August 16, 2011

Can You Make It Up? - Scene Emo Winner!

Hello lovelies! And the voting for the last 'Can You Make It Up' has ended!

And the results are in..

Even though the results look pretty weird if you ask me.. but after a total of 142 votes! (I even counted all of the votes to make sure it was correct). And we have a tie!

(click to enlarge)

#10 & #11 
Who really are...

AislinVictory & pinkbg!

And well, I've decided since the first place prize money is 150 stardollars, and the second place is 50 stardollars, I've decided to add those two prizes together and split it between the two (so each receive 100 stardollars)!

So hurry and claim your prizes girls!

Love, Dei


  1. :D thank you to voters! :*

  2. I voted for you pinkbg!
    Congrats ....
    and to Aislin congrats as well ,

  3. So you think that it is okay to use the term "retarded" to describe something that is stupid or unclaer (i.e the poll results)? You do know that retarded people are a group in society that always get mocked and discriminated against?!

    You would not say: That is so NIGGA, or that is so GAY, or that is so FAT, or that is so CHINKY, or that is so HOMO...would you? Well you would.

    The groups above are no different from retarded people, so in a sense, you are prefudice and not too mention, a fat ugly girl who sucks at writing.

  4. SORRY GUYS! That comment was mine. I feel so stupid and dumb for lashing out like that, I'm just so sorry. Dei forget everything I said, you're an amazing writer. Love you!

  5. Both were REALLY FABULOUS! And you did the correct thing to add the two, then split it. Very fair.

  6. I also voted for pinkbg :D Congatz to both though :P

  7. I'm sorry if the term 'retard' is offensive to anyone.. :( I'll remove it from my post.


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