September 18, 2011

Beyond Fabulous Fashion Blog

If you remember me posting about Beyond Beauty, owned by Chris(Sevillana94), you remember me saying what a great fashion blog it is! With a fresh new layout and a slew of exceptional new writers, Beyond Beauty is officially reopening on Wordpress.

Yes, that's right, I said Wordpress. So if you don't have an account, get to making one! It doesn't take but a second, and you'll need it in order to follow Beyond Beauty and keep yourself updated with all of the great fashion and interior design content from the writers!

If you already have a Wordpress account, click the link below to start following Beyond Beauty!


  1. You can still follow the blog without a wordpress account. Just add the url onto your blogger dashboard feed and it will show up there :)

  2. I will definitly check it out!
    I have been looking for a good beauty blog.


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