December 27, 2011

"I'm Leaving Stardoll! Goodbye Forever!"

**To clear it up, I am not leaving Stardoll, and if I did, I wouldn't announce it via post. The title was just an example of what someone who leave might say. But I would like to talk about the topic though.

Define 'leaving Stardoll'. Honestly a person leaves Stardoll everyday when they log off, so what does it mean to permanently leave?


Technically, the only way I see fit that you can say you are leaving the website for good is if you delete your account along with your account details, therefor, it can't be accessed again.

But WHY do people choose that option? Its because they need a reason to escape. And though I think I sound crazy saying that, its true, people get or have gotten obsessed with Stardoll either in the past or now and then when their 'boredom' grows, they feel the need to tell the world, 'I am leaving and never coming back!!! I will miss all my friends Lulu, Fifi, Bob, and Willis! Love, xolovrgrl2301ox.'

But really, about 70% of the people who say they are leaving for good, they will come back within a week to 4 months tops. I will show a part of a previous post made by Zoe addressing the whole 'To leave or to not leave' drama that people who choose to face.

To see this photo in a larger view, click HERE.
Its so true. Its repetitive, the only way I would believe someone would leave because they don't care as much for it is if they just stop logging on. While a person who uses it everyday and ups and says they will leave, I will highly doubt they would truly respect their own decision to depart from Stardoll.

I find that kind of sad.. people get frustrated, angry, upset, and up and leave dramatically.. from a website. They are upset they spent this or that amount of money, they hate that they wasted this or that amount of time on doing this project, that graphic, this party, that competition. In all honestly, they are mad at themselves for escaping their real lives for a piece of virtual happiness.

I don't blame them, but I don't like it when people have tons of regret of things they do. Maybe if you are that girl who hacked a few people, maybe if you bought Stardollars to get a MK or first season DKNY object. Or perhaps even stayed up til midnight to buy the whole LE collection. But guess what?

You can't turn back time. You can't undo buying this, or that. Its said and done. So you can't blame a website for what YOU choose to do. So leaving it, no, running away is not the solution. Just accept it, you did what you did, because life doesn't hand out refunds.

I only want to leave if I feel like I have no purpose to come back. But you know what? I joined because I loved Paperdoll dress-ups, and you know what else? I make Barbie doll clothes in real life as a hobby. So I stay around because I like to dress up my own little doll. Not because of fame, fashion, or friends.

So if you plan to leave, think it through, why exactly did you come around, why do you plan to leave?

That way you can save the trouble of being just another one of the masses who leave, come back, do it again. And I am sure there are tons of people who have left, were too embarrassed to say they were back, and started their Stardoll 'life' all over again.

My ending statement for all of this is.. if you want to leave please don't make some huge fuss about it, think it through, have fun with your real life, and don't let Stardoll be your only hobby or thing to fall back on when life is low if you can help it.

Love, Dei

How do you feel about people who decide to 'leave' Stardoll?


  1. Just as I've said before on this topic, the whole idea is just to get attention. Members whom are "celebrated" leave for an alotted period of time that they can actually bare, only to return to soak up the fame accumulated after their departure. It's an act of sheer ignorance if you ask me.

  2. I completely agree! ;o and how come you never take pictures of these mini outfits you make/made?!

    I don't log into stardoll as much lately, the reason I joined at first was because of the dress up dolls when I was like 10-11. I soon grew out of them & got into the whole magazine/project thing. Stardoll (the people on it) really helped me with fashion & creativity. I don't think I'll be able to completely leave for a while because somehow I still feel like I'm apart of it & don't regret being on it lol.

    I'm always creepin' around some of the blogs as well ;D haha always commenting on posts I find interesting like this >:)

  3. People who make a big thing about leaving just want attention.
    When I leave, I just go. I always come back about 6 months down the track. I'd rather take the silent approach than go with a "bang" and come back again.

  4. First off, Dei, I congratulate you on this post. It really is excellent.

    Secondly, people have other reasons for leaving Stardoll. I left quite a few months ago basically because it was taking over my life. I was addicted to Stardoll and I had no time for my education, work or any of my friends. It's not that I regretted spending the money originally, it's that I needed my life back. Occasionally I check the blogs and magazines just so I can see the work of the people I admired as they inspire me, but that is it.

    After I left, I regretted spending the money, yes, but the money did not cross my mind when I decided to leave initially. Truth be told, I miss Stardoll. I miss the glamour, the drama, the fashion but I enjoy my life. Some people can leave indefinitely, not because of regret, but because they simply wanted to.


  5. This post was amazing. I think that the main reason someone could definetively leave stardoll is her/his obssession with it. I stopped logging in for a long time a dozen of times and I didn't need to say anyone I was "leaving" because for me stardoll is only a website I visit when I have nothing to do. People should assume it, you can't base your life in stardoll because it's not REAL.

  6. I don't think I'll ever leave, to be honest.

    I mean, Stardoll is actually pretty useful for me. A lot of the time if I'm drawing or painting, I'll do an outfit on Stardoll first and see how it looks, then draw/paint it.

    I love the people at Stardoll too. If I ever feel a little down or anything, I just log on and there's people leaving really nice messages in my guestbook. Internet friends RULE!

  7. Agreed I mean I can't spend all my time in this life cause I'm sick of it that's why I take breaks instead about a 3-4 months break to bring back my real life then back on stardoll..

  8. Leaving isn't the hardest thing. Deleting the account is a tough one for me. I feel like all that money is just wasted.

  9. I feel like this has already been done.. many times?

  10. cough

    oops i mean fickyficky that ass

    oops i mean glamorousgirl24

  11. @Ebony - Agreed! Or to be honest, if you feel you just HAVE to sell all of your purchases to tell yourself to not come back.. I mean I am sure it helps but a bit drastic.

  12. Good post... been done before, but it doesn't matter. It's so true.

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  14. Great post, and I agree; most of the time it's a dramatic attention-getting thing.

  15. You deserve to know all the truth:


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