November 17, 2011

DIY movement

Last Sunday, I went to the supermarket and I was immediately attracted by all the toys, all the decorations. You should have seen me standing there with my mouth wide open. That made me question “what should I give to my mum?” I though instantly of some DIYs I had seen.

I have been looking through all kinds of DIYs, from fashion to decoration and even greeting cards. I know it’s still a little too soon but If you are as clumsy as I am you need some time to practice. I haven’t started but I will, hopefully this week, may be tomorrow or Friday.

source: P.S- I made this...

This one is very simple but simplicity is best for me. I want something more elaborated but I am a mess with crafts.

PS- I made this… has the best and the easiest tutorials, everything is well explained and comes with pictures too. They have a book and everything, if you are not good at crafts you can always offers the DIYs book. I am considering that.


  1. Really helpful thank you I need to get those things and then I can try it.

  2. I adore the weaving slashed shirts maybe Other people would like too know how too make them. There are quiet a few videos out there plus+ they are super easy too make I have made quiet a few out of old shirts.

  3. i officially love this website. thanks =]


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