August 14, 2011

Just Love. No Hate. Do You Have What It Takes?

SDNOH8 will return during SFW, later this year.
I decided to make some needed changes.

Some of the Staff will be switched out, and some will be added.
There are SO many opportunities our new direction will bring to the people who make it happen.

Be in it for the Right Reasons, because you will be tested in numerous ways before you would ever be trusted. This isn't just another project. We deal with Real Life Issues, and not just this online game.

SDNOH8 will be adding:

An Assistant: A Person who would Assist whenever needed; might step in for other jobs if needed.

An Interviewer: Someone to Interview Stardollians who stand up for what they believe in for events, etc.

A Press Person: This is really a part time job, because only during sdnoh8 events (w/ a few execptions) will they be needed. They will use the stardoll inbox, or skype to ask people questions about how they felt at the event, what they believe in, etc.

Graphic Designers: GDs who would make photoshoots.

All the details of each job would be mailed to the people who make the cut.

I confess, I have been putting it to the side, and being terribly nice to all the staff, because they all are my friends. Now though, I realize just how big of an impact SDNOH8 made, and I will take it much more seriously. So, bottom line- things will get done.

Applications will be taken right here on MDM, since Stardoll's Official No Hate Organization's Blog is under construction and not accessible.
Stardoll Username:
Job: Interviewer/Press/GD/Assistant
Sample of Best work (if Graphic Designer):
Why Would you want to do this job:
What do you believe in:
Skype (if you have):

Submit them right in comments.
The Questions are really generic, because the real interviewing happens with the people who make it passed this stage. I want to make sure everyone who works for this organization are genuine.

If you do not make it, please realize it is not personal, and that has nothing to do with how much I appreciate you. YOU inspire me everyday for what You Believe In.

Thanks. Start Submitting!!


  1. Name: Jack Pete

    Stardoll Username: freeduck_

    Job: Interviewer

    Why Would you want to do this job: I love talking to people, asking people questions and getting answers. I have my ways to reach around people and suck out all the juice. I like to think I'm quite social and interviewing people for NOH8 would be such an amazing oppertunity and I would definitely put my all into every single interview

    What do you believe in: I believe in equal rights and equality throughout mankind. I believe gay people should be able to get married and adopt children without there being an issue. I also believe in karma, at times, I feel it has such a strong hold over me and causes certain events to occur in my life.

    Skype (if you have): You already have it :D

  2. Name: Georgie May
    Stardoll Username: abbeydawn122
    Job: Assistant
    Why Would you want to do this job:I am a reliable girl who is loyal to the people who may need her. I have always admired the team and feel I could take on any challenge you may throw at me. I feel that I am trustworthy and can cope well under pressure. I can deal with real life issues as I've had many to cope with and would be honoured if I were chosen
    What do you believe in:I belive in equality and the fact that everyone should be treated as individuals whatever and whoever they may be. I belive that we are all born as good people and our actions and voice define who we are. I am spiritual and religious (not totally devoted, but I have faith)I hope to live in a world oneday free of discrimination and rascism and filled with joy, hope and happiness.
    Skype: I have a skype account but never normally use it, however if I need to be online to chat I will be. my skype name is:georgiepotterx

  3. Good luck with this Gillian, I do love NOH8, you know that.

    But good luck with pulling it out of the grave.

  4. Name: Vicky

    Stardoll Username: Princessvx

    Job: Assistant

    Why Would you want to do this job:
    I am a very reliable person, who can be trusted to do a job and do it to it's full standard. I am a perfectionist, which can sometimes be a hassle for me, but it's a great trait for a job like this. I do realize and respect the responsibilities I will have if I get accepted this job, so you won't have to tolerate me not doing my duties on time, because I will always be aware when deadlines are. I am a very friendly person, so I will fit into the team great, I think. Plus, I admire the team greatly, so I hope I will earn their respect.

    What do you believe in:
    I believe in freedom and human rights. I believe that every religion, race, human should have the freedom to live their lives as the most free person on earth. Everyone is equal on this earth, and that's how we were all made, to be equal and not consider ourselves more special than others. And I don't just say this stuff, but I also believe in helping people in tough situations and parts of their lives to prove my care and sincerity towards them.

    Skype (if you have): You have mine. (:

  5. Name: Sofi E.
    Stardoll Username: Lulla96
    Job: Assistant
    Why Would you want to do this job:
    I would love to help out in any way possible, I think I would be the right person for this job. I could do all of the jobs listed, except maybe help out with the photoshoots.
    What do you believe in: I believe that nobody should be forced to do anything, and that you should have full control of your body. I believe that people shouldn't take anything for granted, like many of us do today. I believe in equality, and equal treatment for everyone, no matter what race, size, age, sexual orientation, ect. I believe in second chances. "And the list goes on..."

    Skype (if you have): sofikleo

  6. Name: Zoey Spark

    Stardoll Username: zoey-good_girl

    Job: Interviewer

    Why Would you want to do this job: I want this job because I have a desire for asking people things, receiving their answers, asking them for their opinion, hearing their point of view. I'm a sort of person that is approachable, I'm not one-sided, I take what everyone has to say into consideration and I can make questions up on the spot, just like that.

    What do you believe in: I believe in treating everyone equal and freedom, not treating someone different because they are a different colour, shape, size, race etc and that everyone no matter who should be able to do whatever they want, even if the next person disagrees because whatever they do whether good or bad, they will face the consequences. Also, I believe in forgiveness, maybe someone has done something bad to you, you may not forget but I believe that it is always best to forgive, no matter what wrong they have done.

    Skype (if you have): Zeedhort (I'm online quite a lot)

  7. Name: Gladis Wung Lee

    Stardoll Username: Dingyfeathers

    Job: Assistant

    Why Would you want to do this job: It would be a great pleasure to help you in your work as I admire your knack for projecting the message of NOH8. With this job comes a clear criteria in which I greatly assume I can fit while filling the general and vital standards. I would adore this job for the most part to benefit others and spread the word that I believe. I have followed SD N8 for a long time and being part of the movement would become satisfying. If you chose me, I'd guarantee you that I'd get the work done and successful follow your guidelines which you pass over to me. As an assistant, I strive to meet my goals and tasks in a positive way for a brighter future. If hired, I'd try my best and shoot for the stars to follow through each new project you (Gillian) would offer me. Also, I would most definitely practice what I preach. That means I am a genuine person with sincere and prime traits hopefully worthy in your eye as an assistant/participant in the campaign of NOH8. You could rely on me to get my work done and still have time for extra tasks if given.

    What do you believe in: When working, I believe in getting the job done, not slacking off, AND giving my all. As a SD N0H8 reader and follower I believe in equality and justice. These two factors should be spread through other members and hopefully gain strength through viewers. By this, I mean that with the proper advertisement equality and justice can be properly heard and viewed. This is where NOH8 comes in. I believe NOH8 is one of those few special projects geering towards spreading the message. Along with that, I also have a strong belief towards the principal of acceptance where each race, religion, etc should be accepted as we are all humans and share this earth! Lastly, I believe in the virtue of kindness which should always be displayed.

    Skype: I don't have one, although I have an MSN. If needed, I will get a skype.. :)

    Thanks for reading!

  8. Name: Mysti

    Stardoll Username: Coolgirl185

    Job: Assistance

    Why would you want this job: I love helping other people as I would help others if I was in a bad situation myself. I personally have been bullied, both cyber and at school and I know how it feels to be treated like that. I am regularly on stardoll (every day, for more than two hours) so you can trust me as I wouldn't let such a good opportunity go to waste!! I like helping people understand that they are amazing as they are and no one else is as unique as themselves.

    What do you believe in: I believe that everyone should be treated equally never mind their race, religion, hair colour, size, shape, personality, wealth and if they are gay, lesbian or straight as everyone is as amazing. I hope to stop, or at least reduce bullying because being bullied is the worst thing to ever happen, telling someone who has been told they are pathetic that they are amazing is something I want to encourage to be done more often. I also think that if you believe that you can accomplish something you can achieve it if you stick to your goals.

    Skype: I don't have it but if necessary I could make an account.

  9. Name: Lindsey Le'Vogue

    Stardoll Username: LoveGossip4life

    Job: Graphic Designer

    Sample of Best work (if Graphic Designer): My most reccent graphic is this one:
    which I am pretty proud of, for all my graphics, updated when I make a new graphic, can be found on my graphic blog:

    Why Would you want to do this job: You know, I think I have a special ability in graphic designing, and I personally think it uppers my creativity, and if I were to help the SD noh8 team, I think I could make your graphics have a special spark in them, with some fresh new talent that I would love people to know there is new fresh talent out there.

    What do you believe in: You know, I believe in this world, I honestly have been 'bullied' in very humiliating, and hurtful ways, and I believe that all humans should be treated right, and not have to worry about what others think. I have been fairly shy throughout my life so far, and I know how it feels to question yourself many times, especially of what other people think of you. I think this is a great project, and if I were chosen a graphic designer I would put full effort into making more of a cause for people to stop being so plain snobby, and think of the other side of how those who aren't heard, have a voice.

    Skype (if you have): i believe it is Lindsey.Stardoll

  10. Name: Nierouz
    Stardoll Username: Missalrashdan
    Job: Interviewer
    Why would you want to do this job: I'm very trusted person. I love talking to people on Stardoll and in Real life. I have some people who are institution where they have been bullied or force to do something.
    What I believe in:
    Human rights
    Not to judge people
    Not to force people
    Not to cheat
    Not to rape
    Skype: I don't have Skype. If you need to contact me email me at

  11. I will post too but possibly tomorrow:)

  12. Name: Kirsten Wills

    Stardoll Username: sparklewand12

    Job: Assistant or GD

    Sample of Best work(Graphics): This is one I completed a few days back, and I honestly feel my graphics improve by the day, others can be seen here:

    Why would you want to do this job: I am always enthusiastic about everything, and I enjoy helping with anything, in any way I can, I always offer help to new, or returning projects, trying to get their feet off the ground, and I just generally love being involved with things, whether it be a blog, project, fashion line, or ... anything! I know everyone says this, but I am an organised and reliable person. And I like to think that if I offer help to someone in any situation, that if I needed help, they maybe would offer me help too.

    What do you believe in: I believe that everyone has rights, and should have freedom for many things. You may only get one chance at life, and it should be grasped firmly and lived to the full, no matter who you are, what you look like, or what sort of person you are. I believe things happen for a reason, but don't always happen for a good one

    Skype (if you have): sparklewand12, although I'm not on too much as it has problems with my computer :S

    Thank you so much for this opportunity, and I can't wait for SDNOH8 to get going again, no matter if I'm involved or not.
    Love K xxx

  13. Name: Erica G

    Stardoll Username: A_True_Beauty

    Job: Assistant

    Why Would you want to do this job: I am dependable, determined person, and I always am one to finish things the right way. I love assisting people in any way needed, and I am able to do things on time without any problems. Having this job would mean a lot to me because ever since NOH8 started, I thought that this is such an innovative project and it would be an honor to be a part of it, considering the fact that the meaning of it is wonderful, and it is great to help people in any situation. I’m a kind person, and love working with everyone. I’m easy to adjust to and I think I would fit in perfectly.

    What do you believe in: I’ve always believed people should be considerate towards others, and not treat them with any cruelty. All of us are different, whether we like it or not. Someone may have a different orientation, size, shape, or even a mental or physical problem. But that doesn’t mean we should be treated with little or no respect. All of us should be able to do what we please, without any criticism. Whether marrying the same gender, making a group for a special cause, or even doing something simple like getting a piercing or tattoo. We were made with the power of free will. Our choices may not be the best, and lead to problems, but that’s our own fault. So long story short, we shouldn’t be judged just by our choices, and we shouldn’t be spat on because of who we are on the inside or outside.

    Skype (if you have): a_true_beauty (I’m usually online, so it’s convenient)

  14. Name:A&J
    Stardoll Username:The2glams
    Job: Interviewer/Press/GD/Assistant
    Sample of Best work (if Graphic Designer):I want to apply as a GD. Here is my latest work
    Why Would you want to do this job:Because I believe in everything you guys say and do, to help other members with their daily problems.
    What do you believe in:I believe in human rights and freedom of speech. Without having those we would be a world of hate.
    Skype (if you have):nope, i do not have that.

  15. Name: Aura
    Stardoll Username: Master04
    Job: Interviewer/Press/GD/Assistant
    Sample of Best work (if Graphic Designer): Actually, I made this one for here SDNOH8:

    Why Would you want to do this job: I want to do this job, Because I think I have the ability, to make good graphics and Been helping SDNOH8 will be nice for me and for uu. I´m sure that we will make a great team, and people will see how much talent do we have. Also, Because My graphics, will show how amazing organization it is SDNOH8. :)

    What do you believe in: I belive in God, freedom, women´s right and men´s right- I belive that people should be treated good in a good way. I mean we all are humans god created us for be a good and happy family not to be bulying other peoples, getting drunk, stole things etc. I really believe in God, the freedom, the bible and all those things. If I can change the world I will like to change the abuses into love, the women violence into a women dreams everything like that. I belive that one day God will bring us all the happiness that could exist on this world. :)
    Skype (if you have):

  16. Name: Angel
    Stardoll Username: Rosalie_Twiligh
    Job: Interviewer or Press
    Why Would you want to do this job: Because I am a reliable person. I get a job done on time and I prioritize very well. I am a perfectionist. I like things to be done right. I would never hand in something I am not proud of.
    What do you believe in: I believe in equality. Why should someone get treated another way because they are different? We are all human so it is time we are all treated that way. There are people who inside are amazing but they are just judged by their appearance, sexuality and the way they act. We make things hard on these people because some people just can't deal with difference.
    Skype (if you have): angel_durham

  17. Name: Annasofia Lavinia
    Stardoll Username: xXEmoxCherryXx
    Job: Assistant
    Why Would you want to do this job: Well, I'm not going to write a giant paragraph like everyone else. I'll just say I'm reliable, I'm always online to help out, I'm trustworthy and dependable, as well as friendly and complaint-free.
    What do you believe in: I believe in equality, self expression, freedom of the press, the right to bear arms, and special protection for victims of crimes.
    Skype (if you have): xxemoxcherryxx

  18. Name: Sophia Harper

    Stardoll Username: superstar4eva12

    Job: Press

    Why Would you want to do this job: I love to communicate with people. I want to spread my Stardoll horizons, challenge myself further and meet new people. I love to have a task to do so I can keep myself busy, so there is never a dull moment! I work hard and always get my jobs done while being professional and having fun. I always insist on things being as perfect as possible, so I pride myself on my work meaning it's at a high standard at all times.

    What do you believe in: I believe in an equal world for everyone. It doesn't matter who you are, what you look like, who you love or anything like that! I believe in a world without cruelty and abuse, especially for children who should be allowed to grow up in peace with the best chance at life possible. I also believe in a world without poverty and I was lucky to experience this first hand recently. It's so cruel that our fellow man can live how I saw while we are here in comfort. It should be stopped, and we need to learn to help eachother out.

    Skype (if you have): I do have Skype but I share my Stardoll business with my personal account, so I would rather keep it personal at this point in time (I will probably end up getting a Stardoll one soon) I can provide my Skype details on request.

  19. Name: Larsa and Paula (sisters who both share an account)

    Stardoll Username: Thefray101

    Job: Graphic Designer. Here are some samples of our work (if you want the text-free version for better view, tell us):

    Why Would you want to do this job:
    We'd like to be a graphic desginer for NOH8, because we've been through bullying ourselves, we've been called names. NOH8 is one of the best blogs on stardoll - it expresses things to people. We honestly love it. We think we have some talent to be your graphic designers and we will NEVER let you down. If we do (and once again we promise we probably wont), we can do it again and again until your satisfied. We don't need a lot of money for our work, and we think we have enough ability for this spot. We know there is a lot of talented people on stardoll, but we can outshow them. Please consider us, and we hope you pick us because we want this spot so badly! NoH8 <3;

    What do you believe in: I believe in animal rights (Paula is a vegan, and Larsa doesn't each much meat), we believe in gay/bi rights, equal rights, people speaking their mind, we believe in karma, human rights, women rights, we do believe in god - but, we also have respect for people who don't believe in him, or have different beliefs and religions.

    Skype (if you have): larsa.icho

    Thank you for your time! :)

  20. Name: Isabella Thomas

    Stardoll Username: Hotangel9

    Job: Assistant

    Why Would you want to do this job: I would like this job in order to help you while you help others. I want to be apart of something that is right, and NOH8 is right. I can work under-pressure in a fast work of time. I am very understanding and would love to be a part of a great team.

    What do you believe in: I believe in equal rights and freedom of speech. I believe that everyone is equal no matter what size, height, skin colour, race, etc... I think its unfair on gays adopting and marrying to be an issue.

    Skype (if you have): rachhscrutton , its my friend but she lets me borrow it :D

  21. Name: Mary Sienna.

    Stardoll Username: shewasonceit

    Job: Interviewer.

    Why? I believe this job would be most fitting to what I want to be.
    I believe I am sociable and friendly; in which I can achieve the results of answers. I would be eternally grateful. xx

  22. Thank You TO all the Applications. Please no more after this comment.

  23. Name: Mira
    Stardoll Username: lalapinkalot
    Job: Interviewer and Assistant (I meet the criteria for both jobs :] )
    Sample of Best work (if Graphic Designer):
    Why Would you want to do this job: I have been a writer for many blogs, but this blog has really "touched" me. I feel true and real reading Memoires of a MeDoll, its, amazing.
    What do you believe in: I believe in unicorns (haha), I believe in spirits, I believe in hope. Hope is a real thing, everyone hopes, but its not enough to just hope, you have to believe that everything will be okay, and that when you hope, it becomes real.
    I also believe in resurrection after death, and heaven and hell.
    Skype (if you have): I do not have a skype but it would be no problem to get one.


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?