November 15, 2011

Try trying

I’ll skip the “I’m sorry…”, I won’t apologize. Lately I really feel like writing but not stardoll related news, or gossip. I prefer to give people something to think of, some real life issues. We are going to philosophe. The picture You’ll see bellow has such an inspiring attitude

You should never give up, not at first try, or second, never give up. You will take something new from each try. You can always overcome everything someway or someday. I have given up at some point in life and I have taken something from it. If you give up, try to at least take something from it.


  1. First comment WOOP ! & Thats true, but people might be too lazy to try again, or get hurt [ emotionally ] along the way, or be shunned for what they think is right. :L x
    - Sadie.Hollister

  2. completely True. People Give up then wonder why everything's happening to them, but if they just kept trying they will make it at some point. always Get back up and try again.

    ~ bracken1234


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