July 19, 2011

Scene and Heard: Be Reflected

Reflections are fascinating. Whether it's the reflection of mountain on a lake....

Or the backwards reflection of yourself in a mirror....

Mirror, mirror on the wall...
Your task this week is to take that fascination, and make a beautiful scenery out of it! It can be with or with out a person - the only requirement is that there is a reflection!

Post a link to your scenery in the comments. I will then chose 5-10 ten finalists who will be in the running to win 50 stardollars!



1. You have to be an MDM follower to be able to join.
2. Sceneries that were digitally enhanced (ie: photoshop) will be disqualified.
3. Print screen your scenery and upload it to WWW.TINYPIC.COM (non Tinypic links will not be clicked on)
4. Post the link and your Stardoll username in the feedback section.
5. For SS, prizes will be given through the Starbazaar. For non-SS, prizes will be given in form of gifts equivalent to the amount of the prize.


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  3. http://i53.tinypic.com/287gaz5.png

    I know mine doesn't have a full reflection, but I just love the fee lof my scenery, I love the atmosphere, and the reflection makes an even better atmosphere (yes, it is just the arm...) But, I hope you'll consider it for the finals!

  4. Alright, here is mine. I know it's a bit cliche, but since no one else has done it yet, I figured I'd do it :)


  5. here is mine:
    mystardoll user name is MMAlovergirl. i did screen print from my other account so the scenery was bigger/clearer.
    My scenery was inspired by nature, it shows a secret pool in a clearing. i hope you like it :]

  6. These are all really great!

    Yeah, yours isn't really a reflection as such, but it is a beautiful scenery nonetheless!

  7. @Bipasha2: I was going to do mine like that :S Never mind. I'll do it a little different :)

  8. i56.tinypic.com/20hudtd.jpg

    I could've done better, yeah. Oh well! :)

    xxImmiixx / Immi <3

  9. http://i51.tinypic.com/21erk76.jpg

    I know it's not exactly seasonal, but it's my best shot

    Username : rainbow_sparkle


  10. Here is my entry :D


    Mine is pretty much pictured as so, a very vain and conceded rich girl stands in a mirror admiring herself like she always does, and while she is doing so, she does not notice the lurking stranger in her window eying her as she does not know her very life is in danger because of how full of herself she is.

    Hope you like it :D

  11. http://i52.tinypic.com/10ohchk.jpg

    I don't know if we're required to make a description about it, but it's basically the model seeing herself in the mirror, but seeing a different person than everyone else. It's body dysmorphia put into pictures, which I think everyone can relate to.

  12. Here's Mine!
    Username: mskendall4198

    I realize it's not pretty or very good, but I wanted it to be more inspiring. The scenery is all about girls seeing themselves as ugly and fat. The girl in the mirror is the reflection, or basically what the pretty girl thinks.The girls in the back are bullies.

  13. oeeh great i will give it a try tomorrow !

  14. O_O

    P.S. I miss Ysadora posts... :(

  15. i56.tinypic.com/23j5u8y.png

    Whenever I think of reflections, I think of water (preferably the ocean). I decided to have my doll swimming in an ocean with basically a collection of reflections of the items around her.
    Hope you like it!

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  17. Hello there!!
    So here is the link of my scenery:
    Hope you like it!(I know it's not the best,but I find it nice=P)!
    Waiting for the results!!
    Stardoll name:karv2

    xoxo karv2=)

  18. untill what date do we have to apply ?? xx

  19. i have mad two entries but dont know witch one to choose LOL.

  20. Username:Nadine86
    a gorgeous nature scenery ,with me looking out over the water from my "house"
    tree and plants are rflecting in the water dolphins are swimming just a enchanting image of nature and beauty.
    I had made a second one but i have seen 2 beuty's shot in the mirror so i have chosen nature!
    hope you like it and that it is finalist material .

  21. oeps beauty shot..... and i forgot to put my entry in .
    so her it is
    username: Nadine86

  22. username:jelizaveta123
    my entry: http://oi56.tinypic.com/17fhg1.jpg
    I potrayed forest becouse I wanted to do someting different ;)


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