August 04, 2011

Phoenix: Modeling Opportunity

Lately Stardoll has been boring when it comes to Gossip and Drama, but it's an awesome period of time for up and coming models!

Without further-ado:

I LOVE Lana.
She is super talented, and this is definitely a promising spoiler.
She is a well known graphic designer:
-Lipstick Magazine
-Banner Maker
Just to name a few.

Short and Sweet, to get to the point-
To Apply for a Model Position in the New Phoenix Line Click Here.

Take Care, xxJucii

Gotta Love Despicable Me :) 


  1. Thanks for letting us know Gillian!
    & Yeah, Lana is so amazing at graphics that it's almost unbelievable. o:

    Hahahaha! The one of Gru dancing killed me! :DDD

  2. That graphic is amazing. I am really glad to know it is going to be in sfw, it will be worth it. I think I will apply.

  3. Thank you so much for such a sweet post! <3 But, even though I have applied for SFW, nothing's been confirmed yet ;)


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