February 01, 2012

Shiny Strange?

Stardoll member graphic designers have outdone those whom are paid to design for Stardoll, time and time again. Though we may think that Stardoll employees aren't watching, believe me, they are. Names like Lana(ForeverGorgeous), Nika(Princess_Kiara1), and the amazing Alice(Hunnigall), have probably struck a spark of jealousy among the sometimes incompetent graphic designers who work for Stardoll to create suite items, clothes in Starplaza, and much much more.

But never did I think they would swallow their pride and take a lesson from the absolutely amazing graphic designers(not that they'll ever admit they did), whose work has graced many Stardoll blogs and magazines. Sure, from time to time they'll rip us off by creating items to sell on Stardoll that they see among the many user-created blogs. But actually attempt to "mimic" their work? I'm giggling.

Below is a photo(took me forever to find) of Dei(to_royal).
I can't quite be sure of the exact date this photo was taken, but it's surely at least a month old.
She does look fabulous, doesn't she?
Pay close attention to the legs.

Here is a screen shot I took of Dei moments ago.
Notice anything different?
Dei's legs are extremely shiny.
I chose her doll because her skin tone shows the seemingly newly added "highlighting" best.

I apologize if I am wrong(or seeing things), but it does appear that Stardoll graphic designers have altered our doll's appearances in hopes to keep up with our ever-evolving, and quite amazing, graphic designers.

Personally, I believe they've got a long way to go. The extra highlighting just looks so fake. It hardly blends. It's far too noticeable, in my opinion. I suppose that's why I did a mental "wtf" when I saw Dei's doll.

Do you like the change?
What do you think Stardoll will modify next, on our dolls?


  1. I've noticed the slight changes too, I think the shine makes our dolls look extremely plastic :P but it's great that they're actually trying to improvise!

  2. I don't know about a change but I noticed over the weekend the makeup on my medoll was missing & some people on the blogs said the same thing. Even the wigs styles from stardesign are getting better so I think the next thing might be new hairstyles, wigs or hair extensions. I think it's good when they notice a lot of people like things they try to improve on it unlike other websites. I hope in future we could have dolls & heads moving from left to right. On another site they have dolls sitting.

  3. Haven't noticed! Those look like those awful stockings from film theory

  4. I noticed the change the other day in the Beauty Parlor, because the shoulders are WAY too glossy now. :( While there is like no shadowing added so it just looks off.

  5. I know what's next. Starbazaar makeup, our makeup now have price tags like the jewellery unlike before. I think that's why our medoll's were not wearing makeup recently.

  6. Of course I have not noticed any changes! However, they are subtle on my medoll, so if you had not told me, I'd probably never know!

    By the way, my doll has her makeup in place this morning.

  7. I haven't noticed I must admit but I really don't want my doll looking like a barbie doll with shiny legs!

    - Heather [kittykate]

  8. It does look extremely fake now. They definitely need to improve on their graphics more. I hate when there's some really good shading on clothes etc. and then a new item comes out with bad shading they used in like 2007/2008. D:

  9. I just realized! Woah, they got a long way to go to make it look good, it is just not blended enough. Bleugh, I liked it better before now our doll's look like Barbie's.

  10. I do a mental "wtf" everytime I look at Dei's doll.

  11. LOL Manny makes a great point, I'm-ma barbie girl, in-nah barbiiie world! Life is plastic, its fantastic! LOL

  12. They did that to Linda's doll before too. I don't know if its still there.

  13. Stardoll did it before when Noelle started editing the medoll's faces for the MDM portraits.

    Stardoll edited our medoll's faces when Noelle put out the MDM portraits.


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