February 13, 2012

For Better or For Worse

The marriage vow: "from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health...I pledge you my faithfulness." is about sticking through everything, the good and the bad. It's about inevitable change.

Unless someone finds them self "in sickness", poor, and pretty much at the worst part of their life, people hate change. They scream and pull their hair out trying the get used to the adjustment. The major changes stardoll did in 2010 were no different. The site we were used to had been flipped around, and just wasn't the same. But after a few months everyone got used to it. And come on, if the site never changed, it would still look like this:

(look: only 29,595 members!)
  The site would still be solely about celebrities & paper dolls. How long would a site like that keep your attention? A couple days? Months? Certainly not years. Look at the tabs, there wasn't even a store. It took a few million members later for that to happen:

(February 2007)
I joined a month after the print screen above, being member number 6,079,733. It was fun for a while, but I didn't keep any vow of sticking around. It wasn't until the summer of 2007 that things got interesting. That's when clubs were created:

(print screen from google)

Clubs brought Stardoll into the realm of social networking. It connected people with joint interests from all around the world. I think that is what stardoll is about now. It's why you're here reading this. Because we have similar interests, and somehow in this world of billions, we are able to communicate.

Looking back, I think we're all thankful we've stuck with stardoll through the change. But what about other changes? A recent post on "The Antagonist Of Stardoll" brought up the question: Is MDM going downhill? As seen in comments, many people believe it is. Complains about posts being few and far between and not up to their previous standards of when Noelle was the owner are common occurrences. When it comes time to point fingers they always goes to Aislin and Dei. Why? I mean they took responsibility for this blog. They kept it alive.

Do you know why you can't find a new post everyday? Because in actuality there are only 4 writers on this blog. The plethora of writers left by Noelle who either never posted, or posted junk were all removed from this blog. This is why we went in search of new writers. Well where are they? They're waiting, preparing, hoping to please you. We do, believe it or not, work to please our readers. However most readers are just waiting to pounce on the names of the new writers. That is why we are posting their work without their names. This blog should be about the writing, not about the names. Because of this the new writers haven't been added to the blog yet. So this leaves a big lapse for me, Maggie, Aislin and Dei to fill.

Maybe this blog is in it's "for worse"stage, but the question is, will you stay faithful? Will you stick with us while we work to make this blog the best that it can be? We're in a period of change. If you think we're going down hill, then I just have one thing to tell you: Once you get to the bottom of a hill, there's nowhere to go but up.     


  1. The only comment I have is that this makeover is taking way too long. You guys really dropped the ball on that. I understand you're trying to change and make everything new and better then ever, but seriously? It's the middle of February and this so-called makeover isn't finished yet. Please don't make promises that you guys can't keep. As well as don't make excuses. Thanks.

  2. Don't tell us you're GOING to change. Just DO it.

  3. I agree with The Antagonist and also with anon

    Your taking too long. It'd best if you just focus on the blog eriters and stuff and just not write posts for a while cause, to be honest, the new posts are becoming boring.

  4. Fine, since everyone is so pissed off that we aren't done (as if they are any help with finishing the update) after I am done posting each new writers trial post, MDM will shut down.

    We are mainly just waiting to receive our medolls so I can finish with the changes/introductions. But my gosh, people act like after we had to of picked a new designer(a busy one at that), we would be done in a day.

    And I am sure people will just say I am bitching, or blaming people again.

    But whatever, MDM will be finished when its finished. Its not our main focus in life.

  5. Two different topics here, I like how stardoll seems to always transform it's website either with upgrades or new items, that's what makes it interesting. For me it's not the clubs (I only join them for the free gifts & later delete them), it's the shops with fashion & decor, without that I would have left. Websites like roiworld never change that's why a lot of people leave.

    Stop mentioning & advertising that blog, focus on the positive. You're doing great for a blog whose owners are on a break, on other blogs all the writers leave when the owner is away.

  6. She advertised her post on our blog and we didn't have a problem with it so don't be such a hater.

    Does it annoy you when people visit our blog or something?

  7. But I didn't vow to stick with this blog. Therefore, if I get bored with it and it starts to fall apart, in leaving!

  8. You guys are doing too much.Okay?You guys are trying to multi-task pleasing your readers as you go but you're leaving some of your work unfinished.You can't jump from the makeover to trial posts.Take on step at a time.You guys are blowing things out of proportion.Do one thing at a time.Finish the makeover,Get your writers,and keep MDM Going and if you can't so be it.Delete it.Sone people would have to cry a river,build a bridge and get over it.No I'm not suggesting you delete MDM You should only do that if it's getting to worrisome.And before one of you ask who I am which someone will.I'm Ashleigh,happygirl221ep.I dont post comments a lot or associate with any of you so you wouldn't know me.

  9. I couldn't really care less if the makeover is finished or not. I'm in this for the posts, which I have always enjoyed.

    Those who are whining that they don't have something pretty to look at should go elsewhere and learn the value of patience.

  10. I for one am excited for the makeover, but don't really care because I am only really here for the posts.

    I mean, it'll be good when the makeover is done but I read this blog for the content. :P

  11. Maree and Kimberly are right on! I thought this was a provocative and very good post.

    It amazes me how NEGATIVE these girls can get. I know it's tough to take negative comments (after all, we do have feelings), but please do not let those comments affect you too much, and out of proportion.

    I read this blog for the posts. I really could care less ABOUT ANY GRAPHICS. I am 100% serious. I love this blog and have been following for some time now.

    Just do what YOU feel you need to do and just ignore these negative naysayers, OK?

  12. This blog seems to plain and "manufactured" without the classy graphics that Noelle made. It does not fel like "home" anymore to us readers.

    MDM has been changed beyond recognition. And going way downhill, the posts are mainly very bad.

    Yes Lia and Aislin can write superbly but Dei bores the fuck out of me. And Findurlove never posts anymore- why the hell is she still here?

  13. You keep Maggie even though she hasnt posted in ages but you delete Zoe, Jenny etc????! They were lyk the best writers here includoing Noelle and aslin.

  14. The writing is a huge part of what makes a blog successful but graphics also play a role in keeping the viewers' interest. The appearance of a blog sets it apart from others and right now MDM looks just like everything else. The old writers banners were a signature part of this blog, now that they're gone and there's hardly any new posts, what's left to keep our attention? It's starting feel like you all aren't doing this because you want to, you're doing it because you feel like you have to.

  15. These are my favorite posts. MDM at its peak.
    I loved Noelle and Zoe's posts. Shame that they aren't writers anymore.

  16. Guys are you serious right now? Aislin and Dei are making a huge effort to keep this blog going (As well as the writers of course). It's hard enough trying to live up to the expectations of Noelle without everyone complaining.
    Realistically this blog would be dead right now if it wasn't for the rest of the team/family. Yeah ok, there may not be tonnes of posts right now but you're not giving them a fair chance either. Respect the fact that some people like to run things differently.
    Dei & Aislin have some amazing plans for this blog, and being this unsupportive could make them change their minds.
    & In case you're too busy complaining to notice, you are given the option to vote whether or not you like the posts of the trial writers. At least they're not adding contributors without giving you any say.

    (& Sorry for the Novel I just wrote lol)

    Nice post Lia (:

  17. The Analyst understands you guys :P

    "As long as they know there is room for improvement, we can hope that MDM notches it up next time."

    She's not a bitch, and if you guys have not noticed, she's the most understanding and kindest of the bunch.

    smh at all you people, jumping to conclusions


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