August 03, 2011

Modeling Opportunity! - ULICA

Hello again today! I am here to make another modeling opportunity post!

I discovered this one when I was actually visiting the second place winner for 'Can You Make It Up', and I must say, the spoiler graphic is amazing, and I saw that she was not receiving a great amount of applicants, so here is another modeling chance guys! 

Owned by Nika Pia Oneil(Princess_Kiara1), which I am unsure what the theme of her blog/line is as of yet, but like I mentioned earlier, the graphic is excellently made and put togethoer, meaning most likely the fashion line will be pure peferction!

So if you would like to apply as a model for ULICA, then click HERE for the modeling application. And please follow the blog, though she said it doesn't matter, I think your chances are better if you were to follow appose to just post about yourself.

Take care!

Love, Dei


  1. This graphic is gorgeous! Stardoll has some hidden talent(:

  2. The graphic is stunning :D
    "Ulica" on Croatian means "Street".
    So maybe it will be street fashion ;)


    Spread the word! ;) Please post about it if you can ;o And amazing graphic!

  4. Thanks for posting about it!
    @daisy-croatia, here it means the same :)


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