September 15, 2011

Are you an addict?

Hey stranger!

Remember me?

I have just returned to Stardoll after my Stardoll-free summer and I've realized that taking some time off Stardoll and the internet wasn't such a bad idea after all. Even though I have never spent an incredible amount of time on Stardoll, hours were still spent blogging, chatting and dressing up my doll.

Without Stardoll in my summer, I used the time I would have spent online for extra time with my friends, taking part in activities I wouldn't usually take part in, going on trips and enjoying myself. It turned out to be one of the greatest summers of my life.

My absence from Stardoll got me thinking about how much time us members spend online.

After asking 10 members of Stardoll the question - 'How much time do you spend on Stardoll a day?' the answers ranged from 2 hours to 10 hours!

That is certainly too much of our day spent with our dollies.

For those willing to take up a small challenge, I challenge you to try and reduce the amount of time you spend on Stardoll this week. Instead of coming home from school and sitting on your laptop, take part in an activity or hang out with some friends. Even if it is just for an hour it could make a dramatic difference to your life.

I love Stardoll, it's addictive and maybe one day I will be able to cut off my supply of Stardoll completely but until that time I want to enjoy my time on Stardoll without letting it take over my life.

(To enlarge click here)

Will we ever be able to throw away the drug we all depend on called 'Stardoll'?

Do we spend too much time on our precious dolly site?

Just a thought :)

Lots of love,

~ Zoë xoxo


  1. I wouldn't call myself an addict. I just enjoy it and see it as a sort of hobby. Therefore I spent money on it. I still go out with friends and stuff, but I spend most of my computer time making 3D animation. Stardoll only fills up a small portion of my day, I spent about half an hour to one hour per day on Stardoll.

  2. I noticed recently that i spent too much time on stardoll so im going to try and cut back in the next few months :) any advice? ps its good to have you back zoe :)

    OMG Xoe! Your little flowchart was so accurate, I loved it! And you're totally right, some people do spend too much time on Stardoll, I have a tab with Stardoll open like all day, but I only really actually spend a few hours on it and I never really shut down my laptop, I just close the lid and it goes on sleep mode, so the tab is almost open 24/7, but like I said, I don't really use it. Some people need to get over their crazed addiction and realise Stardoll is just a pass time and nothing something that your life depends on.

  4. Well,I'm a little bit like some of my friends but I spent a lot of time.... Especially when I' on holidays I log in every day and play for 3 ,4 or 5 hours per day!!! I know ,I know.... if I was a superstar I would play more time Stardoll 6-7 hours,so thanks God I'm not!! Now that I started school I will play only on Fridays , Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays! I'm happy about it! I can stay away from the computer when I'm on holidays to a different place! I don't have any problems ,because I have my Mp3 player and that makes it better!! :)

  5. your 'im leaving stardoll' pic reminds me of lolita LOL

  6. hi im perilice2 nd i find dis post offenseve!!!!!11oneone!!!1

  7. Averagely I don't think people spend a lot of time on stardoll a lot of members abandon their accounts for days or months. As for me, the only thing that makes me sign in regularly on stardoll is to earn starcoins which I do in few minutes. I only spend about 1 hour or 30 minutes on stardoll if I'm redecorating a room or deciding what clothes to put on my medoll. Those are the only things that interest me.

    Having said that has anyone seen the album winners? It looks like someone has made numerous accounts for votes & MSW hmmm?

  8. I spend alot of time on stardoll I left for a few months when I made Mizzmileycyrus9 my account has never not been non-ss and never will be my account will ALWAYS be ss, i am trying to cut down on the amount of time I spend on stardoll.

  9. Lol, I love the graphic, and yes I have to say I'm an addict, the way I eat candy everyday I also feel a constant need to go on SD... very sad, I know :(

  10. I think Stardoll's a phase. You go through the time when it's just a site to dress-up, then you find gossip and it gets more interesting +2 hours a day.
    Then you choose your path: Famewhore or Background Commenter. Famewhore +3 hours a day. Background +1 hours a day.
    Then something interesting happens. +1 hour to your day.

    Then you get bored and grow up.

    -7 hours a day. lol.

  11. im 100percent a stardoll addict, i wont lie haha!

  12. I balance my time on Stardoll and real life but I went through a stage when I used to not do my home work so I could go on Stardoll then I learnt that I have to put my life and school work ahead of my virtual life and now I spend only 1 hour or 2 a day on Stardoll and maybe 3 at weekends. The key is balance!

  13. Love the leaving graphic!

    I Successfully left for 2 years... then I mistakenly thought "What harm could logging in do?" Oh man, a year on and I haven't left again yet!


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