November 27, 2011

I'm Not My Doll

Being a part of this blog, gives me a privilege to share my life in and out of Stardoll.

My life went to a massive whirlwind these past few weeks. I am not able to log in often for I am applying for college. While doing this, I was also able to figure out who I really am, and i'm going to reveal it to you.

The truth is, i'm really a guy. A guy who once hated his gender, that's why he created an alter-ego that features his imaginations. When I created this account, I was so low on self esteem and I thought that being a girl, virtually, can help me become more confident. But I turned out wrong, for the only thing that this made me is to become a prisoner.

But these last few weeks, I regained my strength. How? by being busy for my future and not logging in Stardoll. I'm not writing this post for attention, i'm just sharing this great news for you. I'm a guy and i'm PROUD of it!

I also wanna say sorry to all of you for making you believe that i'm a blonde girl, but the truth is i'm a black haired guy :D

I'm gonna take a short brake from blogging but i'm not leaving Stardoll. I'm staying and will prevent myself from being a prisoner again, I can do this much more easily now for all of you knows who I really am :)

BTW I need new friends :D the ones who can accept me for who I really am :)
( I wish I could change my username to gossipguy4real )


  1. I am really happy for you! Hope you will never become a prisoner again ;)
    Keep you strength!

  2. Is it weird to say I think I already knew this? R U gay or what!

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  4. That's so good. I'm happy for you. And if your friends can't accept it, then they aren't really your friends. Your personality is still the same.

  5. The whole point is, her personality isn't the same. She/He was acting all the way.

  6. Hey :)

    I don't know your real name now, but I do know I still (sort of) know the real you. I got to know as a girl but I know our friendship hasn't changed through all this time.


  7. Good for you! I have been away from Stardoll for Months and it def felt good. You gain perspective and if you do come back you don' feel the need to be as involved. Doesn't seem like much has changed though around here.

  8. Congratulations for being so brave, and I'm happy that your true self is in the spotlight now. but I doubt all of Gossipgirls opinions were fake I'm sure they came from the heart which is yours no matter female or male. I just hope people still support and like you as a beautiful human being and so what if they dont your not living for them <3

  9. I quote Sakaturo:

    That's so good. I'm happy for you. And if your friends can't accept it, then they aren't really your friends. Your personality is still the same.

    She is so right on!!

  10. Quit trying to be nice people. You just want to seem like good friends.

  11. I gently caress my guava plant on a cold winter's day

  12. I find it shocking that you just posted this "BAM, I am a guy."

    But, I am very happy that you were brave enough to come out and tell us who you really are.


  13. To be honest, Would someone really just come out with that or is it just yet another try at regaining fame?

    Hm, I'll have to ponder this one for a while.


  14. I'm glad that you have gained confidence to admit this. It is surprising, but I'm sure everyonw will get used to this and get to know the 'real' you ;)

    (wordverification: uglaring) lulz

  15. this has nothing to do with your post (sorry!) but Noelle is GONE! does anyone know what happened?

  16. YHH ! IDO I WILL GB U K ? !!!

  17. Aw, It's good that you let everyone know. Now you will know who your true friends are because they will stick by you.

    ~ bracken1234

  18. I know a lot of people that have done that.

    Anonymous; just because someone had an alter-ego as a girl doesn't make them gay. I know a lot of girls who have alter-egos as guys.

  19. Ok let's get this straight, that's what these avatars are all about (it's a game)the only thing is few people (like me) like to make their medoll look just like them. But there's also nothing wrong with those who make their dolls look a bit different, for instance I've seen the same dolls skintone go from light to dark & sometimes wondered if it's just a tan, also a lot of medoll's wear heavy makeup, tatoos, piercings, blue/green hair etc. This is far from what they look like in real life if they are allowed to wear makeup at all. Another example is what you're provided with for a makeover most of the hair on SD is straight but some people have wavy or curly hair.

    That's why I never understand why bloggers attack anonymous commenters because if you have a nickname or are anonymous, we are all unknown, no one knows who anyone really is.

  20. I wanted to thank all of the people who responded nicely to this post and to me :) I feel so blessed, just by reading all your comments.

  21. I don't know you really well, but i did participate in one of your competitions about a year ago!
    When i wrote my motivation, you've written out the phrase out of it and it was : "I want to show them the real me" and I'm really proud of you to do this today!
    And don't worry about your friends. they should accept you as you are and now that's you're in collage you should think about that and find real friends, not only on stardoll but in real life as well :)

    good luck,


Nice to see you back! Oh wait. .. .who are you again?