January 06, 2012

An Ironic Tradition

The definition of resolution reads: A firm decision to do or not to do something. How ironic is it that resolution plays a major part in a tradition "practiced" worldwide? The word practice rests between quotes because it helps us understand why this holiday tradition is so ironic.

The holiday being spoke of is New Years, of course. We all become dazzled at the idea of creating resolutions for ourselves at the dawn of a new year. This tradition plays into our need to feel good or better than we were before, if I may. We are always seeking improvement in ourselves. But do we truly revel in improvement, or just the idea of improvement?

New Years resolutions are ironic in a humorous way that provokes subconscious sadness. A new year beckons us all to make ourselves new in some way. A way that requires us to rid our lives of the bad and embrace the good. Happily, we all conjure up resolutions for the new year that in some way, make us better people, leading better lives. The only thing we fail to achieve is actually standing firmly by our resolutions. Which is what makes the existence of New Years resolutions quite ironic. Maybe all the time spent aspiring to make lifestyle changes prevents us from actually being able to carry out those changes. Or maybe, subconsciously, we actually have no desire to change.


  1. Excuse me, why'd you delete Charlotte's posts? Without saying anything? This blog is only a dry manifestation of nothing... lengthy articles written by voiceless, faceless nobodies. An altar to impurity and superficiality made up of empty words spoken by politically correct greased-up Sims characters wearing Fall '09. I mean, come on. Charlotte's posts were structureless and self-indulgent but they were genuine... the only authentic thing here. You're lucky to've had her write for this blog.

  2. I hate that there are only 4 comments on this post. It's a pity that some didn't bother reading the whole thing.

  3. You deserve to know all the truth: thetruthofstardoll.blogspot.com


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