November 04, 2011

Judges Beats His Daughter

This, of course, isn't Stardoll related. However, I just spent the last seven minutes watching in terror as this young girl was beaten by her father.

Hillary Adams is the sixteen year old daughter of the Texas judge, William Adams. Hillary suffers from Ataxic cerebral palsy, which you can learn more about by clicking here. After downloading games and music of an apparent illegal status, due to the fact that they were not available for purchase at the time, Hillary was marked to be punished by her father, William.

I'm not certain if she purposely recorded the video, but after she, herself, made it available online, I would like to imagine that she recorded for the purpose of showing what kind of parent her father really was.

You can click here to watch the entire video. However, be reminded that it does contain graphic content. And it may not be suitable for all ages.

The video begins with a shot of what I assume is Hillary's bedroom. Her father asks if she put something back onto her computer, even though she was instructed not to. She admits to doing so and he then tells her to go and get his belt because he is going to spank her. First of all, just let me say that I am completely against "spanking" or applying any sort of psychical harm to a child as a form of punishment. That doesn't make them obedient; it makes them scared of you. And chances are, when the child grows up and has children of their own, that same pattern of abuse is going to continue. Anyway, the mother chimes in, claiming that she has already spanked Hillary. Unfortunately, William didn't "get his lick in" as he states later in the video. So this leads me to believe that he isn't just spanking her as a form of punishment. He's doing it because he wants to.

William leaves the room to retrieve his belt as the mother sits idly, not protesting. When the father comes back, their younger daughter, who looks about three or four is in the room. He instructs the mom to get her out as he turns out the light and motions his index finger, ever so dominantly, calling Hillary. over He instructs her to bend over the bed several times before just grabbing her arm and hitting her with the belt. He goes on to yell obscenities at her, and demand that she lie face down on the bed or he is going to spank her in the f***ing face.The entire time she is screaming for him to stop, he's continuously hitting her on the legs with the belt. This is all because of a computer game? 

What I find disgusting is the fact that the mom, who is playing the voice of reason at this point, walks into the room and so sweetly tells her daughter to roll over onto her stomach so she can spank her on the butt one time. Seriously? Haven't you already said that you spanked her once earlier? Now, not only are you trying to justify the need to do it again, but you're making no efforts to control you're husband, who is quite frankly a sad excuse for a father. The mom goes on to tell Hillary, "You turn over like a sixteen year old, and take it like a grown woman!", now you're asking your teenager to take a humiliating beating like a grown woman? What kind of sick people are you!

Momentarily the parents fight for the belt. The mom eventually winning out, and the father claiming that he'll just go get another belt. When William leaves, Hillary rolls over like her mother had been asking and takes the spanking. The mom replies with a thank you, and leaves the room, slamming the door. All is silent for a moment, and you think it's over. That is until the dad comes walking in claiming that he hasn't got his lick in yet and that she needs to get on her f***ing stomach or he's going to beat her again. Aren't you going to beat her anyway?  He follows by saying that he guesses he'll have to beat her into submission.

The parents go into a conversation about all the trouble this computer is causing, and how they never wanted it to begin with. William continues rambling away, saying that Hillary used to be obedient, but now she is a liar, cheater and thief.  He begins to throw around threats that if she even looks at him wrong he's going to start beating her again. Eventually the dad leaves the room and mom quietly comes in, telling her daughter not to mess with anything else on her computer unless it is schoolwork. Hillary sits there whimpering, and I'm wondering how long she's had to live like this.

What are you opinions and thoughts on this video?
What type of punishment do you think is appropriate for parents to dish out?


  1. I personally think that's disgusting! Yes, she should have been punished for purchasing illegal content - but I'm talking the taking away of privileges, a telling-off or maybe even the damn computer removed from her room for a day or so. Not a beating!
    And the mother joining in!? You know, it's sickening enough that the father is going at her like it's some kind of fun circus game, but the mother's involvement really disgusts me. Maybe it's just sexist of me, but I thought women, and especially mothers', had more compassion, understanding and HUMANITY than men!
    It's not even like the girl stole a real thing. She downloaded a video game! I think a fine would be reasonable enough punishment.

    Also, I don't agree with parents beating their children to a pulp. But I do think it's okay for parents to smack a child - somewhere it won't really hurt - when they're really naughty. Not to harm them, just to show them there will be consequences and stop them from doing it again. Although it should be avoided, and only used in extreme cases of bad behaviour. I certainly don't believe in bruising!

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  3. The whole time I was watching this, it seemed so set up, thats how ubelievably CRUEL the father was. It was like, unreal! And then after hitting her, I tought he was going to maybe comfort her and say something like "We're doing this because we love you"
    Instead he spits vile insults at her, the kind a father should NEVER EVER even think to say to his daughter.
    This is the most inhuman person I have ever seen! And the mother! What the F**k was that woman thinking?? As a more you should be caring and compassionate and maybe I'm just weird but if that were my husband beating my daughter I would kick is evil ass so hard out of my house that he wouldn't even know what the hell he is anymore. Yet she just stands there and moves in for a hit too, like it's a game of smack-the-weasel. "Lemme try! I wanna have a go!"

    And then not even she comforts her daughter. Just a emotionless,'I am leaving now, good night'

    Animals! Bloody animals! Good for the daughter posting the video. Before I saw the video I thought it was attention-seeking and childish but it's obviuosly a plea for help.

    So the mother says, "take it like a grown woman"
    I presume she has also had the same treatment before then.
    That is a broken house with evil parents. What kind of a world do we live in that people who serve justice can do such INJUSTICE to his DAUGHTER.

  4. Personally I didn't have the balls to watch the video, I do not like to watch people being hurt/beaten (in RL).

    But, being from the south, in America, its common that parents 'spank' their children. VERY common, though I do not think that this accounts for the cruel beating that girl has to experience, I will say she most likely isn't the only one.. In most cases mom or dad just charges the kid and whacks away.

    I know/knew parents who spanked their children as young as 5 months by hand, and if you have a country grandma around, she'll tell you by age 1, more or less, to get a 'switch', which is actually a long-ish, some what sturdy stick from a tree. Then after about 4 they either get spankings from hand or a belt after that. And personally, though the last time I was spanked was about 11, but I NEVER had gotten comforted afterward, and I don't know of many people who did. And I knew a lot of people who still got spankings in high school!

    Which is why I am saying, its different around here.. Some people will look and see NOTHING wrong, which is sad since that is OBVIOUSLY child abuse, but then people will play the 'its just a spanking' card, and he IS a judge, so what if he did get in trouble, to be a judge you first have to be a DAMN good lawyer, so he might could get out of it if he was convincing enough..

    After that is all said it done, it's sad that that type of punishment has to be the only way that parents feel is good enough to do to their children.

    But hopefully those asshole parents get what they deserve though.

  5. Oh! And for your other question, well I do hope to have children in about 7 years and even though I was spanked I want to punish my kids by groundings and taking away possessions and when they do good, rewarding them. :)

    And I noticed that already 3 asshole checked the 'whatever' button.. Most likely they are those cruel parents.

  6. Sick fuckers.

    You know what I find weird? It says on the website of the video 'Hillary, her mother and her sister have since left Adams. They are all safe and trying to recover from the his physical and emotional abuse.'

    Well that doesn't seem the case to me. Her mother seemed to be encouraging the beatings...

  7. I hardly believe it is real? How, why!

    I need to go watch something happy, this is a sick and unnecessary act. Millions of people download things, maybe if he asked her to stop, this was taking it too far.
    I haven't even seen the film.

  8. I truly find this disgusting and disturbing. I'f I was to get in trouble, my Parents would just ground me & take away my Laptop, iPod, ect.

  9. I think I almost vomited in disgust with these savages. Enough said...


  10. This makes me cringe. I couldn't watch the video.

    I had a friend WHO DIED from being beaten with a belt. It missed her arms and hit her face because her father was drunks. It hit her hard enough and deep enough that she lost too much blood and died. Watching a video liek this....Even hearing about it...

    I just can't believe a judge of all people did this; someone who should be considered a respected official. I just.....

    I really hope someone puts the damn bastard in jail, that's all I can say on the subject.

  11. This is plain sadism. Who kind of parents could do this for their own child?

  12. It is appropriate to punish a child by perhaps taking away their beloved item (eg: phones, ipods, etc) and also give them some sort of verbal warning that if they do it again their punishment will be worse. However, I believe that beating a child to the ground is very abusive.

    It was hard for me to watch the video just because it was a vile way of treating a human being.

    It makes me wonder if this is a regular thing that her parents do to keep her from being bad and also what made her father be driven to an extreme beating.

    I was almost in tears at how this girl was being treated. I think that this could be a regular thing for her parents to do to her and that she must be living her life in fear of the people she should look up to.

    Parents are supposed to be role models to children, to set the example on how they should behave not sick, child beating idiots that whenever they do something wrong, they get out a belt and attack them.

    It is just so wrong.

  13. Absolutely vile. Even my abusive brother isn't that bad, and he has a criminal record. What a disgusting excuse for a parent.

    I reckon the wife was abused too. By the way she acts. She's scared of him; and she said she already disciplined her to try and protect her daughter (probably knowing what he'd do)


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  15. I guess that's their parenting type.

    I love how many people are being abused right now, and how they are just broadcasting her. There are many people dying from abuse everyday.

    Usually what happens, like Aislin said is that they are brought up into abusing their kids too.

    It's just...

  16. That is TERRIBLE!
    I am SO glad that the girl published that video, because this has to be stopped.

    I didn't watch the video, but this just disgusts me. It's so so so terrible.

  17. And I actually agree with Alice, she might just said that she already 'smacked' her just so her father would go away, and she probably was scared, but if I were her I would divorce his ass and go find myself and my daughter a better place and environment to live in.

  18. If Noelle is dead then...

    ISABELLA.ARCI AND BUBBLYMINTY ARE DEAD TOO. Her other "personalities" -_-.


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