July 18, 2011

Stalking, who? ME?

Yesterday, while I was in Forever21 at the mall, two friends and I spotted two handsome creatures. They both were tall- One rocked an "A" baseball cap and was mixed between black and an asian ethnicity, and the other was white, or should I say tan? (Not Snooki, think Jessica Alba).
To the sight of two Gorgeous teenage boys, one of my friends had this great "idea" to follow them around... What?! Of course, the other friend agrees, and I am stuck under peer pressure. It was more of, well, I wanted to see what would've happened if we did it, but it was not something I would normally do. With both friends at my side hooked on the "idea", I caved and went along with it.

This has me intrigued. Stalking. Stalking boys in the Mall. If it is that simple, then can't people stalk without thinking anywhere?
Like Online?

You, Yes You- Reading this, YOU and I both know about social networking. From the dead desolated playground of MySpace, to the Daily Used Facebook and Twitter. If you normally go on a person's wall, (aside from your best friends',) would that be considered cyber-stalking? Half of you cyber-stalk celebrities on twitter at least 3 hours a day.

Is It That Easy To Stalk?

Then moving on to a subject most popular on this blog, stardoll itself. Are you a STALKER? Isn't that something we normally would not call ourselves? Again, aside from best friends, is there that user that you find yourself obsessing over by always checking their page. Seeing their spectacular outfits, their ever changing profile, and their BFF lists?

Are you, yourself being stalked?

ME? I know I am the type of person that friends everyone who asks on Stardoll. Common sense obviously has me thinking about changing that, and if you do that, you should, too. If you happen to spot the same face over and over in your just visited list on your profile, and you have no clue who this person is, BEWARE. It could be harmless, playful fun for that person, like my friends and I at the mall, for instance. Then again, it could be ANYONE. Predators are everywhere, whether it is the game of friends, fame, and fashion, or your very own personal facebook.

My scenario happened with my friend, Aislin. "MrMileyHacker" (You know who, no offense, but at the moment I really do not remember her... I mean HIS username, nor do I care what it is,) went on my and Aislin's account a freakishly large amount of times in one week. Yes, this was a while ago, but it really did seriously freak me out at the time. (I used freak twice, but whatever. You get my point, right?) I know normally, it maybe shouldn't, but it is not something I take lightly.
I mean, I am flattered yes, but that was just on the verge of creepiness.

On the topic of that REMEMBER Unfollow hotbuysaddicted.blogspot.com by going to the top bar clicking follow (if you have followed it before), and then in the pop up click stop following. After, if you want follow the NEW Hotbuys Addicted, go to sdhotbuysaddicted.blogspot.com.
Hacking and Stealing is just unacceptable to me.

Where was I? Oh, Right.
Can you without even trying be a stalker?

Just a little message for you stardollians...
BE SAFE! Follow your gut, esp. when you are online and do not know the people behind the username.

Take Care 'cause I Care, Jucii

UPDATE on NOH8 Followers: I am finally on my Newly fixed, beloved MacBook Pro again! This means all the fonts, graphics, etc in SDNOH8 that was unreachable for the last few unbearable months, now IS! *Mini Yay!*

Are you going through some things? Well Cheer Up, Here Is An Animation For You!

You Tell 'Em Pikachu!


  1. This was such an entertaining, well written post! Oh, and FYI, I stalk the shit out of you Gillian ;)

  2. I don't have twitter so at least I know I don't stalk there. I couldn't stalk anyone in a mall, I make alot of noise from walking into stuff and knocking things over.

    Love you Pikachu. This was a nice post ^^

  3. Isn't things like Facebook stalking pretty normal though? I think as long as its harmless, its fine, but when it gets creepy, it needs to stop.

  4. I stalk everybody. Especially Reece. He is just irresistible... You know?

  5. Hehe This Really Opened My Cyber Eyes hehe i have now stopped stalking my own page haha jokes im probabbly stardolls biggest stalker :// :( :) xx

  6. LMAO XD ILY Jackyy<3 and thank you Ms.Pudz. Also congrats on making the finale with iswim, I am so excited for you both!
    We are stalkers ;) And the guys at the mall were very hott, okay?! :D
    I love that gif, and thanks so much for the comments.

    Truly Appreciated, xxJucii

  7. Lol nice post!!

    Although, you've got the wrong idea of stalking completely!

    Stalking someone is not what teenagers these days say it is, yet many people perceive it to be like that as it is so commonly referred to as stuff like... Visiting someone's FB page 3 times a day [that you don't know] - that's not stalking.

    Stalking is like, sending creepy messages to people that don't know you, following people around constantly and watching their every move, approaching them on the street in disguise asking weird stuff, etc.

    You know what I mean?

    It's not stalking going to a celebrity you like's twitter page, LOL! I mean, their twitter is there for you to visit, and you might want to know what they're doing?


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