July 26, 2011

Spotlight: Bynessa

Welcome to a new segment I have created here at MDM.
After realizing how much readers enjoy expressing their opinions about other Stardoll members, I concluded that this "Spotlight" segment has potential to do well.

Spotlight will work like this:
Each week(whenever I have time) I will present a Stardoll member that I am itching to speak about.
Not to tease or taunt, but to express my opinion about.
If there is a Stardoll member that you would like me to speak about, post their name in comments below.

This week I am going to be hitting two birds with one stone.
I'm covering Baya(Elitenews) and Vanessa(Star_awards), who are, as you may know, the same person.
Not to mention she possesses a third, and less known account, -inspired-.

First up, we have Vanessa. Also known as Star_Awards. She built her success on Stardoll with the Star Awards. One of Stardoll's most notorious award shows. It paved the way for many of the award shows now in motion. And though she no longer owns the Star Awards, she is still widely known. Another project she began and then abandoned was Eccentric Magazine.

When I first came to know who Vanessa was, I looked up to her in a way. At the time, I(as well as everyone else) wasn't aware that she played the role of Baya Nikolas(Elitenews). Vanessa seemed to be enveloped in a very humble aura. Reason being why I looked up to her. She appeared to be very calm, cool and collected, as well as unique and creative. And though I never came to know her as Vanessa, I became slightly familiar with her counterpart, Baya.

"Baya Nikolas", also know as EliteNews climbed her way up the success ladder with her series of "Elite" blogs. Elite News, Elite Fashion, Elite Models and Elite Network. Her blog, Elite News, which specialized in fake gossip was especially entertaining to the Stardoll community.
My first encounter with "Baya" was while I was involved with ElitesExposed. For those that aren't aware of what ElitesExposed was, it was an anonymous blog that I started almost a year ago. "Baya" approached me and asked if I would like to write for her blog, Elite News. I was elated about the idea of being able to relay my opinions to a bigger audience. However, when my identity became known, I didn't hear back from "Baya". And after confronting her about the job offer and expressing my concerns that she was no longer interested, she simply said she had been busy. And to this day, I still don't write for Elite News. And after hearing about a friend's experience with the blog and "Baya", I can't say that I want to.

Moving on...
Not too long ago, rumors broke out that Vanessa was in fact, Baya Nikolas. And it wasn't long until Vanessa revealed herself as "Baya". With Vanessa nominating "Baya" and her blog for Star Awards, and "Baya" constantly procuring fake gossip about Vanessa, it wasn't too difficult to figure out. You can't blame Vanessa, or anyone for longing to make a secret identity. Hell, I believe that at least one third of Stardoll's well known population has at some point created a fake identity. However, the fact that "Baya" still  writes gossip posts about her true identity is rather creepy. In fact, it has made me shy away from reading posts over at Elite News. Also, when people are found out for having another identity, they usually shy away from it, post to being "outed".  Though with Vanessa, she seems to have distanced herself from her true identity and further emerged herself into her alter ego "Baya". I'm sure I cannot be the only one to find that odd.

In some ways I find "Bynessa" sinking into the abyss along with her successful blog, Elite News. Though she continues to nudge her Stardoll business along, I feel as if it's doomed to failure, do to the fact that she fails to incorporate new and exciting people, and continues to whore herself out.
My advice and suggestions to Bynessa would be that she should crawl back into the body of her real identity and slowly let "Baya" fade away, while still keeping some of the attributes her counterpart possessed. Also, I believe that if she desires to keep Elite News up and running as well as interesting, she should quit posting about herself, create new and interesting lines of gossip to follow and allow her writers a bit more freedom.

What are your opinions on Bynessa?
And are you on team Baya or team Vanessa?
What are your suggestions for Vanessa?


  1. I love Vanessa!

    She worked very hard to make not one account but two accounts very well known. She brought new idea's like Award shows(which gave gossip blogs lots to write about back in 2008)to stardoll, and fake gossip blogs to stardoll.

    Then when she made her comeback as Star_awards she had to juggle writing REAL gossip, FAKE gossip, and her last award show, ELITEmodels, etc.

    Advice to Vanessa... start a advice column, who are we to give you advice! You have a lot of experience.

    Very hard worker!

  2. Love you Linda :)

    I don't blame Aislin for thinking the way she does about me. I would be the same if I didn't really know the person I was writing about.

    Also, I'm sorry if it seemed like I stopped talking to you Aislin. I was always interested and still am with you writing for Elite News. But at the time I was very busy with other things that I lost track on who or what I had to do next. I became very unorganized. It was never anything personally against you.

    Also, for you to be implying that I solely kept nominating "Baya" for Star Awards just because I was her is ridiculous. "Baya" deserved to be nominated. The users nominated her numerous times also. As for picking the official nominees, the judges Bluegreen86, Ophelia_Smith, and myself had a very fair system of how we narrowed down the nominations.

    I too can agree it's very odd writing about myself on Elite News. It's something I actually thought it through and wondered if I would keep doing it. I've tried to introduce new characters to the blog, yet people complained their not "elite" enough for the the blog or just to find them interesting. And I must admit I haven't really had any new storyline ideas for people, which is why I've been stuck with the same storylines, which is why I've kept writing about the same people. All I can say is, I'm trying. The blog is something I really love doing, but if you've spoken to To_Royal about controlling I am when it comes to Elite News. It's true. EN is the only thing I try to be a perfectionist at. I'm more like a Tylerisbold 2.0, lol.

    Anyways, thanks for the 'Spotlight' post. I found it very interesting, yet really disagreeable with your points. All I can do is give you facts to your opinions.

  3. I really wish I could write about more people that have your attitude about things. You handle yourself so well, and that is something I have always admired about you. By no means was I "bashing" you during this post. I just find you and your situation interesting and I wanted to convey my thoughts on it. Thanks for being a good sport(:

  4. I think you should write about Coolgirl185 or Mirka

  5. There are so many interesting people to write about, I am sure you will hae enough to write for a long time.

  6. I don't know the girl personally but she seems to have made a big name for herself in dollywood. I realised after reding the comments and the post's how oblivious I am to the world of elites! I am looking forward to seeing your next post xxx

  7. I'm sorry to be posting on Anonymous, but why does the focus have to be on elites in every freaking blog post? I know all about these people, I dont want to heat it again for the 500th time. Why cant you just focus on perhaps a normal non-elite member that's doing something good, or is that just even more boring?

  8. Haha.
    Team "Baya" or Team "Vanessa?"

    Same person, isn't it?

  9. @Anonymous

    I am not writing about her because she is "elite". I won't write about anyone for that reason. I wrote about her because I find her interesting and I had opinions that I wanted to share. I don't bother with whether someone is "elite" or not. In fact, that term makes me want to rip my eyes from their sockets. If I find you interesting, I will write about you.


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