February 14, 2012

Rate Our Writers! - Writer #2(Lust)

 * F.C.I.'s (Frequently Complained About Issues) *
  • Why is there a lack of posts?
- Because there are only 5 writers left over, and basically Stardoll blogging is not our main priority at MDM sadly while it is the middle of a school semester. But I am sure after we have our new writers up, our drouth of posts will be full-filled.
  • Why are you not using Noelle's graphics?
- Because we don't know how to do them as well as her, and if we could we'd ask her to do it, but she is 10 times busier than either of us.

  • Why are you posting still if you are trying to update?
- Because we are waiting for Lana to finish our graphics for our new writers and I wanted to check and see if our choices were to you guy's likings, so I gave them a topic to write about to feed the gap in between their first real post.

  • Why aren't the new writers here?
- To be honest, this mini makeover was because I really wanted to have the new writers already up and posting, but Aislin wants to introduce them like when Noelle did it for us when we started to write, which is why we are watching until we have the bodies from Lana to make an introduction with their medoll on it like Noelle made for us.

If you have any other question, please ask in the comments below and I will answer to the best of my ability.

- - -

 (This will be posted in the next posts I put about the writers.)
We have all of our writers a topic based on the theme we picked which was '7 Deadly Sins on Stardoll' where we relate occurrences on Stardoll on a particular deadly sin. And each writer gets 'Stardoll sin' to write on, and they had full control on how they wrote it out, they chose their own length, writing style, and how they wanted to address it. And what I post here is completely unedited as well, so please address any issues or likes of the article in the comments below!

And each post listed is completely untouched, unedited, and ready to be reviewed by the readers.

The sin we gave to writer #2 is 'Lust', or when people do things based on sexual desires, thoughts, and their desperation for it.

- - -

Lust, by definition, is a strong sexual desire... also known as one of the seven deadly sins. In the words of John Paul II, “the will to use another person as means to my own satisfaction, without regard to their dignity as image and likeness of God.” However, sin or no sin, lust is seen in modern life nonetheless. Examples range from teen and adult 'relationships', to pornography, to even something non-sexual, like the desire to achieve a goal at all costs. Lust in itself is a broad topic, one that would probably bore you if I were to list every fact related.

I'm sure that most people are likely to have read at least one post about sexual behavior on Stardoll. I will be the first to admit that it's an over discussed topic... But, I have never really thought of it as 'lust' before. Inappropriate behavior, maybe, but never as a sin. Religious or not, using a person for your own benefit isn't a positive thing. It isn't something you'd like to see in any a human being, especially in someone as young as 12 years old.

In my opinion, sex is an act that should be shared between two people that love each other. What goes on in "$ E X" party rooms rooms isn't exactly a loving relationship, it's a way for an unknown face to 'get off' behind the screen. Sometimes, it is simply trolling. The Ugly Side of Stardoll provides many examples of this, as well as visuals. Children often don't realize the consequences that may come with their actions. Not only is engaging in sexual behavior harmful to a child taking part, it is also harmful to a curious underaged kid who ends up in the wrong party. Studies show that kids learn majority of anything sex related online. What I've noticed is that when people do cover this topic, they often fail to include statistics. According to Enough is Enough,
  • There are currently over 644,865 registered sex offenders in the United States.
  • 48% of K-1st students have access to the internet, yet only 50% are supervised by an adult in the process.
  • 16% of those kids have created an email adress, without the knowledge of their parents.
  • 11% have unlocked/disabled parental filtering/control. (A feature that Stardoll allows to disable!)
  • 65% of high school students admit to unsafe, inappropriate, or illegal activities online.
  • Of students aged 13 and 14 from schools across Alberta, Canada, 90 percent of males and 70 percent of females reported accessing sexually explicit media content at least once.
I have only featured a few statistics, I highly advise you to visit the link given above as the numbers truly are eyeopening! Of course, let's not forget - lust isn't all about sexual fulfillment. We all desire things once in a while, but let's think of the measures some of us take to get that oh-so-coveted MKA RC. I know I've had some of my friends tell me that they would take their parents' phones and credit cards without asking, all just so they could afford that item they bid for...

Before concluding this post, I just wanted to mention that I didn't intend to, in any way, criticize anybody's personal beliefs. However, nobody should be used for somebody else's benefit, there is just no excuse for that. From internet acts of sexual wanting to the teeth grinding day dreams of owning a rare Stardoll dress, lust has shifted everywhere; throughout our real world, and in our Stardoll community.

- - - 


  1. Minus the long FCI's intro, the Lust article was excellent!

  2. You didn't have to read it. And its only 5 questions. If that is long to you then I wonder if you can even make it through a Harry Potter book.


  3. I liked this one, the writer's style is very clean cut. They also use sources to credit their information whilst talking abotu Stardoll. This one is a good pick! :)

  4. LOVE this writer:)

  5. Dei-
    Well....I'm not a HP fan so I wouldn't have even bothered getting the book in the first place.

  6. Amazing! Much better then the previous writer. This gem MUST be hired! :)

  7. Nice post! Looks like this writer seems prefect for MDM

  8. Okay, after a rocky start from Writer no. 1, the second writer featured brings the MDM spark back! I loved the full out statistics, that is always a great factor into any post! I gave this one an awesome, I see true potential in her/him!

  9. I KNOW WHO THIS PERSON IS LOL and I also really like this post, if you don't hire them, then you're like just idk just hire them ok.

  10. I like the fact that they included statistics and facts. It shows that the writer was actually interested in their subjected rather than just throwing a bunch of bull into an article for a contest. I like them better than the others so far.

  11. This writer is the best out of all 4 posted so far. He/she doesn't try to wow us with their great knowledge of vocabulary, yet they still sound smart and sophisticated. They managed to get out attention and I actually enjoyed this.
    I think the only writers you should hire are 2 and 4. Writer #1 seems really young, and just not right for MDM. Writer 2 - my favorite, writer #3 was boring and irrelavant. I enjoyed the 4th writer's style, but I just wish the would elaborate more on how pride and vanity is found on Stardoll. I don't think we saw their full potential in that particular post.
    -Somebody who once really loved MDM, and hopes to do so again.


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