September 02, 2011

Stardoll Peace Project!

Hello pretties, let me ask you. Have you ever been pissed off from people being mean or hateful over Stardoll? Have you ever had the feeling you just didn't belong somewhere? Or have you felt dissed because of how you are? Well look no farther, I think you would enjoy taking part in the Stardoll Peace Project!

The photo above is pretty left explanatory, pretty much The Peace Project, which is founded by audreyxbeth, is just a great place where you can be yourself and have people to be comfortable around and where you can be you!

If you would like to join in this welcoming place of solitude, then please visit the blog HERE!

Love, Dei


  1. Hi Aislin! I think thats a fab idea she had, and I will join it. I just wanna say that your 't-shirts for Emily' was caught on my Stardoll's Most Hated Website.


    your most faithful reader

  2. LOVE the idea and the graphic is stunning! *A*

  3. Love this post Dei. And love the whole project too :).

  4. Why does her doll have two different coloured eyes in the main banner?

    Other than that fabulous idea.

  5. Thanks so much Dei. (:
    And for anonymous. My medolls eyes are two different colors because I was born with something called Heterochromia. It's a condition that makes one of your eyes a different color than the other because a lack of something in the womb. Heterochromia can affect only part of the eye but I was given a blessing in disguise with my blue eye and my full brown eye, it makes me me. I've decided to incorporate into my medoll because at one point I was teased for it during high school which made me turn into a bitter person over it but now I embrace it as much as I can even though it's difficult sometimes so I've been known to wear contacts in reality.

  6. I think the invite turned out great :)

    Wish you luck in the future for the project!! ^_^

  7. Is stardoll really needing it? Do we need it? I mean, you're going to delete the mean comments... that's all... and it's like you're make a cake like the others.... but putting some cherries on the top to make it looks like better...
    But it's just another blog, with another concept... and saying frankly that you think stardoll needs it... I mean, for me it's mean that you're thinking that stardoll ins't safe..and so all the other blogs, but not yours..


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  9. @anonymous
    If you took the time to read my blog you'd realize it's more than just another sugar coated blog. I don't care about the more popular members of stardoll quite frankly, I think that other people deserve the attention that they need. It's going to focus on the readers not whatever is going on with bigger projects so yes I think we need it. Too many people get bullied because they're trying to start something or get brushed under the rug because no one has heard of them and I strongly believe everyone needs an opportunity especially because I know what it feels like when you don't feel valued even though you're talented in some way from real life experience. I also know for a fact that you (I recognized your writing so I know very well who posted it) had issues getting noticed and so does everyone meaning if I can make ONE person get recognized for their talents and create a safe environment for a person who really needs it that means I'm doing my job, you should really do yours next time by posting publically especially since I’m pretty sure I know you since your writing sounds vaguely familiar.
    I also want to add one more thing, well two. I never said anywhere that my blog is the only safe blog about stardoll but i'll for sure moderate it a lot more than other blogs do because I don't like negativity in any shape, way or form. You also said i'm making a cake like the others but later you said it has a different concept meaning you contradicted yourself by saying it's different, just saying.

  10. I don't really understand this idea, but I like the peace message.


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