July 24, 2011

I Want It.

Stardoll represents three things,
 fame, fashion and friends,
 however The user created community (Dollywood) only represents FAME. why? For all of us wants recognition even if we don't have a lot of friends or a good fashion sense.

On my latest comeback, I made a post about two simple questions.
1. Do you wanna be famous on Stardoll/Dollywood?
2. Why or why not?

Even if I didn't ask that question, I know a lot of you would say yes.

And i'm right....

The reason I asked that to all of you,
 is for you to understand me.

 As a person, I also want to be recognized and be famous. 

It's really hard for me to be myself and create posts about me because I know a lot of you are going to insult me for being a "famewhore." I really wanted to feel accepted here and be popular for i'm not like that in real life. I wanted to experience a new life by using my pixelated doll. I want to be famous in Stardoll, but I don't know how....

Some of you may think that i'm already famous for i'm writing here, created some projects (and some of them failed) and own some blogs, but i'm still not contented. I feel like out of all the writers here, i'm the least popular one and that I should step up my game if ever I still wanted to be here....

I'm jealous of all the elites ever since from the start and I wanna be like them. :(
That's why a lot of my posts are about elitism. 

I don't even know why i'm writing this right now...? but I hope you guys can give me a chance.
This will be the last time i'll post about me, but if you want more of my rants and life go to parishiltonofstardoll.blogspot.com. For that's my personal blog where I can write anything.

Thanks for reading, you guys are probably hating me now.
- GossipGirl4real


  1. It is ok to want it, but you should be sattisfied with 'little' things, like writing for one of the best stardoll blogs ;)

  2. You are a famewhore becouse you are TRYING to be elite.You will become an elite when you will make projects just becouse of you,not becouse of elitism,you aren`t fresh in Dollywood.I mean this elite thing is old news and you are becoming borning
    duhhh...I could fall asleep while I was reading this post
    if it helps you,YOU ARE A FAMEWHORE.you should start to chat with mizzmileycyrus9 and you will become the biggest famewhore :D
    I wish you only bad luck

  3. Wow what a topic. You write for one of the best stardoll blogs and are also well known. I'd happily trade my stardoll status for yours. To want fame isn't bad, you just need to see the line between wanting and obsessing. I don't think your a famewhore, just compare yourself with others who dream to be like you. xxxx

    (I don't hate you, or have anything against you btw xx :) )

  4. I don't hate you, I missed that other post, I never got to see it, I will go back and read it now.

    But I think it is strange to be jealous, yes they seem to have alot going for them, but like real people they must have issues somewhere. You are not a weak writer and shouldn't be scared, just be yourself and that is the best thing to do.I was glad to see how many people admitted to wanting to be well known, but for their hard work. That is honourable.

  5. It's a little sad how people seek fame on a dress up dolly website, aimed at 10 year old girls.

  6. @chihiro
    i no!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. That's some powerful stuff right there, as I experience the same thing as you in reality. But look on the bright side, you are writing for one of the most famous and recognized blogs on Stardoll. Wanting fame is not something that should be frowned upon, but you have to know how to control the urge for it.

    You are an amazing writer, and I do not hate you one bit. Keep up the good work and be yourself. You will do fine :)

  8. Of course I'd like to be known on stardoll. It's better than being unknown

  9. (I was wondering why people I didn't know were visiting my suite a lot...I guess this is why.) But I know the feeling. I like to think that once I get reconized, I'll be content, but you never know...

  10. OKay, you guys need to CALM DOWN. Dollywood doesn't even exist anymore. There are only a HANDFUL OF ELITES and there is no room for anymore because there's just not enough people making magazines or writing gossip anymore.

    there are the same elites as there has been since 2008-2009. just get over it.

    being famous on here MEANS NOTHING

    just out of curiosity, who do you guys think is "elite?"

  11. I'm beginning to become annoyed with your lack of diversity when it comes to post topics. I don't hate you, and I doubt many other people do. However, when you constantly post about Stardoll fame and elitism,(one of the most controversial topics next to religion and politics) people become bored with your posts, therefore, becoming bored with you.

  12. I agree with Aislin.Your posts are becoming borning.The only think you are writing about is elitism.

  13. I hope to see you in the party of my blog.

  14. @aislin or noelle or whoever runs MDM
    Urgh! Just fire her already! Sure she has nice grammar and spelling or whatever got her hired, but shes an absolute twat! There are a hundred other girls out there who would love to write for MDM without undermining its potential to make you famous, if your into that stuff. She's whiny and ungratefull for what she has here, and I dont think she realises that these completely underthought posts are going out to the world to read on one of the most read stardoll blogs.

  15. From the moment your cursor clicked on the "sign up" button- I knew that you were a "famewhore". For you, ir is easily deniable, you have this excuse that you strive to be popular and have everyone's adoration.

    Funny how you somehow managed to appear out of nowhere and make friends with the elites? A new member would not know such evil things of Dollywoood- you made this account to try and become famous...or as they call it "elite". Well done, you have truly and utterly failed.

    I cannot believe how thoughtless Isabella and especially Noelle (a woman of good judgement)were when they gave you the chance to write for MDM. You started off as a guest writer; God knows how the hell you given a permanent position. And that is what dumbfounds many off us.

    Firstly, your attitude frankly sucks. Literally, you SUCK up to all the "elites". At first you climbed on the backs of Noelle_page, Bubblyminty and Miss_LolitaF, trying to be best buds with them all. Have you ever heard of the word "subtle"?

    If you were a good writer we would all think differently of you. But you are NOT. You seem not to be able to spell or use correct grammar or punctuation- you remind me of my two-year old nephew. He even has a bigger vocabulary than you. Cliche this cliche that, that is what you are. Boring and unoriginal.

    Your posts have always been about "Dollywood gossip" and of course "elites". It is ironic that you are still writing for this blog seeing as Noelle is so against the idea of two communities. You only broaden the boundaries between the elites and the "normal people". And by doping so, you separate us even more. And yourself. You are not elite. Not it at all. If you even think that you ae an elite, you are in the same league as that idiot of a human Freeduck_.

    You have to do something top become elite. Like make an elite list? BWHAHAHAH. Fucking fail. And you even have the cheek to put yourself up there? You are a WELITE. Mothing else. Nothing at all.

    If you sropped babbling on about your crappy life and trying to give the impression that you are an elite (which you are most certainly NOT), then maybe we would give you a chance. We all have given you to many and have ran out of patience. Gosh, I wish Noelle would just fire you now.

    All the good writers have gone, Isabella never comes on, Jenny' sposts were really interesting before she left, Zoe's posts were fun and quirky; it is a shame that she never comes on anymore. And where is Ysadora? I like her blunt truth and her wiritng never fails to amaze me.

    And the ones left? Yes Aislin is amazing :), I do like you girl, you have meaning a depth- I am so jealous of your writing style. I wish you could give me lessons.

    And Noelle, probably one of the best writers too, you can express your thoughts in such a graceful and powerful way.

    ...Deidra really is under par in my opinion, I always skip your posts as they are so boring. Just plain boring. They have no meaning, thought ot love. They are just a waste of space- did I mention that you cannot write? You suck.

    Bruno? His recent last post made me cringe...how many cliches can you fit into a bloody post??? And his writing is...DIABOLICAL.

    Lolita is gone along with her shitty writing.

    Maggie's posts can be...lametastic, they are awfully too long and dull.

    You need to get some better writers.

  16. @UnspokenReality - You make an okay point, but seriously? Your comment was so long it was almost creepy that you care so much.

    You made a ton of mispellings too -
    *ir = it
    *off = of
    *doping = doing
    *Mothing = Nothing
    *sposts = Posts

    Don't say that she has bad grammar when you made a ton of spelling mistakes in your rather distasteful monologue.

    Also, Dei is an awesome writer. Her posts aren't boring what so ever, but I do agree about Ysadora. I miss her posts, she was an amazing writer.

  17. I understand wanting to be an elite. Why? Because I do too, and really, who on stardoll doesn't? So, anons, stop calling her a famewhore and start working up the confidence to put your name on your opinion.

  18. ^ Me, I don't want fame on this dress up dolly website for 10 year olds. I come to this site to play with dolls and put on nice clothes, not to be worshipped...


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