August 29, 2011

Q's About Cora

I've been getting quite a few questions about Chronicles of Cora, and instead of continuing to answer them, time and time again, I'm going to answer them here(:

Will you be posting the next season of Cora on MDM?
-Yes, in fact, when Noelle finishes the graphic of the newest character, I will begin posting.

How many seasons does Chronicles of Cora consist of?
-As of right this moment, I have written ten seasons of Chronicles of Cora. All of which will be edited once more before I bring them to MDM.

What inspires Chronicles of Cora?
-My personal experiences and the personal experiences of friends, mixed with a hint of fiction.

Are you Cora?
-No, I am not Cora. Though she, as well as the rest of the characters possess at least one of my traits.
For instance, Cora is very headstrong and opinionated.
Knoxx has a great talent for cooking.
Luca is a great listener.
Ryder tries to diffuse bad and uncomfortable situations with humor.
Harlow does exactly what she wants, with no reservations.

When will Chronicles of Cora be published?
-There is no guarantee if Cora will be published. As of right now, I have sent what's completed of the book to three publishers. These include, Scholastic, Little Brown and Company and Random House.

Did you date a guy like Knoxx?
-I did.


Thanks for all of the questions and interest in Cora. If you have any other questions, please post them in comments below(:


  1. I am happy to hear there is more to come and you did send it to a publisher!
    Good luck Aislin.

  2. You dated a guy like Knoxx, what was it like gurrl?


  4. Frustrating, mostly. I didn't handle or see it the way Cora did/does.

  5. I really hope that your story will get published Aislin. i wonder if it will come out in England?


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?