August 14, 2011

For Or Against: Little Girls In Make-Up

Hello! Here is another 'For or Agaisnt' topic that many talk about!

The topic I am bringing to the table is: Little girls(or boys) having or not having the option to have make-up on! Meaning pretty much, anytime where we see a young girl in lipstick.
(Little girls in VOGUE Paris spread)
Its become more and more current in our society today to see girls younger and younger wearing a face full of make-up. Girls as young as 13 now-a-days can be seen with full foundation and the works when they are wearing make-up while other cases, parents let(throw) their young girl(sometimes boys) into child beauty pageants and usually give them a face full of make-up that usually makes them look 10 years older! While many think its really cute or harmless for a girl under 15 to be using cosmetics as a young age, others find it disgusting and over exposing the child into mature habits and ways.

(10 year old model)

The history of make-up dates back all the way back to ancient Egypt when the royals would color their lips and eyelids, then later in the middle ages, even though it was frowned upon constantly by church-goers, the trend was to have a pale face, so women would go to such lengths to apply chalk, lead, flour, or bloodletting! (which is where you pretty much cut yourself to bleed out blood, and in this case, to make yourself look paler) And though make-up continued to be a 'bad' thing to have and considered only for whores and actors, over time it grew more and more popular and eventually was expected over time due to its popularity to 18 and up women of the world.

But noticeably, in today's time, cosmetics and starting to affect our youth and it is slowly becoming something girls of younger ages grow to use daily more and more often. Most likely its because of how often they see older girls use it and along with the media's alluring 'pretty dollies' like Barbie, Bratz, or any other doll that is also crashing the trends by becoming sexier by each passing year.
(Newer Barbie[left] standing next to the first Barbie[right])

Some say that they love that their young girl is embracing beauty and desires to look 'prettyful.' That they do not mind purchasing their daughters lip gloss, eyeshadow, and a bit of blush if they want to 'look like mommy.' But who's to say they aren't growing up to fast? And there is also a more higher demand for younger models! More and more girls under 14 get cast as a model, for fashion magazines, where they usually end up looking like a 20 year old.
(girl having a photo taken for a beauty pageant & modeling)

And another case of caked up youth is with child beauty pageants, where we see thousands of under 13 girls looking as perfect as a porcelain doll, or as skimpy as a hooker.. you decide?
(Beauty pageant girl)

But usually they are covered in tons of make-up, sometimes told to wear a false set of teeth to hide their real teeth or missing teeth (they are usually around 2-8 years old), sprayed with constant hairspray, and end up having some kind of dance/performance where they 'shake their booties' in hopes of getting a giant tiara.
(From Toddlers & Tiaras)

While studies have shown, girls who participate in beauty pageants (no matter what age) end up growing up being extremely high maintenance, shallow, self conscious/overly concerned about appearance, and frequent thoughts of never being good enough and grow a lower self-esteem towards themselves.

So what do you think? 

Are you FOR or AGAINST little girls being put in or even having the choice of wearing make-up?

When was the age when you first starting using make-up (if you do)?

Tell me in the comments and why!

Love, Dei

P.s. I thought I'd add a lot of photos to make it more visually interesting!


  1. while i loved playing with mums heels and lippy as a child, i think making children look like adults is never a good thing.

  2. Totally Against! No mother in my opinion should ever do such a thing to her daughter (reffering to the pageants and such). It is teaching your daughters that looks do matter and that is all that matters. Most of the time, the reason mothers do that is because they felt they couldn't do it themselves. They are making their lttle girl into brats. Eventually, their little girls will grow up to be self-absorbed, shallow, whiny, immaute, childish adults that no one likes.

    I was allowed to start wearing make-up when I was in the end of 6th grade. It was a gift for my promotion. Now, in it was soft pinks and light browns. Nothing over the top. I wore it a few times but most of 7th grade I was too lazy to put it on. It was not till the end of 7th that I really paid a lot of attention to how I looked. Even now, I am in high school, and I still prefer my pinks and browns over any other colors. Every once in a while I will try something a little darker but I never look older then my age.

    Make up (like any other thing) is fine in moderation. Little 11 year olds wearing foundation and fake eye lashes and such disgust me. They disgust me because the mother allows it. Dressing up is one thing. Making your daughter look like a wanna-be hooker is a whole new thing. In my opinion, if you are goig to give your daughter make up and she is still younger the 13, keep it simple and not too expensive. She doesn't need it no matter how much she begs and pleads and says she does. And if she is 13 or older but younger then 15 (maybe 16) don't just thrugh the make up aisle from your local staore at her and say, "Go ahead Honey. Get what you want. You will look great in anything". That is a recipe for disastor.

  3. I don't mind like 13 year olds doing it. Because it's much better than having a 4 year old wearing makeup.
    Toddlers and tiaras is plain stupid.
    it's all reality.

  4. I don't agree with make up at little girls. It's plain stupid. It makes them look fake and they destroy they hopes and dreams and makes them think that they can get anything now and when they will grow up.

  5. I was never one for 'trying on mummys make up and dressing up' and i doubt my mother would have even let me to be honest. i'm 14 and i still don't wear make up. i have recently left a all girls school and i was branded a 'freak' because i was the only one who didn't wear make up. (bear in mind that this was a private, all girls and number 2 of the best private in britan). i don't where make up because i belive that beauty comes from the inside. my doll on stardoll is kittykate if you want to have a look.

  6. I am fine with the 10 year old as it looks almost natural but the others are just crazy!
    I mean the little toddlers in shows don't ask to be in it, parents especiallly mothers want them in it.
    It might sound weird but I blame Barbie dolls for it.Why? Because on some of them they only have 5 eyelashes and a caked up face.
    What I mean by 5 eyelashes is that, well you know when you put on mascara and sometimes it clumps your lashes together, that is what that is. Basically it is showing girls at young ages that clumping mascara is good because Barbie does it.

    I am 15 now, I have been wearing makeup since I was 12. Not like full on cake face at 12 but just a little bit of mascara and lipgloss. But I think times now, it's like a must have feauture to wear makeup or cake your face up.
    Now I'm 15, I wear a lot more. I don't know why though. Just one day I decided to put on some foundation and eyeliner along with that mascara and lipgloss. It just ended up as a habit I guess, routine even. Even still you can't tell I wear foundation, I admit I do like black eyeliner but still I'm not half as bad as some girls in my year.
    One girl, it's obvious she wears make-up, I heard one of the boys in my class say "you can see her face peeling" - literally it looked that way.
    Makes me laugh too. Another girl came in to school with orange skin from her fake tan. She's the girl that comes in with her hair back-combed into a nest shape, like 3 eyelashes and super long extensions.
    Yeah. I found out she put on her fake tan on the bus.

  7. Well when i was younger (about 6)i was involved in a little modeling photoshoot..and i just got some consealer on..i was so grumpy that i didnt get any other make-up i asked them for more..and they did; i felt like a princess when they put it on. Im 13 this october and am a very proud fan of mac and other make-up stores, yes i do own makeup and use it..but i do not go over the top. i am comfertable with my own body but i still like to put some make-up on. I am totally agianst forceing children to put make-up on..and i think the child pagents are totally fake and disgusting! I never did try on my mums makeup or shoes; because she never wore pretty shoes or much make up.thats why she lets me wear make-up. she always reminds me that i am beautiful in my own way,but it is okay to waer make-up

  8. Well, it goes from different directions; little girl's always wants to become a little princesses'.

  9. I'm totally against this. You only get one chance and I mean ONE, to spend the childish days of your life and act like a child and that's in childhood. For little girls doing pageantry definitely lowers self esteem because they think too much about themselves. And wearing cosmetics at this is age can make you look like your in your 60s when you grow up to be in your 30s. Because cosmetics are chemicals and can damage your skin. So why wait till your 17 or up until you start fully wearing make up. Unless of course you get plastic surgery done to try hide yourself and then go broke and can't afford it anymore and then sooner or later you look like a ghost or hideous monster. I mean everyone wants that right...(sarcasm) I mean that's just my opinion and I'm 11.

  10. I don't like it when people force children into it. Some make up is okay, so long as it is not altering their natural beauty, as our teachers say in school, make up is to enhance your beauty not cover it away.

    Young children have good skin anyway , so I don't really understand why they need foundation?

    I don't wear make up alot,it doesn't make me feel good. I spend the whole time worrying if it will smudge or dry up in the rain and wind. I think dramatic make up should be saved for special events and people over 18 and having a main focus, like big eye make up or fancy lips and not over emphasizing everything so it just looks a mess.

    The outfits are not what I would see as appropriate for young girls and for a fact I would die if I had to go out and dance in them.

  11. Well, I'm 15, I started using make-up this year, but ONLY when I go out with my friens, and not that much -just mascara and eyeliner. My mother hates seeing me in make-up, she believes that young childrens' skin and face is still beautifull and you shouldn't mess it up with make that will make you look fake or damage your skin.

    Some girls in my grade's faces look like you can scratch or peel it of, and they are considered the pretty ones. My argument is that under all that make-up they may be actually hideous, while me and my friends retain beauty with the bare neccesities.

    I find those little fake faces and outfits disgusting and any mother that enters her child in something like that is sick. Totally against.

  12. I myself started wearing makeup at the age of 10 . What was my makeup at that age ? It was only a lip balm . Even now that I am older my makeup is an eyeliner & lipstick . Thats all .

    & I am seriously against it . I hate small kids caking their faces with makeup & they plain disgust me .

    Mommies , if they are shouldn`t let their 10 year old child cake their face with makeup .

  13. Wearing Foundation? Concealer? EYESHADOW? even powder at the age of 10... blush shouldn't even be looked at! At the age of 10 there is no need for such things. Photoshoots are one thing, because it expresses art, but on a day to day basis? Uhm, NO. Also, sometimes it is needed, but never at 10. I know 14 year olds with acne and marks, Yes I have been through it, but thank goodness not anymore. I am still using powder just to even out my skin tone when I go to school, or out. I am almost 15, though. If you have acne, marks, I mean the whole nine yards- Focusing on your skin is hard (I didn't have it that bad, but I am just saying for people that do) They are tempted to pile on the makeup. It does help! But NEVER at 10? If you choose to wear foundation, or concealer during 13+ because of a REAL reason like marks are acne, I have nothing against that. Even though it is better to let your skin breathe at that age, esp during that time so it will heal faster, going out without being made fun of just might be worth it for them. I am no one to say teens shouldn't be comfortable to go out and be happy.

  14. I really love your post!!
    And I'm Totally againist.
    At the age of 6-9 you are still to young to be a girl or a women and you are too grown to be still a baby; and at the age of 6-9 all girls felt like they are mature girl, so they always try to use makeup and wear mum a game; but parents have to don't allow to their little girls to go out looking like a small Drag Queen.
    So the Fault it's totally of the parents.

  15. You know, in some measures, its okay to add some mascara and some lipstick when a little kid, but when it becomes a kid all the sudden competing in Toddlers and Tiaras, it just becomes sickening. Those kids are being treated awful, just because they want to win the big prize, but honestly, who would want to worry so much about their appearance, and look just plain grown up as a child? I am 13, and I have realized many new things, my parents sometimes treat me like i'm nowhere near my age, like I can do all the things in the world, but I honestly would love just a few more years to grow up, and maybe spend some time playing with toys, not having to worry about what others think.

    I sometimes worry about what I look like, but in reality, I'm glad I'm not one of those models who have to watch their weight, and wear the tightest clothing their designer can fit them into.

  16. I started wearing make-up when I was 13, my Mom only allowed me to wear lip gloss and mascara, but now since I'm 15 I wear it always.

    However, I remember being a 8 year old girl sneaking in my Mom's bedroom playing around with her make-up, but I only wore make up in Halloween and stuff like that.

    Whatsoever, it depends because make up should be used to show people's natural beauty..

  17. Personally, if I saw a 13-15 year old in a lot of makeup (foundation + eyeshadow + lipgloss) I would think she is a slut.

  18. SohpiaRoseMae (don't have blogger, but have Stardoll)Monday, August 15, 2011 1:29:00 AM

    I'm 13 years of age, and where I live you are basically frowned upon if you don't wear make-up.
    I don't agree with young girls in Beauty Pagents wearing a lot of make-up, but I believe that when you're around the age of 12-13 it's acceptable.
    I wear a little bit of foundation, mascara, and blusher just to highlight my features. I don't put a lot on.
    I think it's un-acceptable though when a 13 year old walks around looking like a walking dorito.
    I disagree with your comment Dei, "Personally, if I saw a 13-15 year old in a lot of makeup (foundation + eyeshadow + lipgloss) I would think she is a slut."
    No-one in my school, my age (Year 9) walks around without mascara on. And if you do, you basically get made fun of.
    It's when you take things too far like i've previously stated that you look like a slut.
    So, to be honest.. if Make-up applied in the right amounts makes you feel beautiful as it does with me then i'm all for it.

  19. I am 100% against it.

    Young children younger than their teenage-hood, shouldn't have any make-up on what-so-ever. I think kids are being so exposed and so 're-created' to look like a living breathing version of Barbie and it disgusts me to see those young girls looking so plastic.
    I think when you are 12 and on-wards, you can use make-up definitely, but in moderation. I think make-up is just to hide those little flaws, not be a mask, hiding your real face and self. Personally, I don't use make-up. Very rarely when I go out with friends or somewhere nice, I put on maybe some mascara, or eye-shadow. Nothing more. I love the natural look and I don't have anything to cover, as I think my skin is very good without make-up. Even if I did put on all the make-up that I could, then my mum would tell me to take it off straight away, because it's fake and it's not good for your skin.


  21. Tottaly and absolutely against...

    Fenia (M_Themis)

  22. Putting on make-up won't make you pretty, being naturally pretty makes you pretty, I guess.

    Make-up isn't really necessary on kids, and if you force it on your kids then chances are that they'll grow up to be superficial and narcissistic. I wear make-up, but I don't cake it on.

  23. Against. Why do women insist on making their children look like prostitutes?

  24. I have worn makeup since I was 12, but I have always kept it natural looking. When someone is in a full heavy face ans is under 16, they can be called a slut. These pagaents are wrong.

  25. And I believ that only when one is over 12, then they should wear makeup. Little girls with lipgloss of mascara do not bother me but when they have foundation and all the works...then it does.

  26. Deidra, your writing frankly sucks.

  27. Oh sorry, never mind Deidra. I thought this post was GossipGirl4Real or something, sorry for the misunderstanding. Your writing rocks Dei!

  28. Under the age of ten. I believe it is disgusting. At ten,I believe some lipgloss is alright on occasion. At 13, I think it's alright to allow makeup,but in neutral tones, (light mascara, naturual blush, cover up ((Most girls begin their periods at this age and begin breaking out)),etc.) I don't believe in using actual makeup and doing the more detailed, and fancier makeup until your 15.

    To me, ifyour undr ten and using makeup,then your parents are irresponsible (Unless,of course it's just for play.)

  29. I agree and disagree.

    Anyone under 13 wearing makeup? Absolutely unacceptable. When i was about 7 on, my mom let me wear lip gloss, not to throw me at boys, and i was never a pageant girl. She let me do it because, as a little girl, i wanted to! It was very light and natural though.

    I turned 13 in april, and i was allowed to start wearing it last month. I disagree with you saying that 13 is too young. I have very protective parents, and im immature for my age. Personally, i think 13 is the perfect age. 13 means 8th grade as well.

    I wear brown eye liner under my eyes, light (almost invisible) eye shadow, mascara, blush, and lip gloss. It looks very natural, though!!!

    Oh, and i feel the need to say that i saw a little girl at a restraunt one time who was about to go to the American Id concert with her grandma (i was too!) and she had on the full out MAKE UP! With the darkest eye liner ive ever seen on a child. She was probably 8 or 9. Plus, she had an iphone 4, and was texting and talking away on it!!! Pathetic!!!

  30. I said 13 was too young because when I was 13 you would never see girls my age in it at all other than lip chap. And I didn't start to see girls wearing it until I hit high school my freshman year (when I was 14). And usually it was from the older girls.

    Now I am 18, and over these last 4 years I have seen more and more girls of younger and younger ages feel the need to use loads of mascara, gloss, and end up looking like a skank since I don't believe youth should have a need to 'beautify' themselves.

  31. I believe caking your children in makeup for beauty pagents is wrong, but I don not agree with you saying that little children can't wear lipgloss or blush, it is just to "look like mommy" and I am sure most moms will not let them over do it, or even wear it at an age when it is for " beauty" not fun. I think that makeup can be worn minimally at 12 and a little mroe at 13. I am current;y 14 and my daily make consists of winged liner and mascara.

  32. I don't think it's wrong, for girls(or boys) to wear make-up. As long as they are comfortable with wearing it then it's fine to me. I think as long as the child likes to wear it and the parents are fine with it then it's okay. And letting their kid wear make-up doesn't mean that they are bad parents. Odds are they want to look more like mom. In our society, we our taught to love ourselves and to wear what we want even though others may not like it. So I think if a girl wants to where makeup to feel better about herself then let her,but this doesn't mean she is a slut or a whore. It just means she likes what she is wearing and is very happy with the ways she looks in it. But we also know that in our society that people will like you better if you look better,this is because people are naturally shallow no matter how much you deny it will always be true. It's the way that girls see the world if your overweight, your ugly. If you don't wear makeup, your ugly. If you don't wear short clothing, your ugly. This is how some girls see the world. It's the way that they see the world, not the way they are raised.

  33. honestly, the parents are sick bastards who play with their kids like if they were barbie dolls.

  34. (2nd pic) I thought she looked 13(ish) then I read the caption! Sure, dressing up and putting a little bit of sparkly stuff (the free stuff you get in little kids magazines) is fine but not the full stuff. I'm 13 and I don't wear that much make-up!!

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  36. I did dance competitions as a child, but for the recitals no more than lip gloss was needed when the children were young. All the makeup for our photoshoots were applied in post production. In pageant photoshoots, the children go natural, and the same process is repeated. But I don't support pageants. The girls don't like pageants, they like winning. They hate cold spray tans, having to practice every day, and plucking eyebrows. Their moms tell them all sorts of things that cause them to be arrogant. There's one girl whose mum payed a fortune to get her 5 year old "pageant princess" made up in a music video, be featured in a concert and on talk shows, and to go on "tour". She acted very spoiled all throughout, even saying "I'm better" to a girl passing by her.

  37. I am only 11 and I disagree totally. I am very tall for my age about 5'4. I'm growing up quite fast (not as in fashion and make-up but as in other "area's" and am getting spots. I only now wear a tiny bit of concealer (I think you can allow that since any other girl with spots would!)And also vaseline. I don't think that is over doing the make-up but I know plenty of girls in my year that put on the full eyeshadow, concealer, lipstick and sometimes even a tad of foundation!I don't like it and since I got to a mixed school I feel that some people feel obliged to wear make-up to look cool in front of the boys. I hpoe you see where i am going and don't see my post as agreeing with it at all :)I always look natural with my make-up and have never worn anything other then concealer and vaseline! x

  38. Well, I think it's fine for 13 year old's and up to wear a full face of makeup (Natural, no dark eye makeup or lipstick). Mostly because a lot of girls actually hit puberty at around 11 now, so their skin could be bad and they might want to cover up with concealer and foundation.

    As for under 13 year old, if it's just for fun then I think it's okay. I always used to love playing with makeup as a child, probably since i was around 4, it would only be Lip gloss, eye shadows & blushes, then I discovered mascara and eyeliner when I was around 7-8 years old. But never wore it out! Just dressing up lol.

    Like whenever my little cousin (6 years old) comes to my house she always wants me to do her makeup, nails and hair. I put mineral makeup (foundation powder) and everything on her... many people may disagree with that but it's pure fun to her & it's not like I'm sending her out looking like that in public, I do always say to her 'You'll be allowed to wear this makeup out when you're as old as me'.

    I don't find anything wrong with the photo shoot though, it's cute. But only for photo shoots, not daily wear.

  39. I mean the very first photo shoot btw, O_O lmao not the pageant ones :S those are terrible & I hate the fact that they look so old.

  40. @Ciara: The first girl, captioned with "10 year old model"? I too, find that appropriate. Neutral shades, no false hair or eyelashes, the photo was probably used for a kids' clothes catalogue, probably Justice, which sells those makeup shades.

  41. I'm neutral about it, light colours, and natural makeup I believe is fine, over the top caked on makeup and fake tans, that's a no.

    I used to wear makeup when I was younger(under the age of 10).

    Nowadays, I don't even touch it, it feels like I'm fake when I wear it. It doesn't really go with me, at all.

  42. Those supposedly 'cute, pageant girls' will become whores when they grow up. Shame, shame, shame. I was allowed to wear make up when I was 14, but only to a minimum. But, I preferred not to, and if I every wear make up, it's just a simple swipe of lip gloss.

  43. HOLYCRAP. That girl is 10 and she looks about 20! WHATTHEFUDGE. I am just totally against this. Those beauty pageant girls are being taught outer fake beauty is better than intelligence and inner beauty probably. Sure, you can model little girls being what little girls should be, with no makeup. But that's just teaching you need makeup and crap to look better. I pity them, ctually:/

  44. I dont think they should be wearing it everyday and caking it on, but I think that sometimes when little girls have a little collection of 'play' makeup, like trying their mothers makeup for fun and perhaps wearing a fun coloured lipsick or eyeshaddow to a birthday party and such, is okay. If I was a parent I wouldent mind buying them a little pallet of eyeshaddows that are aimed at little kids and a few lipglosses, but I would not allow them to wear it all the time. I dont think I would buy them much more until they got to High School (Which is 13 years old where I live).

    On the other hand, while I think that pagents can be fun with all the colour, I dont agree with all that some children are out through for it. I would never force a child to do it, I would only agree to entering them if it was what they wanted.

  45. I am absolutely against this. It is just terrible. Kids should be kids! They should play in the sand with their friends or anything that kids do. When they grow up there will be plenty of time for make-up. They should enjoy their childhood and not ruin it by something stupid as this. And concerning the parents, I can proudly say that they do not deserve to have kids. I mean, how can you think that something like this is great and that it will help your kid later in life? You ruined their childhood!

  46. I used to wear foundation when I was like 12, because I had acne and I didn't like it to be that obvious. My mom told me I shouldn't use it because my skin couldn't breath. I stopped using it, and I don't have acne anymore. I still have some olds marks, but I can't hide them. People in my school actually don't complain about these things. I remember one of my classmates joked about my acne once. "So what?" I actually thought it was fun the fact he didn't do that again.

    We should feel comfortable with ourselves. I don't say we shouldn't wear make-up, but I believe cosmetics should enhance our beauty, and not hide it.

  47. against & against
    the best thing about a kid is how real them being cute is ...stupid & stupid I'm an 8th grader (13) and i don't wear such things when i simply go out i will start when i'm about like 16 !!!! not when i was 10 and now the most thing i would like to wear when i go out is a light eyeliner for the pictures when i friends and i take pictures ( which i'm not allowed to do!!)

  48. I'd say I'm against it. Like most I loved playing with make-up when I was younger, but seeing as they're so young it's as though they don't have the choice but to grow up so quickly. And you're only a kid once, so time should be spent being exactly that, a kid, and not worrying about your appearance.


  50. Princess_Dumini(who's never gonna log in)Thursday, August 18, 2011 1:44:00 PM

    I'm 11 and I have a entire box full of make-up, eyeliner, eyeshadow ect. but i'm not a whore! I only use on 1/8 of the occasions.
    I think it's wrong depending on how much you put. I agree with Sarah.

  51. For me, lip gloss is totaly fine for ANY AGE. But eye shadow NOT.


    but only if they are really young and, in my opinion, 13-15 year olds shouldn't wear much anyway. What do they have to gain, and why? I agree with daisy-croatia too :)

  53. Im against. No mother should want to make their child look like sh i 25. let her grow up like she is supposed to and stop making them look like dolls.

  54. Well< i would actually have to say for. For little girls i think its fine to put all that makeup on. Its a pageant for goodness sake!!! Its not like they wear all those outfits, hair, and makeup on the street! Plus, if they win, often they win thousands of dollars or bonds for college. Kids that dont do pageants and they're 4-10 im fine with lipgloss and pink eyeshadow because seriously theres always those little girls that wear the princess pink eyeshadow and lip gloss that comes with those giant barbie doll heads that you do the makeup and hair. I even remember doing that. I started wearing makeup in 7th grade. People always say that your not supposed to worry about looks, but in the real world they are very important to soo many people. It even says in the Bible that your aloud to wear makeup and pamper your self but just not always be looking in the mirror. So i am very for wearing makeup.

    P.s there is a little sixth grader i know that wears bright red lipstick with her hair teased to the max and tons of liner and mascara on a regular basis. That for me is too much!

  55. Hey all this is utter bullshit i am 13 and i wear make up alot i think when you get to 12 you should be able to where whatever make up you want too and not get labeled A WHORE i mean i am a good girl with top grades i am a virgin and have never had a boyfreind this is all steriotypical althoug i disagree with the child padgent i think make up is way of self expression not an item cursed to make you a whore or a slut or a brat grow a pair everyone it not the victorian period anymore.

  56. I think that everyone here needs to take a chill pill. You, as girls, will have kids someday. You can do whatever you want (essentially, as long as it is within the limits of the law in your area of jurisdiction) with your kids (male or female) when you birth them and carry them in your uterus for 9 months. Until then? You're responsible for yourself and only yourself. Can you make your own opinions about makeup? Yes, you sure can. Will getting angry about it in a comments section on a Stardoll blog nonetheless change anything? No, it won't. Keeping this in mind, is it worth typing out a huge rant about how you hate young girls wearing makeup? No, probably not. If it makes you feel better about the situation go ahead, but... still kind of pointless.

    I think that the main place mothers go wrong with their daughters is showing them from a young age that they as adult women are insecure. Most women do wear makeup. It can be for a variety of reasons, but for a lot of women in this day in age, they NEED makeup to feel beautiful. Because a lot of daughters want to be 'just like mommy', they want to look the same and act the same. If their mothers are insecure with their bodies and their faces, they're teaching their girls from day one that they need to be insecure, too.

    It's inadvertent and I'm sure most mothers would never want their girls to feel that way, but they need to take responsibility for their actions. They taught their daughters their beliefs and values, now they need to deal with the consequences. They are going to be the unfair parent telling their daughter they can't wear the makeup they introduced their daughter to. They're going to be the inconsiderate parent who doesn't think about the meaning behind wanting to wear makeup that they led their daughter to believe. They're going to be the evil one in their daughter's eye.
    How can a mother avoid that?
    Showing their daughter what they want her to believe.

    Wearing respectful clothing, viewing makeup as a 'fun' thing that mother and daughter can bond over, and going out with a fresh face whenever she has the opportunity to. That will show her daughter that she doesn't need makeup to feel beautiful and she doesn't need to cover herself up with foundation and powder.

    As for the mothers that don't know the importance of being a role model for their daughters, just learn from their mistakes. Don't enter your daughters in pageants. Don't make your daughters feel insignificant or ugly. Don't pile makeup on yourself, either!
    Then your daughter will be guided down the right path. There won't be anything you could've done differently to change her opinion about herself. It will all be out of your hands at that point.

    So, for now, take a chill pill, and do it right from the minute you get that bundle of joy in your arms!


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?