December 05, 2011

The Mafia is Back

The Stardoll Mafia has returned. Or have they?

 If you aren't familiar with the term Stardoll Mafia, I'll give you a brief synopsis. During the month of March 2009, countless, popular members of Stardoll were hacked and their rares and other precious items were stolen. The following year, 2010, the mafia returned in full force; claiming over four pages worth of Stardoll Mafia accounts. There have been rumors that the hackers used an embedded code sent via friend request to hack said users. Others theorized that a keylogger virus was used.  Many also came to the conclusion The Stardoll Mafia's blog contained a tracking cookie.

(Thanks to lel1996's blog for this image)

After the accounts were supposedly hacked, messages in purple text were apparently left by TSM(The Stardoll Mafia).

(Thanks to lel1996's blog for this image)

Needless to say, this frenzy left many avid Stardoll users scared of what could potentially happen to their accounts. Reporting alone wasn't doing much to rid Stardoll of this annoyance. With every deletion of an account, a new one took its place.  But after a while of wreaking havoc on the Stardoll community, TSM disappeared.

Unfortunately, they're supposedly back again for round three. This morning I logged on and noticed a guestbook comment from a new TSM account. Though I was hardly phased by the comment, it made me wonder who else was on the list to be hacked. So I visited the page.

Unlike last year, TSM only lists a mere ten accounts to be hacked. That's  nothing compared to the some odd thirty accounts they promised to hack last year. However, the presentation promises that more are to come. In an effort to protect my account, I refrained from visiting the blog, but I'm sure it says something to the same effect as the presentation.

The last thing I want to do is hype this situation up. Attention only makes them want to stick around for longer. However, a fellow friend of mine who will remain unnamed, sent me a message stating their concern for their account safety, as they are on the list to be hacked.

So I would like to share a few tips on keeping your account safe.

-Clear your browsing history before closing your browser
-DO NOT give your password away.
-Change your password frequently
-Have as many people as possible report any and all TSM pages. 
-DO NOT visit TSM blog.
-DO NOT accept requests from ANY strange accounts.
-Refrain from Stardoll interviews that are asking random questions such as:
What was the name of your first pet?
This may be a person trying to access your email account.
-Download a virtual keyboard
-Make sure computer security program is up to date and running scans daily.
-DO NOT click on strange links.

More tips can and information on the virtual keyboard can be found here.

No one can know for sure if the original TSM has returned, but it's better to be safe than sorry. If you have any questions or more information to add to this post, let me know.

Have a fun and SAFE holiday!


  1. If it was the same SDMafia as before wouldnt they use the same blog site? Seems like posers to me...

  2. Lame posers. There's no way for a blog to have a keylogger address attached to it. A blogger doesn't have that kind of control over their blog. Now if the website were a legitimate site that had been created from scratch, that would be a possiblility but that person would have to be pretty damn good with HTML.

    This is just someone's attempt to start gossip. That's why there's only gossip bloggers on the list, they picked "elite" ppl that they thought would write about it. Jack supposedly left stardoll, why is he on there?

    The creator of this scheme is more than likely someone on this list. It's a poorly executed ruse.

  3. And btw, why would ANYONE believe anything Essrox has to say?? She's the hugest freaking liar ever! She probably started it as a way to manipulate people into thinking she's someone important.

  4. I actually agree with Ebony. It's very unlikely that they could hook up a keylogger or cookie tracker or something that advanced onto a blogger blog. I think this is just another one of those bored 13 year olds trying to stir up some shit. I doubt anything will happen to anybody's account.

    P.S; @Ebony Sharie; My account actually got reactivated earlier today.

  5. I had the following conversations with my friend Gladis last night...
    My opinion? From past experience, I can say that EssRox is not only a liar, but also a graphic thief and I can give you names of sources that would confirm that.
    I also agree with Ebony... Might this be another one of Reece's attempts to gain fame?

  6. I agree with the lot of you. The whole idea of viruses and whatnot doesn't seem plausible. If someone had the ability to embed a keylogger virus into their website, why would they be using it to siphon "play money" on Stardoll?

    Also this new Stardoll Mafia account doesn't seem to match up with the previous accounts created last year or in 2009. I think it's just someone trying to frighten Stardoll users and relive old glory.

    The main purpose of this post was to give peace of mind to a friend of mine that made it on the list, and anyone else who is afraid that their account could potentially be in jeopardy.

    I don't personally believe that this new Mafia account is going to stick around for very long. When they aren't able to follow through on hacking accounts, as they promised, they'll have nothing left to do but crawl back into the hole that they emerged from.


    A printscreen of the blog ^^
    Let's hope I don't get hacked.

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  9. Wow! Those people really enjoy making others go mad. Thanks for the post sweetie :) It was very helpful and I'm glad I read it because now I know at least 3 more ways to protect my account. I'm not an elite but these people probably have hacking as a hobby ;)
    I read the info there's here on MDM about a virtual keyboard and I was wondering if it turns down the "main" keyboard(I'm using a laptop) or you can use both at the same time...

  10. Just a word of warning. Some banks refuse to use virtual keyboards as they are actually more likely to get your details stolen from using them.

    If your computer is infected, the programs take constant screen prints of your computer screen. Basically, if you are infected with either the type of virus that takes screenshots or a keylogger where it tracks your keyboard inputs, you will still have your details taken.

    Either way, the main way to combat this is to get a good anti virus software and run it in the background constantly. You shouldnt have to scan every day as it will run in the background while you do whatever you do on your computer, and should alert you if something is infected on your computer, but you still need to scan once a week.

  11. It may be less likely, but that doesn't mean it isn't possible at all - remember Blogger has HTML coding.

    Besides, these precautions are wise to take as general internet safety; keyloggers are all over the web, best to be prepared.

  12. Haha, nice try 'StardollsMafia' I was behind the Italian Mafia all the time so yeah. Epic Fail

  13. Oh that means its time for me not to give a shit again for the 3rd time, LOL.

  14. They or he/she needs to go sit down somewhere.

  15. Guys, they're not real. I got a message in my gb too, despite that I'm not in the 'list'. To be honest, I was frightened at first. And then I just thinked really logically. Visited the suite, saw the pres, deleted the comment, blocked and reported the account to Stardoll. Next day the account was deleted. So.. it was just posers.


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