September 18, 2011

Fuck the Troops?

"Fuck the FBI/and fuck all the Army Troops/Bitch, be your own man/I'll be flying through the clouds/with green, like I'm Peter Pan"

In his new song, "Let's be Real", 21 year old rapper, Soulja Boy slams United States Army troops and the FBI. In this rap he tells those who are enlisted in the military to "be their own man". When I heard about this, part of me wanted to rally my fiancé's platoon, make a visit to his home and let them beat the teeth out of his mouth.  Soulja Boy should stop worrying about someone being their own man and take a moment to teach himself how to be a man.

In all honesty, I somewhat understood him slamming the FBI. What rapper is friends with law enforcement. It was still completely unnecessary, but slamming your military, that's just absurd and downright disrespectful. These are the people that put their lives on the line and sometimes die just to ensure your safety and freedom. If anything, they protect Soulja Boy's right to rap. Where would he be without freedom of speech?

My soon-to-be husband is a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. About six months ago, he was deployed(he's back now). That's not an easy thing to do. Being so far away from home, your loved ones and in the way of sometimes extreme danger is enough of a load to bare without having to come home to ignorant rappers talking down about what you're doing for him and his country.

Though Soulja Boy did apologize, stating that as an artist, his words sometimes get the best of him. And his frustrations with the military came out wrong in his rap. I honestly believe that this is a crock of shit and a piss poor job at making a genuine apology. Soulja Boy, if you want to genuinely say you're sorry and show how much you should appreciate your troops, enlist and learn what it's like to be a soldier or a Marine. Maybe then you'll truly appreciate what my fiancé and men like him do to protect your rights, your safety and your freedom.

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  1. He always annoyed me, so this isn't really unexpected. He doesn't know what he's talking about, and just says anything that rejects mainstream society to sound deep.

  2. I never really listened to his music. Just wasn't within my range of taste. And I agree. I definitely think he purposely chose to slam military and law enforcement for shock affect. But ultimately, he just made his fans dislike him and led others to dislike him even more. I think that's why he fed people that shit apology.

  3. I don't think he's right AT ALL to rap that song but, maybe this is a bit of topic/out of context but why the hell is America at war here?! Americans are so disillusioned by the government, Iraq is no threat to USA at all. It's what they want you to believe. I know you all have patriotism here and whatever and that this is a sensitive subject to all americans. But believe me, from an outsiders view it obvious. Everyone that's NOT in the USA can see it clearly.
    America is greedy, they want oil. That's all they're at war for. It's so unnecessary! Why are you disturbing world peace? Have you ever seen alleged weapons of mass destruction? What makes you so sure that the 9/11 was a terrorist attack? You are destroying lives here for nothing. Wouldn't it be so much better if you, Aislin, all army-wives don't have to live in fear that your loved ones might fall any second now, have them here and not there, your children might have a father...

    Yet, Americans sit there, safe and secure in your apartments and suburban houses while the middle east is destroyed by your hand. Stop the ignorance, stop the war.

  4. There's no such thing as american goverment it's all israel . Israel wants everything including palestine. americas 9/11 is palestines 24/7.

  5. They say that in the far future, the world will eventually reach a state of peace. Around 2050 or something. I can't remember exactly, but I read an article on it and it was really interesting.

  6. @anon:

    I do believe this war is pointless. In no way, shape or form do I believe that it is helping anyone. In fact, I completely disagree with everything that is being done. But Army soldiers and Marines, they are just taking orders. There is nothing they can do to directly affect the state of the war.

    Also, I honestly don't believe that 9/11 was caused by terrorists. There is a documentary on Youtube that really opened my eyes about that.

    As far as Iraq being a threat to the US, they are a threat to our troops. One reason the military was sent over to Iraq and Afghan was to give them supplies, food, shelter, etc. At the beginning that was helping and they were glad to have us. But when it became more than the US could bare, they rebelled and teamed up with terrorists who set up IEDs and mortar bombs. A friend of my fiance's worked with EOD, which means that him and his team were sent to disarm those bombs. While he was attempting a disarm, he was killed. So while they aren't a direct threat to our country as a whole, they are and have been killing Marines and soldiers who were ordered to their aid.

    All in all, this war is a big shit hole caused by a bunch of things that are completely uncertain but often time speculated on. The point of my post was not to talk about the war because I am no fan of politics or the way our corrupted government works. I just wanted to express my opinion on Soulja Boy disrespecting those whose job is the protect our freedom if ever it is threatened. But like I said, you have made very valid points that I do agree with to some extent.

  7. I feel that military is pointless and most people in the military are stupid. Anyone who joins the military is supporting war and violence, they are blindly following patriotic rhetoric, and in many cases fighting for nothing.

    My opinion is an unpopular one, but I really feel that if someone joins the army it is a death wish.

  8. I don't like rapping. I have to say it was very harsh of him to so openly slate an organisation set up to help.

    Sometimes people do disagree with the authorities or government, but he was too generalized, the army is a big place and there are many different things within it. It was a cowardly way to act and he didn't think about the men and women risking their lives so he can sleep in his 'pad'.

  9. @anon:

    Actually not everyone joins the military because they wish to kill people, spread violence, etc. Some people join because they don't have the money to pay for college and the military is a great alternative, plus it pays for your schooling after you get out. Also, for those that are unable to hold a permanent job, afford healthcare, etc. the military is a source of steady income that also provides free healthcare for you and your family. Others join to get a head start on their careers. The military is a great place to get first hand experience for doctors especially. Not only that, the military is a great way to help young men and women become mature and have a good head on their shoulders for the future.

    So your assumption that people join the military simply because they are stupid and wish to spread violence is very ignorant and close-minded.

  10. @ Aislin

    I know that many people join the army for those reasons. And I do not think people themselves who join it are promoting violence individually, but the fact that the army keeps getting recruits sends a message that it is okay to engage in war.

    I hope that America's society and institutions will change so that people don't have to join the army (and face terrible cirsumstances) in order to receive education and training.

    If people want peace in the world they have to reject the armed forces, as without them the world would be a better place (but yes i know, i know this would only be the case if everyone did not have an army)But for an example Japan does not have a defence force they ahve a 'self defence force'. If more countries had a system like this then people would not be dying so unnecessarily as they would only ever be fighting in situations that actually threatened the country, were almost all international wars that America has fought in (and my country, Australia) have not been a direct threat to the country.

  11. I completely understand your disagreement with war. I don't like it either. In fact, I think that most of the wars we have fought are completely pointless. However, I do see a purpose in the military. They don't just participate in wars. For example, the Navy Seals and other organizations of that nature are a lot of times sent on recovery and rescue missions that do not directly involve war. Our military functions in other aspects of the community. They serve as a clean up crew, safety and aid when natural disasters occur. Not only for our country but for other countries as well.

    And when we do talk about war specifically, there is one instance I want to bring up to show you how important a military can be. That instance is the holocaust. The Nazi movement and holocaust was not directly affecting the United States. We could have remained neutral and let the Jewish race go extinct. However, we got involved and took part in putting Adolf Hitler and his rule to an end.

    So while all wars fought by military are not all rainbows and butterflies, the military is a vital part of our country for more than one reason. And just like every other organization, business, etc. it has pros and cons. I don't agree with everything the military has to offer but I don't believe our nation would be 100% better without it.

  12. Btw, I'm not quite sure who you are, as you're tagged as anonymous, but I want to thank you for not ignorantly arguing with me, but rather just having a discussion. That's very much appreciated.

  13. @ Aislin

    No problem, having a civil discussion about differant opinions is the only way to learn new things.

    my stardoll name is Kashka_luv btw


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