February 03, 2012

Anonymous Bloggers, Hot Or Not?

We have been seeing a TON of new bloggers pop up with ideas of making it big in the Stardoll blogging scene with either their 'new' themes. Even though anonymous blogging on Stardoll is as old as blogging its self around here, but the trend is back, but is it permanent?

A lot have been rather.. annoying, while others have actually been witty, funny, entertaining.

Honestly, I see why people want to be anon.. if they curse you out, call you a bitch, or are just too shy to say whats on their mind using their name, then what better way they can be free, expressive, to not lie behind a mask? Become an anonymous. Though over the internet you can easily be anonymous, people don't usually go to the lengths of creating a blog for their anon speeches so that they could possibly grow a following or just get some airways.

I am positive that the starter of the new reign of the anons has to be the blogger called 'The Antagonist', not that I am saying they are the first recent anon, just saying they are the most likely the reason why so many have jumped on the gun at a chance to feel 'free' to speak their mind without judgement.

So lets decide here NOW guys. I seriously want to know what the majority feels about this.

Is being anonymous the way to go?

Please plug in your answers in my poll, its multi-choice! I will leave this open for a week.

Love, Dei


  1. http://gossipgirlforstardoll.blogspot.com/

    Another anonymous blog has hit...and this one is all about fun. No playing dirty here!:D

  2. Personally I don't see anything wrong with them. Although there is a thin line between typing about "gossip" and people on here and being outright jealous and trying to bring them down. When you let the latter dominate your writing and blogging, then you just look pathetic in hiding behind an anonymous name to try to bring someone down and that gets very irritating.

  3. I think everyone with a nick name is anonymous no one knows who anyone really is. And to prove this when bloggers or SD members delete their account or disappear for a while nobody seems to know where, who or what they are. Even those who seem to be close to them on blogs or SD, which leads to lots of rumours being spread around. Also people could be male posing as females or vice versa. People comment more often with their nick names on different blogs if they want to be well known or popular. And those who don't use their user names may just want to avoid any form of popularity not necessarily to insult anyone. Lots of people use their nick/user names to insult people & speak their mind too. The internet on the whole encourages anonymity, no one seems to know who anyone really is even though they communicate with each other on blogs.

  4. That gossip girl blog isn't very good. The writer is extremely rude and the writing isn't the greatest. All you do is bash innocent people.

  5. @Gossip Girl: really? Gossip girl? Isnt that just a bit overused?

    Well, i really dont mind anon blogs. I think it depends on the presentation of the blog, and of the writers/persona of each writer in the blog. I agree With Sara, if they're using it to make prompt points, then i'll keep reading it. If you can see jealousy brimming out of them, we can immediately tell that they're just abusing anonymity.

  6. As long as there is something to read, I like it, the antagonist is interesting, others are not so good.

  7. I think it's entertaining. I would say it's acceptable, me being in the same species of anonymity. They're just typing under the comfort of being anonymous.

  8. Everyone already IS anonymous on the internet, whether you have an account or not.

    Sakutaro is MY anonymous persona. Nobody knows who I REALLY am, do they? I really do not see the point in creating another "anonymous" account when you're already anonymous in the first place. And if you're trying to to steer clear of people bitching to you on your real account, that is simply no excuse because you're just going to get it on your "anonymous" account.

    And Gossip Girl, I like your idea deep down but the whole Gossip Girl persona has been done sooo many times. If you changed your persona I'd say you might go far :)

  9. Im not big on anonymous blogs but the antagonist is a pretty good blog.

  10. stylerebelchic.blogspot.com

    I think people going Anon is perfectly O.K. They don't want to be bashed when they share an opinion! I don't see the problem, and why people are freaking out over it!

  11. http://thesdsocialite.blogspot.com/

  12. gossipgirlofsdoll.blogspot.com/

    My Identity is the secret I'll never tell
    You know you love me

  13. http://fashionhonestly.blogspot.com/

    New anonymous fashion blog about stardoll. We don't want to gossip, we want to show you the best of stardoll. Come, see and join.


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