September 01, 2011

Beauty Week Update

Thanks to everyone for all of the kind messages. I really appreciate all of your concern and good wishes.

As I said in my previous post, I will be creating a Beauty Week, here at MDM. For one entire week, we will celebrate the true meaning of beauty. Each of the five days will have a theme.

On the first day of Beauty Week I will be posting confessionals from Stardoll members who have suffered from bullying, taunting, teasing, etc. because of their outward appearance. 
In order to have your confessional posted, send me an email at..
If you don't wish to share your identity, let me know and I'll see to it that you remain anonymous. If you don't want even me knowing who you are, make an anonymous email account(:

This confessional day is for those that have played bully. And quite frankly, we've all been there. Whether what we did was big or small, at some point, we made someone feel bad. And this is your time to make it right. Remember a time when you were the one behind the insults and take this opportunity to apologize. You may remain anonymous while doing this, but please be sure to include who you're apologizing to. If they have a Stardoll account, include their real name(if you know it) and their Stardoll username. Send your apologies to my email.

I am a firm believer that our flaws are what make us beautiful. Without them, we're not truly ourselves.
On the third day of Beauty Week, I will be posting a list of my flaws,the top five things that I dislike about my appearance. I will also be posting the top five things I love about myself, appearance or otherwise. This exercise is to show that we can be our worst critics and that while we have some things about ourselves we don't particularly like, beauty does lie somewhere. To participate in this activity, send your list to my email address. Again this can be done anonymously.

I don't want those who participate to lose sight in why I created Beauty Week. On this day, I would like everyone reading this to help remember Emily and the struggles that led to her suicide. I will be selling tshirts in remembrance of Emily up until Beauty Week begins. They will be sold for 2 starcroins, that way everyone can purchase one. And on Remembrance day, I ask that everyone who purchased a shirt, to wear it and let me know. On the final day of Beauty Week I will post photos on MDM of everyone who took a moment to remember Emily.

What's a Beauty Week without a celebration! On the final day of Beauty Week, I will be hosting a party to celebrate beauty, pay tribute to Emily and thank all of those who participated. What would a party be without prizes? That's right, during this celebration, those who attend can win some great prizes. Details on those will be announced at a later time.

End note:
Just to prove that I am not selling shirts to make profit, after Beauty Week I will buy back shirts from anyone who purchased them.


  1. This is a really good idea, and I think it'll be a great way for some of us to get what we're keeping bottled up inside out. I'll participate, and it's really great that you're selling the t-shirts for [technically] free. Although i'd like to keep mine x)

  2. I have never been bullied because of my outer appearance, however, this is a great idea!


  3. Aislin, I think it is fabulous and very nice of you to still be here on MDM posting quality articles. There are many writers who have left here without even posting a goobye note.

    And there are some writers here who are simply shit, you seem to be the only good one left. Keep going Aisy and good luck :).

  4. *Woops, sorry, Dei is an awesome writer too. You and Dei are my two favorite writers here :).

  5. I'm in for sure! i will be defiantly buying the t-shirt and if you wouldn't mind i would like to keep it? i'm really excited for this! i can hardly wait.

  6. An amazing idea! I'm defenitly participating :)


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