July 17, 2011

Scene and Heard Winner!

This is the 6th scene and heard competition, and the voting has never been this close! At one point during the voting there was even a tie!  A record number of 213 votes were received, almost 50 more than last time! In the end there was a 15 point difference separating our winner....

For the second time in the history of this competition, the winner is iovanca! Congratulations, you win 50 stardollars!

Second place was not too far behind, and it certainly deserve an honorable mention!

Second place: Pikandchew
"Its meant to be a bit deep...I think it might have failed"-Pikandchew
I assure you, this was not a fail! Here are what some people had to say about this scenery:

"Pikandchew's scenery is really original."-Bipasha2

 "It's wonderful I also don't know who I am."-Anonymous 

"I can relate to it, and so can many other people."-Courtney
"Pikandchew's just put across exactly how every teenage girl's felt at one point and exactly how I feel right now."-RobynnRocks

This task was supposed to be about being yourself, but I think what a lot of people learned from it is that there are many people who don't know who they are, and that's okay! Everyone's been there at some point or another, so just enjoy yourself, and one day, you'll just know. 


  1. Congrats! When I saw both of the top two sceneries, I was blown away! I especially want to know how Pikandchew made her exceptional scenery! The face looks, wow! Great job, and I can't believe I got 60 vots for my scenery :P

  2. Congratulations Iovanca! BTW, how did Pikandchew even do that? Amazing?

  3. Thank youu ! <3

    congrats to Pikandchew >:D<

  4. Pikandchew is the winner, for me!

  5. thank you everyone!!! I made it using the white lady mask, and put a white stardesign square over the mouth :)I really cant believe i came second! wow! thanks again ;D

  6. Congratulations to all for these beautiful sceneries.
    I personally love Pikandchew's. :] The idea is totally awesome.

  7. Princess_Dumini(who&#39;s never gonna log in)Monday, July 18, 2011 5:51:00 AM

    Pikandchew to me, is the winner

  8. I knew my guess for who would actually win was right. ;D Though I loved another's entry, too many are too shallow in opinions.


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