February 11, 2012

Rate Our Writers! - Writer #1(Envy)

Hey guys, sorry for not posting, but frankly Stardoll is the last thing on my mind, but since I am around on a Friday, I thought to make this post since I hadn't before!

But basically, me and Aislin thought that before we allow our new writers to write, we should have you guys comment, review, and rate their writing so we can see if you guys enjoy our choices or not.

Though we will have the final decision for who stays on MDM or goes, we would love to have you guys base your opinions, but please be far and don't bash people.

Over the course of the next 2 weeks I will post their articles for YOU, the reader, to rate.

- - -

(This will be posted in the next posts I put about the writers.)
We have all of our writers a topic based on the theme we picked which was '7 Deadly Sins on Stardoll' where we relate occurrences on Stardoll on a particular deadly sin. And each writer gets 'Stardoll sin' to write on, and they had full control on how they wrote it out, they chose their own length, writing style, and how they wanted to address it.And what I post here is completely unedited as well, so please address any issues or likes of the article in the comments below!

The sin we gave to writer #1 is 'Envy', or when people do things based on jealously and hate others because of their jealousy.

- - -

Hey guys! The topic that I was given to write about was envy

I'm sure, as we all know, that Stardoll is a prime example of where envy takes place.
Mostly it occurs in the minds of DKNY blood thirsty ten year old girls, but more seldom, it takes place with very, very nasty pieces of work.  This has most recently been demonstrated with the newly created, and hastily deleted, Stardoll Kill List.

[As you can see, whoever the creator of this blog is, they have serious issues.]
Now, it is not for certain whether this "kill" list was created out of pure envy of the people on that list [including myself, ahem], but anyone with a set of eyes in their head could see that it more than likely was. There has been much speculation as to whom actually was the envious person behind this wretched attack on innocent members on the Stardoll community, but most people guessed that it was none other than the scheming, cheating, fibbing specimen that is Aliandmiley. Yes, I am fully aware that she is only young, and that it may not have even been her, but the account that she is currently using is not even hers. She hacked someone out of it. Not only that, but she also shows signs of a compulsive liar with her various posts on the MSM owned blog, The Stardoll Voice, in which she constantly boasts about expensive items that she doesn't even own. She even steals the pictures she uses in her posts from websites that do not allow that.

Stardoll's 'kill' list is not the only example of where envy can be demonstrated on Stardoll.
There have been a number of incidents where graphics that had been hard worked on by talented digital artists had been stolen and then pasted their name across the top, as though it was their own. 

[Pictures courtesy of Lollara123.]

As you can see, the graphics had been tweaked and vandalized to fit to 'Elite Stardoll's' liking. Although, they didn't do a very good job, as there are still marks of the writing behind the dolls in the first graphic and Tapstar321's watermark is still on the second one. These are not the only stolen graphics, there are quite a lot more on the Facebook page, although most have been taken down due to complaints by the original artists. Clearly, Elite Stardoll was envious of these people's graphics and decided that instead of practising and putting in effort to make their own graphics better, they stole other people's hard work. 

The person behind this Facebook account? None other than Stardoll's renowned Miss Stardoll World 2010 winner, Perilice2.

So, what are your opinions on Stardoll's many envious members? Surely we have all experienced some form of attack due to someone else being envious of us. 

Apologies for such a cumbersome post, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless!
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Please comment in the comments section about it!


  1. Their post is super lame and whoever wrote this is a terrible writer.

  2. It didn't flow very well and I felt like it didn't really stick to the topic.

  3. To be quite honest, I really was sick to my stomach reading this. Sure, the writer behind the article has a wide range of vocabulary, but he/she wasn't great at staying on topic. It went from the Stardoll's Kill List to Perlice2. To be quite honest, this hit my buzzer, my newest number one pet peeve is when people go off topic.

    I really thought this is a big step down from the previous MDM writers. Sorry to say, this one's a miss.

  4. @LoveGossip4Life - Our aim was to see how our writers take a topic and can publish it. So I love that you voice your opinion like this. It helps the writer know any issues and help us see if they are able to write for us or not.

    But still thanks for the comment!

  5. I wonder where she got all that info about the person behind the Kill List. And that screen print looks awfully familiar! Too bad there's no credit to the blog that it came from...

  6. To be quite frank, I don't like this post. I can't put my finger on it, but there's something that irritates me about it.

  7. I've read this post a million times before.

  8. I have a feeling I know who wrote this. The 7 Deadly Sins of Stardoll is an excellent idea, but I think that this post just didn't fit. The picture of The Stardoll Kill List looks just like the one on the Antagonist's blog. Copying images from other Stardoll blogs to post on a Stardoll blog is a huge don't do, with a few exceptions. Also, at the end of the post, please don't give yourself negative feedback. Readers will see that the writer is doubtful about their post and target them. Please use consistant spacing. I swear I have seen these posts somewhere else.

  9. This writer clearly has no skills what so ever when it comes to deliberating about envy. No one cares about those same old, lame bitches anyymore, so why talk about them? No one envies them and their slutty, fame whore graphics. A comparison between Superstars, "elites" and non Superstars would have been more interesting to read.

  10. Give her a break. Everyone can improve.

    I like the basis of it, I think She'll do good on here with a better topic.

  11. @Dei: I just was trying to state the basis of the post. Like Manny said, I'm sure this writer will do a much better job with a topic he/she can relate to. I hope to see more pieces from other writers!

  12. I think the writer is incredibly talented but the post was terrible. So boring. I didn't even read the whole thing, I think she is a good writer just the topic choice wasn't the best. We all heard it before. Stolen graphics, someone hates someone blah blah blah. I say give her/him a second chance because the writes seems good. But the topic is shit.

  13. it was sakutaro u idiots and stop bitching about her it was an awesome postt!!


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