October 18, 2011

Bucket List

Bucket List: A list of things you wish to do before you die.

Everyone, at some point has thought of something they would like to do before they kick the bucket. But not too many people have actually comprised a list of things they hope to accomplish before their lifetime is up. Maybe it's because some people believe that a bucket list is only appropriate for someone that is close to their dying day. I believe, however, that it is almost never too soon to start making your list and accomplishing your lifetime aspirations, be them big or small.

Though a bucket list is often centered around death, that being because you wish to do the things on your list before you die - the sooner you start it the more fun it can be for you. And often times, the littlest accomplishments on your list are the most fun to carry out.

And one of the best things about a bucket list is that you can always keep adding to it.

Here is a portion of my bucket list!
All the items that appear in "strikethrough" format are things I have already accomplished.

Open my own restaurant
Buy exactly one gallon of gas
Visit at least three of my favorite countries(Russia, Japan, Sweden)
Buy a 2010 Jeep Rubicon(4 doors & black)
Graduate from Culinary School(Only a year and a half left!)
Tell my dad I love him twenty times in one day
Save up ten thousand dollars(I'm at 5k)
Volunteer at an animal shelter
Get at least twenty tattoos(Eight so far)
Donate to a charity
Start recycling
Adopt at least two exotic animals(skunk & raccoon)
Learn to use a bow
Go snorkeling 
Leash-train my cats
Get Lasik Eye Surgery
Road trip across the country
Write and publish a book
Go sky diving
Learn two languages(German, Russian)
Swim with dolphins
Learn Sign Language
Take a cruise with all of my siblings.

If you have a bucket list, or just a few things you'd like to do during your life, post them in the comments!


  1. - Visit all the states in America
    - Swim with dolphins
    - Get a tattoo
    - Graduate college in either fashion/law
    - Learn another language apart from English, Welsh, Spanish, French and Italian (I know those already quite fluently, perhaps Russian)

    From your list, I already know sign language, I have adopted a dolphin, I know how to use a bow (I've done some archery practice) and I've snorkled in the Red Sea, Egypt.

  2. Hmm well I'd like to travel to Paris, Tokyo, and New York,Have my Lip pierced, Have my hair colored like a rainbow, Learn how to break dance, Release my own fashion line, Go to a Skrillex concert, And start a rock band before I 'hit the bucket'. =s

  3. Your bucket list is so exciting!

    I do not know what i'd like to do...

    out of your list... I've already visited Russia and Sweden, and I speak Russian as a 1st language... I volunteer every saturday, and I always tell my dad I love him :)

    Maybe mine would be...

    - Visit New Zealand
    - Visit Galapagos islands
    - Swim in the ocean
    - See Angel, Niagara and Victoria falls.
    - erm... Become an astronaut! << This has been my unrealistic dream since I was little!


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  5. Things I want to do before I die:
    G o to the seaside in a VW campervan
    Make my own smoothie
    Drink a wheatgrass smoothie
    Eat a bug (not living)
    Cook all my favourite foods
    Buy a bagel in NYC
    Go to Fashion week in every country
    Go to china for Chinese New Year
    Eat in a Tokyo sushi bar
    Eat at the Ritz
    Live in an apartment in New York
    Parachute Jump from a plane.
    Take part in the world’s biggest food fight
    See the Northern Light’s
    Party on a yacht
    Bet it all in Vegas
    Get married
    Climb the Eiffel Tower
    Climb part of a mountain
    Give birth to a child
    Go to a house party
    Go to Glastonbury
    Do a route 66 road trip
    Go to the edinburough Comedy Festival
    Ride in a hot air balloon
    Attend a major sporting event
    Throw a massive party for no reason
    Go skinny-dipping at midnight in the South of France.
    Write a book
    Be an extra in a film
    Send a message in a bottle
    Ride a Camel
    See the pyramids
    Ride a Gondolier through Venice with a loved one
    Eat spaghetti – Lady and the Tramp styled
    Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich.
    Shower in a waterfall.
    See an eclipse
    Write my will
    Sleep under the stars
    Ride the world’s fastest Rollercoaster
    Go to a carnival in Rio
    Find a job I love
    Spend Christmas on the beach drinking Pina Coladas
    Have a park bench named after me
    Spend a whole day in bed
    Spend a day reading a really good book
    Drive a convertible with the top down and music blaring.
    Accept my self for who I am.
    Scuba dive off Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
    Run to the top of the Statue of Liberty.
    Visit the Holy Land.
    Make my own eulogy
    Watch the sun come up and go down
    Play poker on a hotel balcony on a school trip
    Use a leaf as a bookmark
    Ride an elephant
    Ride a 2 seated bicycle
    Learn to surf
    Smoke a cigar in cuba
    Go to the Opera and pretend to fit in
    Go to a masked ball
    Walk the Great Wall of China
    Fly from Miami to Ibiza
    Go to Prom
    Go to a high school reunion

    It's quite long, but I've acomplished about a quarter of the things on there.

    abbeydawn122 x

  6. - Open my own restaurant
    - Move to America
    - Swim with dolphins ( DONE)
    - Open a successfull company
    - Have at least over £2,000 in my bank account (DONE)
    - Visit Florida 3 times (Been there twice, I am going again next march)
    - Go to a concert ( Going to see Katy Perry in 9 days)
    - Graduate university and get a degree in Business Skills
    - Publish a book
    - Own a home in 4 states in America, Florida, New York, California and Hawaii
    - Donate at least £40,000 to a charity
    - Visit London (DONE)
    - Visit Bora Bora

    Out of your list I have swam with dolphins in discovery cove Orlando, FL

  7. Woohoo! I know Russian! >:D I feel fortunate, as people always say it's very hard to learn... O.e

    Anyways, I'll write a bucket list when I'm less... busy? :)

  8. I've never made one, so why not now?

    - Watch over 500 animes. [is it sad that this is on my list?[

    - Collect over 100 figures. [Also sad? xD]

    - Visit 8 obscure countries that nobody would normally visit.

    - Live in Japan for at least a month.

    - Meet the voice provider for Micosoft Sam.


    - Go to comic-con in Japan and America.

    - Make an appearance in a film or soap opera, even if it's only as a background extra.

    - Have 8 pets. Each a different animal.

    - Win a fruit eating contest.

    - Play Ao Oni without losing my shit.

    - Rollerskate in Miami.

    - Have a party with over 200 guests.

    - Own a cosplay of every single Vocaloid.

    - Have at least one piercing.

    That's all I can think of at the moment xD

  9. Just to add to my list:
    - Live in Turkey for a year
    - Become a celebrities Personal Assistant
    - Own over 100 McQueen and YSL bracelets and accessories ( 30 so far)

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  11. How well do you know your friends Aislin?

    My bucket list:
    Marry a old man on his death bed and not work for the rest of my life.... haha. Become a widow, then move on to husband #2(middle aged man, fit, famous buys me a Birkin every week), divorce him create a huge scandal with a married celebrity's wife.

    Guess who I am Aislin! I know you know!
    (it's a joke, btw)

  12. -Write a book
    -publish a book
    -go to america to live ( I am not sure for how long forever? a year?)
    -Finish school
    -Read all of Shakespeare
    - Go to New York, Paris and Tokyo
    - Get laser eye surgery ( I have saved up so as soon as I am old enough I can get it)
    -Fall in love
    -Bake an obscenely large amount of cupcakes
    -Discover a magical creature
    -Get my fortune told
    -Buy my dad a hybrid car
    -find a way to thank my mum for everything she has done
    - Bring my sisters on a road trip when I learn to drive.
    and many more I probably haven't discovered yet.

    Nice list, I have a few of the same abitions

  13. Wow... awesome list ;] I have gone on a cruise with all EIGHT of my siblings, recycled, and OMG! My dad tried to leash-train our cat but she freaked out and went ballistic:DD I have a big list, here's a few.

    1. Get a job that has something to do with clothes.
    2. Meet lady gaga.
    3. Get a penthouse.
    4. Learn to love my friends and family more.
    5. Travel EVERYWHERE.
    6. Get a Trophy for something important.
    7. Help support AGAINST chinese fu farms.
    8. Have a fashion Line.
    9. Be in Wikipedia.
    10. Get my parents a nice, house and etc. for when they retire since I want to pay them back for all they do for us.

    Wow. That was alot and its not all ;]

  14. Oh, and here's a couple more,
    11. Go to my Mom's country. (Taiwan)
    12. Have 2 pets from an animal shelter.
    13. Go to Hawaii
    14.Go on 10 cruises. [Been to one, We are planning on going on another one in a year.] ( My grandma's been on like, 12!)
    15. Be brave for the rest of my life.
    16. Go on a diet and keep on it.
    17. Live healthier. (But still with ice cream.)

  15. @Iloveladygaga

    I have seven siblings not counting myself. So crazy that you all were able to travel at the same time. I hope to do that someday.

  16. Has this blog become Memoires of Aislin? Haha, kidding.

    My list:
    1. Find a way to get onto Platform 9 and 3/4
    2. Get to Hogwarts
    3. Make Slytherin house

  17. I would tell you mine but I just counted and I have 326 on mine. I have been adding to it since I was like 6, so most of it doesn't pertain to me annymore, but still xD

  18. Haha! I read "Marry an old man on his death bed..." and though "that's so sweet... and awkward!" x) then I read the rest and was like... That's so either Eliza or Linda... But Eliza would throw in some extremely perverted comments! :D

  19. - Get on a level 5 team in cheerleading before I graduate (I have 4 years lol)
    - Straight A's this year... and all of high school :)
    - Volunteer at an animal shelter
    - Buy a car
    - Learn Spanish
    - Visit Cuba and Germany, my nationalities!
    - Go across the world either by plane or by boat... or both!
    - Donate to a charity
    - Become a doctor (don't know what type yet)
    - Visit NY and go to fashion week, or see statue of liberty
    - Learn how to sing... decently lol :)
    -Write a book?

    A lot of the stuff everyone has put up here would also be included in mine, to :)

  20. I never thought of making one, but I do have one in my head:
    - Learn french, italian, latin and spanish
    -Go to Venice (Most important!!)
    -Travel the world
    -Get baptized
    -Become an environmentalist and help save the planet
    -Save a stranded polar bear
    -Go to the the University of Stellenbosch and graduate
    -Stop the mining in the Namib desert. (Namibia, my country)
    -Get a well paying job
    -Fall in love with the perfect guy and marry him
    -Raise a christian family
    -Have 3 dogs, 2 cats and most importantly a horse.
    -Live all over the place ;)

  21. * Pay off all of my parents' debts
    * Hire a professional family historian to look into my ancestry and document the genealogy
    * Better preform my spiritual duties

    Hmm... There are lots of other things I would like to do in my life but I don't think that if I had a chance to reflect on my deathbed, I would think of those things and feel sad about having not been able to achieve them.

  22. -Write 100 songs.
    -Finish my novel (20 non double spaced pages in)
    -Visit my home country and see my family. (Phillipines)
    -Sell some old stuff from the garage, but find a way to display the cool ones. I have a picture of Sylvester the Cat on my wall from my dad's junk collection, and recently I found Japanese newspapers tucked in the back of it.
    -Sell some of my art
    -Get a big gig for my band.

  23. I never made a bucket list. But I will make up one for something to do for my Asslean.

    -Get at least 10 tattoos

    -Get married

    -Dye my hair bleach blonde (WIP)

    -Move out of my city

    -Have one toy dog and one large dog at the same time

    -Go on my dream Euro-Asia tour (from England to India to Japan)

    -Only eat sushi for one week

    -Paint all the walls in my house in black

    -Shave my head

    -Wear only heels everything (including in the house, bathroom, shower, etc.) for one week

    -Own a Build-a-bear collection with all of the Chinese Zodiac Animals

    Hows that for a list? lol

  24. Sofi/Lulla96 I know Russian too ;) ilv123, I have swum in an ocean.
    My bucketlist:
    Swim with dolphins (almost everyone wants that ♥)
    Finally finish a book
    Meet a celebrity
    Become a fashion designer
    Throw a huge party (I love parties)
    Travel to Paris, New York, Milano, Peking, Brazil (when it's carnival)
    Be an extra in a film.
    Fall deeply in love and get married.
    Release my own fashion line.
    Live in an house with a pool. (always been my dream)
    Ride a elephant/camel.
    Buy a croissant in France.
    Shower in a waterfall.
    Have a park bench named after me.
    Do something to make the world a better place. (sounds kinda hippie, I know)

    So this is all I could think of now.

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