October 17, 2011

Life Without Stardoll: The Good And The Bad

Last summer, in the month of June, 2011, I left stardoll.
This was after a year of non-stop projects, the elite scene, and a lot of fun.

But let me tell you this: Getting to my level of success took a lot of work.
Work that took time and energy.
Time and energy out of my real life.

I loved stardoll. It was hard saying goodbye, but after spending a few months without it, I can tell you this: Real Life was better without stardoll.

I had more time to spend with friends, on hobbies, with school work. I remember skipping out on parties and movies with friends because I had stardoll project deadlines. That was how crazy it got to at some points!

And yet...
Life without stardoll led me to missing all of the amazing people on stardoll that have become my friends. The surge of happiness I would get after I released a successful project after hours and hours of work. The fun and games of the social scene.

Will I come back? I don't know.
Have I really, truly left stardoll all these months, or did I find a way to get back into the scene while I was gone after a couple months of no stardoll? That will be found out soon ;)


  1. I don't really know what you mean by "my level of success" since I have never heard of you before, much less know you were a writer here, but prove a good point I suppose. I left Stardoll for about 7 months in 2010 and my social life boosted alot. It was after that that I came to a happy medium and just logged onto stardoll to play dress up games.

  2. Stardoll can take over your life if you let it. It's all a balancing act.

  3. Of course you didn't really leave Stardoll. You applied to be a model in lots of people's projects. I don't want to sound harsh, but I think you calimed to have 'left Stardoll' but you never really did.

  4. I've never let Stardoll affect my social life. I always do my homework and any chores, etc. before going on my laptop. If I have Stardoll deadlines I always make them come last. Who cares if I get fired from a virtual job on a virtual site?

  5. Stardoll has taken a lot of my time. I'd log in all the time and get to my homework later. I'm still working on time management but Stardoll certainly hasn't made it easy.

  6. OMG ! Just because you are unknown and unpopular you pretend to come back . Tbh just want attention ! That is a waste pf my time reading shit like that. WE DONT CARE !

  7. Yeah I guess that you never really left Stardoll. I sort of knew that you would come back.

    Do not let others put you off coming back here but is it worth it?

    Is it worth it again becoming addicted to a sad little site which prides itself of virtual self-importance? And is filled with dellusional children who have nothing better to do than cause virtual dramas and mess around with pixels?

    Ask yourself this then consider. You can go on to have such a full and happy life without Stardoll or the internet.

    I know you personally, we've spoken a few times yet I do not wish to tell anyone who I am. I know that you are an amazing writer Nicki.

    Do not let stupid thing hold you back, go and do something worhtwhile with your talent and...good luck.

  8. And yeah, I hate Selena and Jack btw.

  9. And to whoever keeps impersonating me, please quit it -_-...the moron who keep talking about "vagina flaps", "poop", "shit" and about ahem...loving Deidra so much.

    I wonder who you could be *coughs*. Not that I am accusing anyone.

  10. I fucking love floppy vaginas! Meet curtains ftw!♥♥♥

  11. At above: That is what I meant -_-

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