while as many know. But I don't want to be one of those people that leave with a 'goodbye party', get guestbook messages asking for me to come back, and stay dramatic. To leave for a few weeks and come back.
As you'll read this, you'll see why I'm really leaving stardoll.
As well as my personal Medoll Mémoir.
I decided to publish it on this blog. After all, it is named Mémoires of a Medoll. And honestly, without this blog, I wouldn't be where I am now.
It all began in 2008. A friend showed me this website and I loved it from the start. That was in the summer, and I played around with this account until that winter, when I started experimenting with stardesign.

That was the time when Twilight was all the rage, and from my Twilight designs, I got myself onto the 'top designer list' that entire winter. My best place on there was 6th, although usually I stayed in the middle. (Back when it was a list from 1-19 or some numbers of that sort that went up to down).
That spring/summer I started experimenting with my style, started making some friends (Red_Parrot, Lilzip101 and a few others), and continued on with my designs.

That next winter, I tried to sell those same Twilight designs but slowly, the rage was fading. I still made the top list, but would always stay at the bottom. That spring, I wasn't even on the list. I tried making different designs, but after some attempts I just realized that I don't like stardesign anymore.
Unsure what to do with stardoll, I came on not so often to update my page, talk to friends and read the starblog.

One day on the starblog, I came accross a post someone made about stardoll blogs outside of stardoll. Curious, I clicked on the links and was in shock of what I saw.

That whole year and a half, I'd been missing out on the biggest part of the Stardoll Community. The other side of stardoll. The member-made one.

I opened my own blog, which I fondly named 'Forever Stardoll Chic', although it was one of those generic hotbuys-updates, starplaza&medoll update blogs. It was quite dull, but it was a start. Along the way, I came across Novara Academy, a roleplay group started by AislinVictory. Back then, no one really knew her name, nor mine. We were just regular SD members. Me and Aislin soon became friends outside the group, and there I met who is currently my best friend, JuciiMami827 (Gillian).

Novara Academy ended, but me, Gillians, and Aislins friendship grew stronger and they became my best friends. I would tell them everything and all was well, I guess you could say.
(A Page from my Album)
 Soon I decided to open a magazine. (foreverchicmagazine.blogspot.com)  My first issue was...well, 10 pages of blurry dresses and deformed poses. But I kept getting better. I kept practicing.

Soon, overly addicted, I opened yet another project called Elite Watch. It was a style and gossip blog, which I thought would be fun, and it slowly grew. (elitewatchonstardoll.blogspot.com).
This was the blog that led Noelle_Page to discovering my writing. I got a message from her saying that she wanted me as a guestwriter on MDM.
That was the starting point of my REAL socialite stage here on stardoll.
I've always looked at Medoll Memoires as one of the biggest blogs on stardoll. I'm still so appreciative to Noelle for giving me this opportunity, she had opened so many doors for me when she gave me that writers position.
At that time, MDM only consisted of 6 or 7 writers including me and one other girl as Guest Writers.
After MDM, I started getting so many requests to write for various blogs. I accepted a majority of them, and before you know it I had 15 blogs I had to write for. The Stardoll Freakshow (thestardollfreakshow.blogspot.com),  Beg for More... (hunnlgallforstardoll.blogspot.com), The Stardoll Bullet (thestardollbullet.blogspot.com), The Stardoll Shiner, and so many more that I can't remember at the moment.
While this was happening, I was making friends with great people like MissRicoPenguin, MeiFab, RockinEllee, and a few others, while me, Gill and Aisy were still a trio of three.
I remember me and Gillian would dream about success before, and now we were getting it.
My magazine was finally becoming a mainstream magazine that was on everyone's must-read list.
Soon, Gillian started the SDNOH8 project, which grew to monumental propertions.

She started it because of her amazing heart, her wanting to help others as much as she could. Little did she know that it was what would get her to the A list.
Aislin was also getting herself into some pretty big projects.
And soon they were added to MDM as well.
My modeling career was rising and rising. I even signed on with Baya's ELITEModel and even opened up a porfolio of all the places I've modeled in. It's still wierd seeing myself pop up in magazines and collections without even knowing that I was one of the models they chose.
The time when I really felt stardoll success was during the last SFW. My magazine (which was also growing) was in it, I modeled for a few of the collections, and to top it off, me and Gillian were part of hosting it on the MedollMemoires takeover. We would constantly report new fashion, magazines, and everything that had to do with it.
The first SFW, I was an observer. I oowed and awed at the collections and was in love with all the magazines. Never had it even crossed my mind that one day I would get such a huge part of it.
(The original Spring '11 Cover)
(The final Spring '11 Cover)
After SFW, thats when I stopped working on projects and focused on other things. Right now I have a real fashion blog with over 200 followers that is my priority. One day I might sign on here again and share the link. I'm just not sure if I'm ready to put the stardoll world onto my blog yet, or if I ever will be.
Despite my lack of blogging and projects, I would make more friends. Ruubin, Wooldoor, and a few others. Lilzip101, who I friended back in the early days, was still a close friend and I value our friendship.
And yet, one of my most important friendships was coming to an end. Me and Aislin just weren't talking anymore. Something happened, I don't know. It hurt. But after a while I realized why-she was more like an older sister than a close friend. She'd give me amazing advice, help me grow as a person. Knowing that instead of always wondering what happened somehow helps me move on from stardoll.
Lately I don't even log on. I don't even have the desire to log on. I simply have other things to do. It's like...before I would always tell myself to leave, because I was addicted. Now, it's the opposite. It's almost like...I found peace with stardoll. It has amazing memories, but I overcame that addiction, I'm totally neutral to logging on here now.
I will never forget how much I grew as a person on her. The projects, the people. Oh the people I've met. Especially Gillian And Aislin. They were always my best friends and biggest inspirations. I love them so much.

A message by Aislin Victory:


  1. Nicole, I am really going to miss you. It won't be quite the same on stardoll again. As you are certain you are going all I can say is live life to the full.

    You are very talented and can have the world at your feet.
    Goodbye ily

  2. Aw! I really liked the flashback though, it brought back fond memories. :)

  3. I totally understand, and am happy that you have shared your Memoires with us. I have learned a lot from your words. Good luck with your RL fashion blog!

  4. That was amazing! And its great how you aren't being all dramatic over it! You could show people something: That there's more to life than Stardoll! :)

  5. I can say this with 100% certainty. I will miss you more than any other person on this online game, because I don't know you as a virtual friend, I know you as a real one. Those are just hard to come by. I will miss you forever, even though your not really leaving me, your leaving the game. We will still be in touch... but its like I won't get to see your crazy eccentric outfits, and your amazing spirit with writing. Your AMAZING graphics and design. ILY girl. Rock New York City, and for-fill (idk how to spell that atm) your dreams<3

  6. I feel like I learned a lot about you from this post, and I feel sad because I wish I had talked to you more! We did talk a bit...just enough for me to say with sincerity that you are a great person! Keep it up (:

  7. Nickers :'( This was such a cliche post xD But I loved it to bits and I really moved me! I am really going to miss you, so so much! You are such a good person, a poster-girl for human beings!

    I love you <3

  8. aww D: I'm going to miss you heaps, but I get what you mean about coming to peace with stardoll.
    you're so talented and amazing [and you have to tell me your blog!] and I'm sure you're going to be great at whatever you're going to do in the future. :)

  9. I'm pretty sure the whole of Stardoll will miss ya. You've been an amazing contribution to Stardoll and have always been a genuine sweetheart. Good luck in your real life. :)

  10. " trio of three "

    LOL. No comment.

  11. Wow what an amazing journey! You have accomplished what most girls can only dream of doing. I don't know you personally, but I wish you every success for the future. You have talent, raw talent. You will be remembered on stardoll forever.


  12. Aislin's message made me cry.

  13. typical of that famewhore to ask you to put her message on your pres

  14. I will really miss you Nicki!
    Goodbye and lots of luck for your future! I LOVE U!! :)


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?