September 01, 2011

Back to School Advice Competition!

You may have noticed that the scene and heard competition has stopped...
You may have also noticed that Noelle is no where to be found.....
These two things do, in fact, correlate.
Noelle was the person who gave the prize money, and unfortunately, without a prize, there can be no competition! 

I was quite upset about this, as I really enjoyed seeing all the lovely scenery submissions, and giving everyone a chance to be seen. So I thought to myself what prize can I give people? Then it hit me. 

The prize for this competition is a full time writing position for 'Editorialized'!

Now that I've got you hooked I'm sure you all want to know: What do I have to do?

You have to write a post that has advice (fashion mixed with other things) for going back to school! The first day back to school (or at a new school) can be terrifying. You need to make an impression, but sometimes you also just want to fit in! There are so many possibilities for you to write about in this post. Try to include pictures that are relevant to your post. 

There are multiple ways you can submit your entry:
1. Post it on a blog and put the link and your user name in the comments. 
2. Write it + print screen it. Put the link in the comments.
3. Put the full written post in the comments.

You have until September 17th to enter. I look forward to reading your advice!


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  2. Hi I uploaded my article to Google Docs, it was kinda long haha

  3. Username: Glittagal799
    Real name: Nikita/Nikki
    Age: 13

    Here I go:
    Back to School fashion. Are you terrfied to the top of the mountain or are you as calm as a cucumber? The first day of School is the time to make a first impression. Especially if you're attending a new school. Would you rather be stylish or invisible? That's right. Stylish. Will you wonder what happens on your new day, and how people think of your new outfit? No fear, honey. I'm here.

    Cleanse the face, show your sparkling eyes, and give them a dazzling style, with a catwalk pose to match. Flaunt your hair, and be the talk of the school. Envy.

    For a simple Back-to-School look, try to seem smart but casual. Smart casual. Put on some Black Skinny jeans, and a White school shirt WIHOUT a collar. Put on a black buttoned cropped vest. Add a loose tie onto your neck. Put on some casual sneakers, and a black Michael jackson hat to match. And then we have the Smart Casual look.

    For the makeup, apply a simple foundation and then put on some mascara that will make your lashes look fuller. We're going to attract the attention to your eyes. On the lower lash line, add a smoky gray. Apply it thinly. Then when finished dab on some light brown eyeshadow, just below the brow bone. Add some black to the middle area of the lid. blend it all in nicely, but don't go yet-we're not finished. Above the crease, apply the fabulous gray eyeshadow you used for your lower lash line. Blend it in with the black, and it gives you a vibrant, colourful look. When you've finished add some light Scarlet lipstick onto your lips, coat them with shiny lipgloss. Finally, add some pale pink blush.

    Now we're done. Go and show 'em what you've got!!!

  4. In ways i feel lucky that in the U.S & other countries you wear home clothes to school the whole time because if your like me you spend ages thinking about your outfit and everything. in England we have to wear school uniform & its the rules in most schools. i personally only take 25minutes at the max to get dressed, brush my teeth, wash my face and do my hair in this amount of time. i think compared to some girls i'm "weird" because i never wear make up the only products i put on my face are natural.

    looking your best isn't what its all about at school for me. people have to accept who i am and like me they way i am too. okay yes i've been bullied most of my life for being myself but i don't care what they say. honestly do you really think people are looking at you that much? when you walk down the street do you take in everyone of a person? make up? hair? teeth? nails? etc. i admit sometimes i will laugh with my friends about what someones wearing or something and i do feel bad about it. don't spend hours doing your make up and hair. if people don't like the way you are. screw them.

    (i'm not trying to offended anyone)

  5. That is a great prize! I wonder wherever Noelle got to?


    Hope it works! :)

  7. MDM is not the same without our beloved Noelle!

  8. That's a great competition idea and I think I'll submit an entry through comment post:]

    Username: Martusia_144

    Back to School: Bringing the A+ Game!

    Nothing is more terrifying than a new day! Getting used to the early alarms and wake-up calls is always hard, but whats harder than making the PERFECT outfit for beginning a new year.
    A new year usually means new style, looks, an fashion, So staying up to date on the latest trends of your age group is important! When I need to decide on an outfit for school, I visit Kohls! Most of the outfit in there are up-to-date with styles that can bring any eyes towards you!
    A new year is nothing without the right shoes! I'd love to wear my best pumps every day, but walking from class to class can get tough wearing the 6 inch heels! So switch it up! A simple pair of black gladiator sandals match almost every outfit, from capri's to skinny jeans!
    School can be a nervous wreck sometimes, but when little, stylish things help, it makes it easier and so much less of a worry!

  9. What length should it be? because I've written one which is quite long, so I was just wondering..? :/ x

  10. @ Isha: The length does not matter. Sometimes longer can be better!

    @anon: If you wish to email it to me you must contact me on stardoll (liajm) and I will tell you my email.

  11. Username: shewasonceit
    Real Name: Mary/Mesh
    Age: 13

    My entry:

    Back to School Fashion.

    The dreaded morning, waking up to an alarm clock and wishing you could press snooze. Even more dreaded then the early awakening is what you will wear to the first day back at school, it is a crucial point of where you stand socially, and how you are seen in the view of other teens/kids your age. Also, for most girls who have just become teenagers, it's a time in their life where they will begin to wear make-up, more risque clothes, and notice the opposite sex, boys!
    I believe that any girl trying to become noticed should first accentuate your best features; if you have beautiful eyes; wear colours that bring them out. An important factor of make-up is not to look like a slut, but you're bringing out your best, natural features.
    There are many websites like in which share the latest styles; seek inspiration from there.

    I'm love striped scarves, baggy Hurley jumpers with logo and tight black skinny jeans.

    Good Luck! :)

  12. I did mine check in

    Is really long i included about everything i think, LOL it is really long hope is good enough:)


  14. That why i didnt saw any scene and heard no more really a bommer!!!!

    Hope they will be back one day just because they were just great and the best!!

  15. Awesome comp idea, sad to see Scene and Heard be scrapped!

    My entry:

  16. Sorry it's a bit late, it took a while typing it all up and planning the topics.
    Here is the link:


  17. I'm Dakota, from Australia. My Stardoll username is larrycatmeow, and here is my article. Sorry about the length!

    The United States are back to school! And going back to school is anything but easy. There’s the friend you promised to call and hang out with, but never did. The supposed ‘loser’ who you hung out with for days on end, and you won’t talk to now you’re back at school. And your supposed best friend, who used to be a social pariah, yet is now best friends with the most popular girl in your grade after they hung out in summer. I may live in Australia, which is worldly different to the US ― but it’s the same everywhere. I know girls who were considered to be ‘losers’ and ‘dorks’ only to come back so school after the summer holidays tanned, skinny and blonde with every boy supposedly ‘wanting them’. Summer is when the cocoon turns into the butterfly. Things change. Starting a new school can be hard, too. Even transferring to the ‘big’ school, when the Year Elevens are sucking face behind that wall, and the Year Twelves think they’re all ‘high and mighty’ and can push in front of you at the cafeteria. At a new school, first impressions count. If you wear head-to-toe black or too much eyeliner, they’ll pen you as an emo. If you wear too short of a skirt, or low singlet or tank top, they’ll spread around that you’re easy, a slut or a whore. People say be yourself. Some people might even say be someone else. But there isn’t anything wrong with wanting to fit in. Some people might want to. Some people won’t. Although fashion is for dressing as yourself, not someone else, some people strive to become popular. In Australia, almost all schools have a uniform. I wear a uniform. And as daggy as it sounds, I love wearing a uniform. Imagine not having to think about what you’re going to wear to school, imagine not being judged by what you wear. We have to wear closed in black leather shoes. Say bye bye to your ballet flats, girlies. At my school they’ll go down the gurgler. Of course, though, I’ll wear my holed, worn in, so-faded-they’re-almost-brown Converse All Stars and I get berated for it everyday. Dress for yourself. And for you girls in the uniform ― chin up. That pleated skirt will eventually come in style. Maybe.


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?