December 09, 2011

State of Emergency

The processes of modernization and globalization are key requirements for reaching our perception of an ideal world. These concepts define the status of a country; as developed, developing and underdeveloped countries. However, the world this year is at a standstill, countries such as the United States are facing protests concerning their socioeconomic needs. Countries of the European Union are threatened by the failure of the Euro, and the brink of extinction (well if they do not find a solution to their economically-failing companions namely Portugal, Greece, Ireland and Spain). The middle east face intense political protests calling for reforms in several countries such as Libya and Syria.

Not only do these citizens' constant needs restrain the movement of their respective country's process of modernization, but in some cases countries have been affected so much that their economies went back as much as 50 years. Globally, the world is in the state of emergency, not are the country's facing critical problems that can be solved in a matter of years. The issue we face is that these protests are ongoing, and as much as we'd like to think that the economy can temporarily 'pause' it does not. The economy of a country is ongoing, the fall back in production of one day - however minimal - will have an enormous effect on its economy. Just like trust, an economy can only be built in years and can be destroyed in a matter of days.

Initially, the problem is within the citizens of the country. Often, citizens end up needing so much that at one point they do not want to give anything to get their needs. That, my fellow readers, is the problem we face today. 'There is no such thing as a free lunch' is the main concept we have to understand. If you want higher wages, then the businesses and firms will have to raise their prices to meet the standard of living. If you want the prices to remain the same or even decrease then many firms will get bankrupt in a matter of years. Overall, the decision the government issues is not entirely up to the politics of things, the government needs to consider its economy, how it will be affected, how the entire community will benefit.

The community however, consists of several different people with varying educations. I may be a college graduate, but my friend may have dropped out of school. This difference in education makes people think that the government has the option of making everyone happy (and to an extent its true) but they often don't think of the consequences. This can be because they haven't been taught in the art of Micro and Macroeconomics, but in most cases, its because people have this rush of adrenaline when they're protesting and demanding for 'rights' and so they forget to think about the consequences.

In conclusion, modernization is the essence of a successful country. Thus, in this upcoming year, we should work collectively rather than be secluded into our individual groups. Let us work harmoniously rather than work with constant objection. To ensure safety and prosperity to our children, community and to our country.



  1. Wow! Where did this come from? An essay for school?


  2. Uhm, all of the sudden, unactive writers post here, just to stay in the team LOL

  3. @Anonymous: Unlike you, I'm not lifeless ;) I post as much as I can, and when I do, they discuss current news, news that mean something to readers all over the world.

    Anyway, I would not expect you to understand what a meaningful post means, or how long it takes to make one :)

    Have a nice life, or not.

  4. I totally agree with this.
    Ireland is a complete joke, I mean part of me loves it but If I could I would move & my family have said the same. In fact some are moving to Australia just because of the state the country is in :/ which sucks!

    & Guys if you're not interested in the subject you didn't have to read or comment.

    Ps. Maggieh I miss youuu :'(

  5. Economy is definitely a big issue. It's a huge problem in the states. The top 1% of Americans owns 50% of the wealth. That leaves 99% to the other 50%. And guess who pays the taxes? The 99%. There are so many people living off of food stamps, and the unemployment rate in RIDICULOUS. I really hope this will change soon. It's why people protest and occupy.

  6. This is a meaningful post, but as you notice, only 6 or 7 of your 1,000+ followers read/commented on it.
    Your thoughts & insight would be better understood & appreciated if you posted this on a blog specifically made for current events.

    Your main base of readers are probably 11-18 year old girls & guys, those of which care more about fulfilling their Stardoll gossip fix than reading your thoughts on our current crises in the world.

    I don't mean to be rude, as I found your outlook interesting, but I think you should take it somewhere else.
    It's not going to be appreciated here like it should.
    Thanks for posting it though; it was a refreshing change, for me, at least.

  7. @victoria0926: To be honest, I know what people are interested in. I am not calling people superficial, but the more superficial the post is the more the comments it will receive. However, it is my job - and passion - to write something extraordinary in the sense that it gets your mind thinking! I appreciate all the people who did read and comment, but the reason we have so many diverse writers is to have diverse material that can and will fit every follower of this blog.

    I'm glad you found this article insightful! You will - hopefully - see more of these in the near future.


  8. I totally agree with you Maggie!

    Everyone just wants wants wants, but never try to sort out issues on their own other than to complain.

    And sometimes it just feels like everyone thinks we should just throw away money.

    Like people here who find it to be okay to be living pay check to pay check and yet have a closet full of expensive shoes and clothes, or think its okay to get Rihanna or Nicki Minaj tickets when you are on Food Stamps and/or Welfare or people who go without something as important as Insurance because they think its a waste of money.

    Honestly stupid and 'poor' people, a.k.a., like Lia said, people under the 99%, fuel the rich's pockets.

    Everything is so backwards to people.

    But Maggie, I love what you post when you post, ignore ignorant fucks who post a snide comment that they wasted their time making saying this post is a waste, because its not in the least.


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