July 14, 2011

Scene and Heard Finalist: Vote!

First of all I'm sorry that it took me so long to make this post. I was away on vacation. But here it is at last! The scenery challenge was to "Be Yourself". Sometimes that's not an easy thing to do, and I think that may explain the small amount of entries that were received. Out of those entries I have chosen 5 finalists. Some of the sceneries may need a little of explanation, so the writing under the sceneries is just that.  

"I changed the look of my medoll to reflect how I look in real life...it's me I'm representing."
"I believe that this explains me very well. I am one first of all who loves flowers and plants, I believe they are what decorate not only your room, but one's world. I also think this resembles me because I feel like in the world a bunch of people surround me, and even though I stand out in this scenery, I feel in the real world, I don't stand out, I am one that hides out in the corner so the scenery therefore shows who I really would want to be, someone who has gotten noticed for who they really are."

"I still don't know who I am for certain."
"This is a visual of me. I like blue greeny colours and love nature in general. The clothes I wear are neutral"



  1. They're nice, but I just had to vote for Welsh_Witch. Her scenery was awesome.

  2. Oh and Pikanchew's was really cool and conceptual, so if it's possible, I'll vote for her too.

  3. I liked Pikandchews simplistic scenery. It really brought across her point and was so unique. Iovanca's was beautiful too. This time though I liked lovegossip4life's best. I like the scene and her explanation was so heartfelt.

  4. It was so hard to choose between Pikanchew's and lovegossip4life's, but I chose lovegossip4life.

  5. I was going to enter this one, but I never ended up actually making the scenery. I was going to do one where it's sort of split in half, on one said, a medoll of mine looking confident, but wearing a mask. In the middle would be the mask. On the other side, me leaning against something (a window, perhaps), looking sad with a bunch of black swirls and clouds surrounding me. The first is the me with the mask, the me everyone sees. The second is the one without the mask, the little girl inside being torn apart from the inside out.

  6. Lovegossip4life's and Pikandchew's are the best meaning wise.

    But visually, I think most will just vote for iovanca's because its so colorful and well made, but has no explanation which makes me think her scenery is either her saying she really is in love with flowers, or she lives in some dream garden?

  7. My vote definitely goes to iovanca. I love her pose and the whole scenery.. Even if I don't know the meaning xD

  8. Ha Ha thnx for putting mine in im not expecting anything cos mine sux x

  9. Princess_Dumini(who's never gonna log in)Thursday, July 14, 2011 1:26:00 PM

    Pikandchew's scenery is a bit like me..

  10. Pikandchew's scenery is really original. My vote goes to her :)

  11. Pikanchew :)

    It's wonderful I also dont know who I am

  12. I picked pikandchew's, just because I can relate to it, and so can many other people.
    iovanca's was nice, but sometimes, it's not all about the atmosphere and posing.

  13. Pikandchew's just put across exactly how every teenage girl's felt at one point and exactly how I feel right now. She's got my vote. (:


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