November 04, 2011

Impressive Impression

Well, I know some of you may find this post unimportant what with Justin Bieber being accused of losing his virginity on a bathroom shelf and all....But I hope that this post will be a refreshing, entertaining, and inspiring for most of you!

Now you may remember that I announced that I would be giving you your weekly dose of scenery by posting the task winner of my new competition Editorialized's Next Top Model. This is the very first of these posts! The first task of ENTM's first cycle has been successfully completed. Here is the amazing scenery of the task winner Iovanca:

Her scenery was inspired by the impressionist painter Monet, specifically his painting "Springtime reading girl":

Pretty amazing, right?
To see all the task sceneries, and the next task assignment visit:


  1. Do you believe Justin Bieber is the dad?
    jk jk jk lol
    but seriously the scenery is gorgeous there is so much effort put into it

  2. @anon: The first sentence is completely sarcastic.

    I'm glad to see so much positive feed back about the scenery though.


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