November 16, 2011

Reach for the Stars

Editorialized's Next Top Model is heating up. After the completion of the 2nd task the judges had a difficult time choosing a task winner. But one was chosen, and I'm so proud to share it all with you! 

The inspiration:
Coco Rocha

The winning scenery:

This amazing work of art was created by MMAlovergirl!

MDM insider tip: The top 3 contestants will be "traveling" to a foreign country, and YOU can help decide which one! Just keep your eyes pealed for more posts, and a poll will be on one soon! 


  1. On America's Next Top Model, they are traveling to Greece. Take advantage of that brainstorm, and take the models to Greece!

  2. I love Next Top Model, i watch every country idc reaally :P xx ! The scenery is good x


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