January 03, 2012

For those who care...

Another task of Editorialized Next Top Model has gone by, and so I have another stunning scenery to show you all:

This scenery was made by MMAlovergirl. Pretty spectacular right?

Sometimes it's easy to think that only 5 people read what you write here, but that's never true. That can be seen simply by the number of votes that pop up in polls. If you remember, I post a poll asking which country ENTM should travel to...Well it has 171 votes so far!

Here are the percentages:

(click to enlarge)
France is pretty far in the lead...but you can still vote! Go to my last post if you have not voted yet: http://medollmemoires.blogspot.com/2011/12/where-in-world.html

I'll tell you the final destination in a few weeks!  


  1. I absolutely love that scenery! Especially that first pose...I can't even imagine how someone would make that.


  2. imm.io/dUjR
    i played around with effects and that is what i came up with =)
    thanks Lia!
    xo Annaliese

  3. this is awesome! But some of it has been edited on a photo editor... Like the makeup on the eyes... And if you look closely there might be other things.

  4. nope =) the eye flick was done with black tear things and just has white eyeshadow behind it

  5. You deserve to know all the truth: thetruthofstardoll.blogspot.com


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