December 09, 2011


Now that you already know who I really am. I am more comfortable to post about my experiences and thoughts in life.
Right now, I wanted to talk about make-up.

Make-up, in my own words, is the type of products that people use on their faces for them to look better and gain more self confidence. Me, even though i'm a guy, I use makeup. I use it to prevent oily skin and to minimize my imperfections in the face.

I started to use make-up last October. I decided to try it after catching an advertisement on TV. Another factor why I tried it is that I've always been insecure about my face. Ever since my adolescence years had started, my face produced more oil and pimples started to appear and goes away with a mark. Sleeping late also caused me to have dark under eyes, that's why every time I look at the mirror I can't help but cry and feel bad about these insecurities.

On my first make-up trial, I did it perfectly and naturally by the help of various tutorial that are available online. My imperfections were all gone, and I was so pleased by it. A lot of people also noticed my new look and complemented me for it. After that moment, I started to use make-up everyday until now...

Using make-up everyday is hard to do.
 Since i'm going to school. I'm gonna have to rush eating breakfast and taking a shower just to have extra time to put some on. I also need to touch up my face during recess time, for it not to look cakey or be dissolved by sweat. I'm scared to let people see the imperfections that are hidden under it. Until I started to realize that i'm using make-up for all the wrong reasons. Instead of using it to look better and make myself contented on my look, i'm using it for other people to see and think of how perfect my face is compared to others.

Back then, make-up seems to be the best idea for me because I loved its results and a lot of people notice my new look, by complimenting it. But now, I feel like it's a curse. For ever since I started using make-up, I can't leave my house anymore without it. I am pressured to be perfect :(

I know some of you can relate to me about this issue, and I need your help on how I can break this curse.
Peace and Love


  1. Think Of your 'imperfections' as Beauty Marks. I'm 15, And i only started using makeup when i was 14, I dont do much actually, all I do is wear some eyeliner and some bronzer just to smooth out my dark skin tone. Try not to banish your use of Makeup immediately. Reduce it step by step. Eventually, you'll find out that you wont be using a lot of makeup AND you look great anyway! What i say is using a few skin purifiers over the weekend or after school, Face Masks are really helpful, they keep my face fresh and clean. Also, if you're worried about Pimples [My mother hates them, she tries to get them off my face whenever she sees a trace of one] You can use those Facewashes like Clean&Clear, or Proactiv if you're willing to pay the price.

    The best part about Facewashes and Facemasks is that you can use them at Home, and then see how great you look without the necessity of Makeup. Eventually You'll find yourself out of the habit of wearing makeup whenever you hit town or something.

    Just remember [sappy line coming] Everyone is beautiful in their own way, we dont need enhancers to make other people realize :]

  2. @mannyperry wow, all your words just hit me. Thank you so much :) I'll try all of the things you've said :) I hope i'll accomplish just like how you did.

  3. LOL! There's one word for you: HOMO!
    Most guys won't care about that shit. Also, they wouldn't even think about putting make up on. You must be gay. You're gay aren't you? It's perfectly fine if you are. LOL! You put the burden on yourself. Most guys would just get out of the house without even looking at themselves in the mirror and still look good. Only gay people would only worry about that shit.

  4. Honey, first of all, ignore the previous poster (who is probably having some very real problems with themselves, otherwise he/she wouldn't need to be mean to others to feel better about themselves). I am afraid if you get into the vicious circle of using make-up it is quite difficult to get out of it. Just like mannyperry said, try to correct the imperfections that annoy you either by going to a good dermatologist, who might give you a treatment to get rid of them permanently, or try some skin cleaning products on your own.

    On a different note, I think you are an incredibly brave young man and quite admirable at that.

    Lots of love, xoxo

  5. "Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect"

    I can honestly say, that probably everybody (teenagers, mostly) feel insecure from time to time. It is completely normal, but some people are a lot more insecure. It's just about confidence to be honest.
    My advice is, love yourself for who you are and remember no body is perfect. And don't listen to people, the main reason humans feel insecure is because they worry about what others will say (mostly schoolmates.) But if you think about it, does it matter? 5 years from now, you won't remember their names. Confidence is heard to build immediately but you have to love yourself. That's all what matters.

  6. @'You know who I am....'; Alright. When a guy looks in the mirror that means they're gay. Psyche. It just means they have proper hygiene and don't look like they fell out of a dumpster.

  7. Honestly I don't believe anyone is 'pressured' into putting on make-up (unless they group up with slutty girls with low self-worth who think its a must) but really if I hated my skin, I would look and see why I hate it not to cover it up, make-up is a band-aid for self esteem that never fully helps the way you feel when you are at home looking in the bathroom mirror in the mornings.

    And I don't use concealer, foundation, or bronzer because I believe that later on in life it will over age you skin.

    Going to see a doctor about any imperfections can be helpful, they answer just about any question about you body and health, and they can help you improve on them with diet plans, prescriptions, or recommended products/methods of improving skin.

  8. There is nothing wrong with make up and who wears it. It's a personal choice. I keep mine simple but I use it to even out my skin tone. Everyone has a different use for it. Covering up scars and such can be difficult and I would be lying if I said I haven't used make up once or twice to do the same. Really though, if it is not needed, don't use it. As everyone has been saying, there are prescriptions, cremes, face washes, treatments, and the list goes on. You should really look into something that fits your budget or ask your doctor about it.

    In my opinion though, true make up might not always be needed, but if it helps raise your self confidence, then go ahead. I know people may disagree but if you feel good about yourself when you have make up on compared to when you don't, do what makes you happy. Then, people will not be paying attention to your make up (or anything else for that matter) because they will be noticing your self confidence. That is just my personal opinion though.

  9. I want to Thank all of you (except for the "you know who i am" dude) for your words and suggestions on what should I do :)

  10. @GossipGirl4Real
    You definitely will ;D I believe so, and no problem!

  11. I really understand what you mean. I actually started wearing make-up because I read a quote in a magazine from a celebrity saying that girls who don't wear make-up are just insecure. Obviously that statement is whack! If you are confident in yourself, why wear make-up? But still, it worked on me. Now I wear at least powder and mascara everyday. Like you I use it to cover up insecurities like bad skin days and dark circles, but I really do feel like I wear it for myself. When I'm confident in how I look, I feel better. When I feel better I'm happy (: Ergo, make-up makes me happy.

  12. @Lia, I wish I could feel like that too. :) I'll try to minimize my use of makeup and use it for myself and not for others :)

  13. I'm only 13 years old and i don't use makeup at all like other girls at my age do at my school.I think we are made of imperfections and think about them like your most beautiful thing about yourself.I don't give a fuck usually if something is not perfect in my face something i don't know that how i am.But i think you don't need makeup and that you will look beautiful without makeup.Nobody needs makeup it just that the don't want imperfections but we gotta accept them as part of our beauty.You try by adding less makeup everyday by just taking care of the horrible pimples.
    Be confident about yourself that you don't need makeup.

    Remember your naturally perfect without makeup:)

  14. trust me I was so much like that.
    I was getting pimples all over my face and used all these foundations etc, then I started felling like my eyes didn't stand out enough and I used eyelash curlers and eyeliner and mascara etc.
    Believe me when I say I regret it.
    I'm 14 now (15 in about a month) and honestly I only put makeup on when I go to parties etc.
    All the foundation etc I used just made it worse even though I cleansed properly it gave me more pimples and I felt like the ugliest thign alive when I had non on.

    Trust me when I say this, try to use as little makeup as possible unless it's really needed.
    Cleans your pores properly and wash your face morning and night making sure to scrub properly and you'll look better than ever. <3


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