July 23, 2011

Scene and Heard Winner!

After 111 votes...

The winner with over 50% of the votes is Jelizaveta123!

I guess the voters are a fan of swan lake, shall we say, as our top 2 both had miterious non reflecting swans (:

Congratulations to you both, I'm certain you will never forget the swans again, and your sceneries are truly stunning!

Second place: Nadine86

First place!
Jelizaveta123, you are the winner of 50 stardollars!


The next scenery task will be announced tomorrow.


  1. the winning scenery is amazing I love it, but i just realized that in t he reflection she's missing some arms and hands! LOL!!

  2. I love the winner's entry. Funny, I was gonna vote for her but then I went with the second place entry... Haha, I still loved both though! *I wish I had such talent with sceneries* :(((

  3. Congratulations, you have so much talent :) You really deserve it xxx

  4. @Raina: Yes, I had to go really fast this week because I will have no internet access starting tomorrow until the 29th.

    @Anon: I didn't even notice that! lol!

  5. second yay!!but would have liked it to wonn first place.congrats to numbero uno!! xxx


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