July 16, 2011

I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby

I wanna show all the dirt I got runnin' through my mind.

I know I haven't posted on here in so long, people have most likely forgotten I still write for this blog. Maybe I should start again, I have no worthy stardoll news to post, I am seldom there. I don't see the point anymore.

I remember that I used to think of stardoll as my haven, I would go on it instead of doing my homework, instead of going outside and instead of, well, everything. It was my life, it consumed me, and I loved it. I loved it a lot. I didn't realise what was happening because it was just fun, it was a hobby, most people went on facebook, I went on a cute dolly site. it made me feel cool, most of all. I did become 'cool' or whatever, cool in my book anyway. People liked to talk to me and I liked talking to them. maybe I took it too far? I think everyone does at some point in their doll-life, they overdo it, they just go that little bit further, they test people's patience. a lot of people at one point could say anything they wanted without being judged, in fact they would be praised for their honest opinions. I think it's funny how people think they are special snowflakes in summer, rare and one of a kind. a couple of people are very special to me. but the rest, I don't understand people. I don't really know who these people think they are. do you rule the world, sir? why yes, yes I do! can you imagine hah. Ok I don't make sense anymore. I just think that people... ok so once a long time ago on stardoll, it was categorised, elites, wannabes, bloggers, unknowns blah blah blah. it has changed a lot, I feel bad for the people that joined say a year ago because they have been led astray!

CONTROL: DON'T EVEN QUESTION.  Who now has control over stardoll? THIS ISN'T A REAL POST PEOPLE ok it is a post but I am just... it's not a rant post, it's badly written I know. it's just a ''real stardoll'' post if you want to call it that. What has stardoll come to? Maybe people should follow others leads and be leaving soon. the death is nigh. people gone forever. I want stardoll to like be deleted can you imagine? The sheer uproar! rares never to be seen again, obsessed stardoll users rocking back and forth scrolling through the remaining blogs, the only link they have to their paperdollheaven, their source, their drug. THEIR LIFE.

I wanna show all the dirt I got runnin' through my mind.

LOVE charlotte.


  1. Seriously?
    Not everyone is 'obsessed' with Stardoll. Some like it and get on with their lives. Don't categorize us. Just like you said, you don't know us.

  2. At some point or another we all need comfort and if people find comfort in dressing up dolls and finding friends, that is miles better than turning to drugs or drink.

    It is easy to be sucked into stardoll, but I do agree it is finding a balance. Thankfully once the bad times are over people normally feel free of stardoll and leave so they can go enjoy their lives.

    Not everyone is obsessed, alot of people just find it a good way to pass the boring times :)

  3. I felt like this post somewhat brainwashed me...I have no idea. But all in all, this was the most interesting thing I've read in a while.

  4. I love the point you are getting at. In all truth a LOT of members are in fact obsessed with site so yeah I can see them going bat shit crazy it it was all gone.

    BUT, the simple fact is that to me everyone has an obsession so it doesn't bother me as much about the girls (and boys) who are die hard Stardoll users as I use to be.

    But I don't like how you say EVERYBODY is obsessed. Because really, if I couldn't blog or read fun blogs then thats probably when I would leave instantly rather than because I stay because of an 'obsession' of Stardoll itself.

  5. No offense, but In my opinion, everyone who reads this blog is obsessed with Stardoll.

    I'm not saying the blog's bad - in fact, it's one of my favourites - but if you read blogs like this one, Stardoll's Most Hated and etc, than you have entered "Dollywood".

    And it IS hard to leave once you get in.

  6. Chihiro [can't log in, on different computer]Sunday, July 17, 2011 1:20:00 AM

    ^Lol, that's so untrue! I read these blogs for fun, they're entertaining, I could actually care less about the people they post about. Stardoll is pretty boring at times and blogs keep me interested :3

  7. It's actually funny to think that the "elites, celebs
    and bloggers" of Stardoll( meaning the people
    who spend the most money and time on SD)
    Are actually the nerds and retards of the real
    world because of that fact.
    Dont deny it, its true.

  8. To the anon comment above me: Many of the "elites, celebs
    and bloggers" got their title for being able to write articulately. Therefore they are not retarded! That is an extremely hateful word because some people actually suffer from it with no form of revival. They have also received their titles for their fashion sense, and I believe that they carry this fashion sense into the real world. So yes, I am denying what you say. You have no right to say it's true.

  9. Princess_Dumini(who's never gonna log in)Sunday, July 17, 2011 4:31:00 PM

    My sister thinks that the elites have no lives :p lolololololol.. but I'm the one that has no life..


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