November 26, 2011

Posh Magazine

I haven't post anything sd related, and I won't do it often. But this I just had to share, this is one of the best stardoll magazines, if not the best. Everything is just perfect, from the styling to the make-ups to the articles. If you want to take a look at it click here.Black Friday is today, I may do a post tomorrow on all the deals I found. I am searching all HOME MADE tipes of thing. I found some not know sellers with GREAT discounts


  1. Graphics are nice but reeeaallly disproportionate. That first one of the girl with the powder pink hair turned around was almost scary. It's really cute though.

  2. learn to spell, Bruno. 'tipes'? what's that?

  3. @Anonymous - You really shouldn't post an insult without a username. At least be a tad bit decent and give the author an idea of who's dishing out the hate.

    I really liked the articles, but I noticed a lot of spelling & grammatical errors throughout. I think Chace is taking on too much of the responsibility & needs help to edit & condense the writing.

    The graphics are disproportionate as sakutaro said; if you're going to attempt a difficult pose for a graphic you should do it right, or just go for a more head-on view. I do give him credit, though, especially for being so ambitious.
    Great magazine!

  4. I curiously signed on to see what's new on stardoll and I gotta say, I love Posh. But where's SFW? haha it's like the rest of the stardoll fashion industry has disappeared!

  5. I agree with sakurato, the graphics look good, but not perfect. And those cheeks... Anyway, I enjoyed reading it.


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