November 17, 2011

The New Greatest Thing To Hit Stardoll, Stardoll Jewelry Maker

Hello, long time no see? I know, buuuut, I decided to talk about the new Design Studio Stardoll has released today, StarDesign Jewelry!

Its fun and easy to use and I am applauding the fact that Stardoll ACTUALLY thought to create this, though I could have seen it coming since we could make interior and clothing. But the way we can create our jewelry is just flawless really.

First, you have to pick a base item, something to grow off of. There are a LOT of options to choose from.

After you choose an item you want to customize, just select a texture for it and colorize it! For this necklace I picked the solid plastic/smooth texture, but as you can see, you also have wood, clear (maybe its glass or plastic?), and metal also.

Then after that, you can start playing around with different decals and jewels. You can rotate them, change their size, and color them different which made me fall in love with this even more and more. And for every five of the decals, items, whatever, you use, it only adds one Stardollar, the most expensive any of the jewelry I have made only cost me 7 Stardollars. And the cheapest being 4 Stardollars!

Here are some finished designs I made in only about 5-10 minutes for all of them.


And here is one of my finished products that clearly was Gaga inspired on my medoll. Only cost me 7 Stardollars to make too!

I honestly love this new feature and will be using it over and over again.


So how do you like this new feature?
Have you or do you plan to try it out?

Love, Dei


  1. Wow! I saw the tab for it and didn't even check it out. This is a REALLY great feature. I will take a look at it, NOW!!!!

  2. Its good, but not good enough to be SS only.

  3. It5 is way better than clothes and furniture design. Great idea sd.

  4. That seems really fun, I'll def try it.

    ~xo Isabella

  5. Dei, you should post a tutorial or sell your Gaga glasses.

    I love the idea of this; we just need a MAJOR fashion/interior design revamp now...

  6. I LOVE THIS! I made myself some colorful feather earrings, which I have been waiting for! :D its awesome AND sorta cheap.

  7. which items did you use to make these? i can't get the circle to be big enough to cover the entire lens!


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