December 20, 2011

Where in the World?

First off I'd like to share the latest task winner of Editorialized's Next Top Model. It is Jelizaveta123, and here is her scenery:

click to enlarge

Her scenery is portraying the world wide issue of addiction to cigarettes and it's deathly effects such as cancer. Pretty powerful scenery, huh?

Next up is something very important, that I need YOU to help me with. 

The top 3 contestants of ENTM are going to be traveling to a country and, you can help me decide which one! 

I already started a poll in the club ModelingWorld, and here are the tallys:

Hmm not looking good for New Zealand....

Well here is a poll just for you MDM readers:

Let me know where we should go! 
I'll keep you updated on the results.


  1. Voted for France of course!!! It's snowing right now 'chez moi!' :D

  2. france is kind of cliche dont you think? greece is really pretty from the pictures i have seen and so is new zealand. why not think outside of the box?

  3. can't we have countries like morocco, iraq, cambodia...china..etc?

  4. I know that choices are all really obvious, but this is the first cycle, and they are iconic locations, so I just wanted to start with that.

    Thanks for the advice though. I'll be more out of the box next cycle.


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