August 05, 2011

What should she be like?

I look at my stardoll inbox and I see this “Vote me COVERGIRL”. I scroll down and it keeps going “Would you vote me 5/5.” And “Tomorrow I am running covergirl make my dream come true.” How should a covergirl be? I question myself, I question you.

Please, give me your opinion in comments. Tell what a covergirl should have and perhaps give me a few names of deserving stardollians.

To all the anonymous: You guys could tell us what you say I did. I am sure it would make a great post.


  1. I hate when people beg for covergirl, I get lots of messages like these and I am so sick of them. Covergirl should have some dignity first, to advertise on broadcasts not to beg in guestbooks, also she or he should have good look, well decorated suite and good personality.

  2. I think it should be all about beauty and talent, rather than who has the most money that they're willing to spend on it. I don't even think excessive broadcasting should be allowed.

  3. I'm running for National Covergirl, and I know this sounds cheesy, but I kind of want to do it for my country :) I've only made about 3 broadcasts, since I don't have much money, and I really hate myself for sending messages to people. Hopefully they'll understand though :D

  4. I also think it is ridiculous when people beg us to vote them covergirl. I think a covergirl should be Modest, caring, and Kind. SOmeone who makes a difference on stardoll. I have a dream of becoming a Non Superstar Covergirl. Or at least a non Superstar NCG. I dislike it when people always look down on Non Superstars, mostly because people think they lack style. I beg to differ. Many People ask me if i ever was a SS, and it always makes me proud to say, 'no. I was always a NonSS.'
    I dont have anyone in particular on who should be a CG. But I think they should have the Three characteristics i stated above. :)

  5. I usually just delete those begging posts. To me, covergirl/boy is all about Style. Suites and outfits. I have no idea how this whole thing works, CG I mean. How do these people actually win?

    I have seen a lot of ridiculous winners in CG/NCG and wonder how on earth they won THAT honor!!

  6. I think that people shouldn't brag about being covergirl just because it's their 'dream to become covergirl', there are many other people on stardoll, who aren't superstar and don't have money to broadcast etc, that deserve to feel special. It also gets on my nerves when people who have already won CG become CG again, they need to give someone else a change! Winning covergirl should mean honest voting, not 'Whoever gets the most people to vote for me will get Lip Print Ruffle!'. It's not fair on others!

  7. I think Covergirl is about what you have to show, what you have to offer. Although deep down I think it should be about someone who caring, giving and kind no one's going to know that that's the kind of person you are by visiting your suite and have nothing there.

  8. I personally believe that cover girl is a supreme title only passed over to those who work hard for it but in the matter of..not begging others to vote for her and not broadcasting 24/7. Covergirl should be given to those who, yes, DESERVE it and fulfill the criteria of being covergirl without asking for it.

    I don't see a covergirl as someone who bribes others to give her a '5/5' because she isn't worthy of the titles...most likely she's doing it for the upcoming fame if her task is succeeded and she gets nominated.

  9. It kinda breaks my heart seeing a non-Superstar running for Covergirl..

    Because I know in the back of my mind I know 'they don't stand a chance..'

  10. I hate too when people broadcast lot of messages to vote them CG,advertising in my guestbook or sending me messages,when they don't even deserve to take my time and vote them 5 stars ,they not even the half CG.

    A CG has to have,a dream suite that everyone wants to have, of course now in this days we don't have that. A CG has to have a beautiful nice medoll and maybe a talent designing,album,or scenery.That girl has to have a nice makeup but not a bunch of it,be creative in her suite,try to make different and have something other girls don't have to,she doesn't have to have long time on stardoll as long she's talented to deserve our vote.

    I don't remember the last time i saw a nice CG that has all the details i say above,now most of the girls win because of popularity or spending millions of sd broadcasting to vote for them,i agreed with the girl that say it should be a limit about broadcasting messages i usually don't vote a lot for CG i only vote for talented as for non-ss i usually vote for them cause i know that means so much for them.I have never been ss and i have won NCG with out begging or been so famous..people ask me too a lot if i have been ss and i always say no! I wonder what day am gonna see a real CG again.....

  11. I read most of the comments above and i have to agree with each of them... but we have to admit that stardoll can't know which votes are the ones that people get for broadcasting or the ones that the member really deserves. anyways I won national CG after a day I haven't been online at all so i really think i deserved that little title that everyone forgets about in the next day.

    but what do you people think about sceneries or albums? do you really think that they are worth winning. I usually see some very plain ones winning those trophies, and I know a lot of people with incredible skills at scenery but they aren't even noticed. I personally tried to win the scenery contest a while ago but stardoll didn't even changed the winners of the scenery titles for 2 days.. I don't ever expect stardoll to be better, because i know that fair isn't the word to describe it.

    And there is that think called 1000 accounts that people have to vote for themselves ;-)


  13. xoxo gossip girl so scene =] =]=]=]Saturday, August 06, 2011 2:22:00 AM

    wowza dat soundz amaiizin tel mi m0re im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo entring xoxoxoxoxoxoxo gossip gurl

    ps: i tink de grafik luks grate xoxoxxoxoxox gossip girl

  14. Someone who has immaculate fashion sense and a big passion and desire to win. Most importantly someone who actually looks outrageously beautiful and versitile. A CG, in my opinion, doesn't have to have "famous" friends just has to have the determination and drive to get to the top.
    She/He can also be someone who has a talent in what they do, as if it comes naturally to them. They don't have to be SS, as long as they have a certain glimmer of fashion talent, they can win.

    But I absolutely HATE it when the other day I saw a NCG or Cg, I can't remember, wearing nothing! How can she possibly be a winner? It's stupid. And she had no talent what so ever :/ Anyone could have done that.

  15. I Beleave a true covergirl should be someone who is active on stardoll and a careing friend a person with a good suiete a pretty doll and a clever album , a normal person who hasent begged for their crown and who has just happened to have the most visited suiete that day. :) i admit i have probably tried "running" for covergirl by telling my friends to vote me but nowerdays it seems 2impossible with the amount of SS and Diamond memebers "running" who have enough stardollers to broadcast .. so yeah .. just an averige hidden Gem on stardoll :) xx

  16. A covergirl should be someone who's active one stardoll, treats everyone fairly, isn't a "fame whore", and possibly wins without sending out millions of broadcasts. She/he should also be unique in their outfits, makeup, suite, etc.

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