August 26, 2011

Beauty Week

As you know, this week was my first week of my junior year of university. And up until Wednesday, it was wonderful. However, Wednesday afternoon I got a call from dad. This call was regarding a cousin of mine, Emily, who is two years younger. This Fall she was beginning her first year of university. My dad wasn't calling to tell me how she was doing. He was calling to tell me that she had  unfortunately committed suicide. In a short letter she left, she talked briefly about how her new classmates taunted, teased and whispered about how terrible her appearance was. 

Emily was born with a birthmark that covered her right cheek and eye. She was often very self conscious about this, because she was teased as a child and  teenager. These college students pushed her over the edge, and she killed herself because they made her feel like she was the scum of the Earth. 

Emily is beautiful, inside and out. She is smart, ambitious and creative. These people who made her feel like she wasn't beautiful, smart, ambitious or creative are only beautiful on the outside. They make me sick, and I hope this incident weighs on them so heavily that it forces them to look at life and beauty differently. So that way, other girls and even boys aren't hurt by their words.

All of this has inspired me to do Beauty Week on MDM. That way to remind everyone how beautiful they really are. During this week, I would love to include a day of confessionals, where people who have been treated the way Emily was can tell their story.  I have quite a few other ideas for Beauty Week, but I would love to hear ideas from the readers. So give me some of your ideas in comments below. Help me make this week memorable!

May you rest in peace sweet Emily.


  1. Bullying, taunting... the people who do these kinds of things need to STOP and think about the consequences of their hurtful, hateful words.

    I can only imagine the pain she felt to do what she did. I was NEVER a bully or made fun of anyone's appearance. I was very shy as a kid, and didn't want people to even notice me.

    Aislin, I applaud your courage in posting this. I hope that others DO learn from Emily. God rest her soul.

  2. I feel so sorry for her. Bullying is horrible. I'm thinking of changing my name because of what some people had said on formspring about me. Rest in peace Emily, and I give her family, and you best wishes :(

  3. Thanks for the support, guys. I really appreciate it!

  4. RIP Emily.

    This is a very serious topic. I know how she feels. Lots of people are always being rude to me because I like to sketch and design fashions. They say that makes you gay but I'm not gay. I am only 12 and have thought of committing suicide 4 times at least.

    I am a huge loner at school and have no friend what so ever. I feel like nothing will make my life better, because I also get bullied on Stardoll as well by some well known elites. They call me a famewhore because I like fame.

    I mean who cares if I'm a famewhore. That doesn't mean you should hate me.

  5. May Emily R.I.P
    I have an idea. Like a campaighn like noh8. But use models that aren't classed as pretty. Im sorry for your loss. If you need a hand with any graphics or whatever I can always help.x.

  6. @ Austin
    Don't care about the opinion of other
    Maybe you'll be the world famous designer one day.
    Who laughs last, laughs better.

    When I was smaller(10 years old)
    I was trying to kill myself, because I had have a quarrel with my brother and my mommy supported him because he was the oldest one.
    I already had my own hands on my neck, trying to press as strong as possible but I couldn't do it.
    I was imaging my mommy on my funeral, and it was too painful for me...
    At the moment I have no reason for suicide.

  7. That is extremely sad, but we have to realize this happens everyday. People need to stop before they say a judgement and think about how people could be effected, they need to stop and think before they send that text, they need to stop and think before they post.

  8. ♥ R.I.P Emily ♥
    the behaviour of those people is horrific. I hope they feel bad that they made a fellow human kill themselves. its disgraceful and i hope this has made the bully's realise what they have done and stop bullying. i hope they have been punished for their actions by the staff and parents.

    And Aislin i am very sorry for you and your familys loss and your all in my prayers ♥

  9. When I read the 'suicide' part my heart stopped. Wow, honestly people these days are pathetic, judgmental monsters. And it's sad.

    R.I.P, Emily, God bless.

  10. Aislin I know you hate me but, May your cousin Emily rest in peace.

  11. As a matter of fact if you go to my guestbook you can see that I am being made fun of at this moment.

    Reece edited a picture of me and made it look like I was wearing lipstick so now everyone is making fun of me.

    Reece needs a life.

  12. I wish I had more time and I could write all I wanted, but your cousin Emily death really touched me because I am being bullied in my school and other places like all the time. I really know that feeling when you feel worthless and all the people around keeps reminding you that, they are better than you and you're worthless person in this big world.
    I have thought about suicide more than just a few times, I used to think about it every day while being at school. No one actually helps me in real life to feel better even my family hurts me by saying words that makes me feel bad and actually only a few virtual friends have made me feel better in the days when I was really upset. Even if nobody's going to read this, I want to say that even if you are bullied too, don't bully on others, I know a lot of beautiful kids (i'm talking about inner beauty, because it's the only beauty that exists to me) who suicide just because of people who hurt them psychically, I nearly was one of them.


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  15. I remember in 7th grade I tried to kill myself. Grades and the pressure to be perfect influenced my decision. Now that I look back on it, I am so happy that I didn't go through with it. We are all beautiful in every way, and our flaws make us beautiful.
    Rest in peace, Emily. You are beautiful.

  16. I am very sorry for your loss, and I firmly believe that Emily was beautiful in the inside and outside. Whatever the bullies said to her was a reflection of what they were thinking about themselves because they were so self-concious and weak that they stooped to low levels. May Emily rest in peace, among the sky, and we will remember her. My own story of bullying and hurt is long and confusing. For four years of elementary school, a girl in my class rose from not-well-known to queen-of-the-class. She manipulated and twisted not only my mind but the minds of my best friends, until we thought everyone was backstabbing, and whispering nasty things about us individually. I no longer could point out which of my former friends were really my friends because this girl had decided to mash everything up. I hurt some people without knowing, because I thought they were enemies. I can't believe how close-minded and blinded I was.
    Emily was beautiful in a way where others were too blind to realize. Now they know how wonderful she was, and hopefully the whole world will know too.
    - Fiorama (my Stardoll name)

  17. People can be so stupid!!!! I wonder if those people even have an OUNCE of regret. Such horrible people!! It floora me how some kids can be so mean and stupid that they drive people ro suicide!!

    Youre courageous, Aislin!!!

    I strongly support beauty week!!!

  18. Bad spelling in my comment! Im on my phone, sorry!

  19. That is awful, kids are so mean, everyone is beautiful, even if they aren't so much on the outside, but its what makes them unique, and everyone is beautiful on the inside! I can't believe she would commit suicide, it almost lead me to tears to hear what kids had been doing to one another. Its awful, and makes my heart sink. May she have a wonderful second life in heaven.

  20. This is absolutely terrible. People don't realize that emotional pain can be just as harmful as physical pain. It makes me sick when people say mean things just to feel a little better about themselves.

  21. Oh My Gosh! Thats horrible i hope your family is doing okay. I have been through this type of situation.Nothing like killing happened but if you want i could tell my story. Once again im terribly sorry about this and i think your Beauty Week is an amazing idea.

  22. I was always bullied because of my voice.I have a weird,almost boyish voice,so a lot of girls laugh at me and oys think I'm weird, or gay,even though I am just a normal girl with a weird voice. I had to leave my school to be homeschooled because of it,adn was cutting.Recently a friend of mine from tutoring died because of cutting herself,so I stopped. Bullies are horrible people and I hate them,and the fact that now I know of two people who died over this is horrible.

    I am not posting my name on this because I want to prove this is not for attention. I am showing that I dont care about that,I just wanted to share my story.

    Peace be with her family.

  23. I am so so so sorry. Those people who have done this to her are probably rotting in guilt. I've always hated people who acted like they were on top, and they had the right to say anything.

    If i had told someone like those idiots what I thought about THEM (instead of Vice Versa)Maye there would be fewer people with attitudes like that.

    Hearing this, i regret all the times i could have told people how i felt about their behavior, but i didnt.

    No person should ever go through this crap.But Unfortunately, Emily had to go through this trouble.

    You're Emily is now in our hearts, in our prayers, and now incorporated in our Lives.

    Let this be a reminder to all those who are silent on why we should NOT be silent.

    So that we can save some of the most Golden people on earth.

    Rest In Peace, Emily.
    Even if I have never met you, you are in my heart.

  24. That's horrible, RIP Emily.
    I know how she feels, I'm 12 and I'm not exactly your prettiest girl, and I've got this sort of really-horrible-dimple on my forehead, glasses, braces, I'm exceedingly short for my age, and alot of people have judged and bullied me over the years. It was tormenting, and mixing with my insecurities and pressure from my parents [Assuming that you've seen enough youtube vids to understand how Asian parents are like] made me want to just leave the world forever. But last year I decided to not worry about what other people thought, I laughed the bullying off, I concentrated on my schoolwork, and now I'm the school vice-captain and one of the brightest kids in my class. If everyone could stop the bullying, and stay strong, this world would be a much happier place.

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  26. first of all, i wish the best to you and your family. this is such a tragic thing, and i hope it makes you stronger as a family.

    What Emily went through nobody should face, and i hope she is at peace now.

    i am fortunate enough to go to a small school where we are a family and nobody is judged, excluded or bullied. people who act carelessly and hurt others with their actions need to think about the consequence. we are human, and we feel pain. nobody is immune to bulling.

  27. I feel sad for her.I'm only 10 and I was touched by your post Aislin.Many people do that at me too because of my singing thing.

    I was thinking to leave school too because they always tease me daily.I just not bully someone anymore because it is now horrible for me.I'm now ignoring them because of their teasing ways.

    I just continue with my hobby even somebody teases me.

    Rest in peace Emily.

  28. Why some of people don't have a heart? Well.. I say that those who teased Emily were REALLY STUPID, because everyone is beutiful in own way. Now they MUST think what they have done. That's really horrible, what happened to her. R.I.P Emily. ♥ Love, Enni. (Stardoll: iekki9)

  29. R.I.P Emily
    I am feel soo sorry fr her too :(
    I was bullied without reason,and I know how it feels.
    Thoose people were just jealous on her,becouse they know they will never be soo good as she!

  30. R.I.P bulling should not make a girl (or guy) do this. it is so sad that u did pass from bulling and who knows what ur future could of been if those bully's;that were probably jealous of u. i don't know u at all and u have no clue ho i am but im so sorry about this and i hope ur family stays strong.On the bright side god has now got a amazing girl with him.

    and to all the bully's out there STOP this is no way for someones life to end.

  31. Oh, I think my head just fell off. I hope you are okay Aislin and whoever those people are, they are going to have to suffer with that guilt the rest of their lives. How you could even tease someone about something like that.

    I love this idea. Beauty is something that everyone needs to be reminded they have once in a while. It is so easy to forget when one person says something. It can over shadow a million other good voices.

  32. Honestly,if their like any of the bullies from my old school,they are heartless and don't give a shit about the lives they ruined.I left my school and almost succeeded in killing myself.When they found out they made blogs and posters about it, saying "R.I.P The amazing thing that almost went down. Too bad it didn't work and another shit walks this earth." Not an ounce of regret. Most bullies are like that, and can get worse after something like that,now that their not here to protect them selves.

  33. I read this post yesterday Aislin and wanted to give you the support you deserved straight away, but I had to get off the laptop for a reason.

    But, I want to say now that I am very and extremely sorry for your loss and the cruelty of 'kids' these days. Those people that taunted Emily didn't know the damage they were doing and what could the taunting and bullying lead her to do. From Emily, I hope those bullies and un-humanly people learn to love and not to hate on people for things that don't make them the person they are.

    Emily, RIP & hopefully you've showed those bullies the light.

  34. I cried when I read this.
    May Emily RIP.
    Bullying is never right.


    I think you should post about that campaign x

  35. I really feel for you aslin, i have lost a friend of mine before due to bullying, i don't want to go into details as its a horrible memorie for me but she was being bullied for her looks as she had ginger/red hair. She was a timid girl and very shy so this bullying affected her. This bullying forced her to shave all of her hair off, then the bullying contuined because she had no hair. This brung her to commint suicide. I hadn't known her for long and i didn't really hang round with her but i knew her and we got on well. May Emily rest in peace. I hope bullies learn from this!!!


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